Vietnamese hair extensions: Everythings you need to know

In recent years, Vietnamese hair extensions are more and more popular and it has become an indispensable beauty accessory for most modern women. So have you ever wondered what Vietnamese men's hair extensions are? Why is it so sought after by so many ladies?

So, this article will help you enlighten all the things about Vietnamese human hair extensions.

I. Overview of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions carry in themselves the outstanding features of Vietnamese hair, while also having the great applicability of hair extensions. 

1. What are Vietnamese hair extensions?

Vietnamese hair extensions are made to help the users have a thicker and longer lock that will surprise other people with your stunning appearance. These hair products are various from hair bundles, bundles with frontal, bundles with closure, Closure vs Frontal, Raw Vietnamese Hair... In the hair field today, the hair extensions industry in Vietnam is growing rapidly day by day with increasingly exporting amounts to other countries. So why is Vietnamese hair good? Please read more!

2. The feature of Vietnamese hair extensions

  • Length: From a long time ago, long hair has been considered the beauty’s standard of Vietnamese culture so Vietnamese women usually have long hair. Normally, they will let the hair grow naturally from 23’’ to sometimes 40’’ long due to convention. So the length and thickness are significant advantages when you buy hair from Vietnamese hair vendors.

  • Thickness: Thanks to the healthy habit of eating and caring for the hair by natural methods, the strands of Vietnam Hair is really thick and strong

  • Richness in black melanin: Vietnamese hair have great beautiful natural black color, which is extremely eye catching. Vietnamese women are mostly using natural products such as locusts,  and many other herbs to take care of their hair instead of artificial chemicals. That's why the hair from Vietnam can keep its hue intact with rich black melanin. 

  • Elasticity: Without elasticity, hair will be difficult to style and hold. Vietnamese hair is said to have high elasticity and smoothness, so it is easier to style.

  • Softness and silkinessIt will probably surprise a lot of people but Raw Vietnamese hair is not coarse at all, it is even really smooth and silky. The reasons why? Let’s see!

         First, women in Vietnam usually do not use chemicals for their hair, they maintain their glistening hair with herbal shampoo such as skin pomelo, holy basil... Furthermore, whenever Vietnamese women go outside, they will protect their hair by covering completely apart from the sunshine.

        Second, as I wrote before, women here just eat a small amount of fast food or an unhealthy diet which is so bad for our hair. Even some women do have a truly healthy diet throughout their life. This is the key factor in having a silky hair bundle. 

         Third, they usually let their hair dry naturally, do not use hair dryers or tie tightly. Their simple lives reflect on their hair.

  • DurabilityVietnamese hair extensions wholesale are durable. Compared to hair extensions from other countries, the fullness and durability of hair in Vietnam is astonishing to many customers. The good thing about human hair extensions Vietnam is tangle-free, naturally shiny and silky. Therefore, you do not spend time untangling hair that saves time for you.

         Usually, Vietnam hair extensions can last from 2-5 years if you take care of it properly like your real hair. The strands of those are so strong, normally it is black and straight and will be perfect when curling.

II.  Classification of Vietnamese hair extensions

Based on source, features, characteristic Vietnamese hair is classified into many types. In this article, we will talk about three main types of Vietnamese hair extensions, which are sought by almost every hair shop owner and hair expert all around the world. 

1.  Raw Vietnamese hair Extensions

Vietnamese raw hair is known as high quality material hair. It's come in 2 type is raw hair from one donor and raw hair from multiple donors. When we refer to Vietnamese raw hair it means the hair is completely pure, and has never been touched with chemicals. It is sold for hair experts who want to use this hair to bleach, create luxurious colors like ash color, blonde color... 

2.  Weft hair Vietnam Extensions

Weft hair is the most commonly used hair extension type among black women in Nigeria, South Africa and the United State. Vietnamese weft hair is not only famous for its quality but also its various textures and colors.  

There are a lot of hair textures that you can choose like natural straight, bone straight, kinky straight, body wavy, deep curly, loose wavy, pixie curl .... Vietnam weft hair is also divided into grades of Vietnamese hair such as single weft hair, double drawn weft hair...

Beside that, when you are shopping for Vietnamese hair extensions, you will definitely be surprised by its color diversity. 

3.  Vietnamese hair wigs

Vietnamese hair wig is a wig manufactured in Vietnamese hair factories. Usually, combinations of 3 bundles and 1 closure or frontal is perfect formula for a full sew in. While weave hair is attached around the cap, the closure/frontal has a role to cover the top of the wig, this makes the wig look more natural. 

According to the economist, the sale of wigs is so popular that it even promotes global trade. People are willing to spend large sums of money on this indispensable thing.


To keep Vietnamese hair extensions as long as possible, we have some helpful tips for you.

- Use a specialized comb to keep the hair in place, helping to prevent hair from tangling and shedding.

- Use natural hair care products to keep hair color from fading.

- Avoid using high temperature for hair, limit the use of heat to style hair

- Limit the hair exposure to the sun

- In case of not using, you should clean and store the hair carefully, hang the hair on the  rack and keep it in a well-ventilated place.


1.  Origin of Vietnamese hair extensions vs.  other hair extensions

Vietnamese hair is collected from Vietnamese women living in the countryside or mountainous areas... While Chinese hair is collected from various sources, Indian hair is cut directly from Indian women, similarly Brazilian hair is collected from areas in brazil.

2.  Quality of Vietnamese hair extensions vs.  other hair extensions

Vietnamese hair is of good quality, medium thickness, long life, soft and shiny hair. In contrast, Indian hair is thicker and rough. Meanwhile, Chinese hair is super soft and shiny, so it feels unnatural.

3.  Price of Vietnamese hair extensions vs.  other hair extensions

Compared with other hair types in the world, Vietnamese hair has an affordable price of about $8 - $9 /bundles. Meanwhile, Chinese hair and Indian hair are cheaper with an average price of $7.5 and $6.5 respectively. And the price of Brazilian hair is much higher, about $15 - $20/bundle.


In addition, in terms of raw materials for the production of Vietnamese hair extensions, it can be Vietnam virgin hair or Vietnam remy hair depending on the manufacturer's choice. But please note, not all Vietnamese hair extensions are of high quality because you cannot know exactly what kind of hair the manufacturer has used if you are not an experienced person.

  • Appearance of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair extensions are medium thickness, not too thick and coarse like Indian or Cambodian hair. Vietnamese hair is soft, has high elasticity, so it is easy to fold and style. When compared to China, Vietnamese hair gives a more natural softness and shine look.

  • The feeling of touching Vietnamese hair

Women not only love Vietnamese hair because of its appearance but also because of the comfortable and natural feeling when wearing Vietnamese hair extensions. If Vietnamese curly hair brings elegant beauty, bouncy feeling, then straight hair gives the wearer a youthful  but no less graceful look.

  • Using heat or water to test hair quality

Best Vietnamese hair extensions are pure hair extensions, made from 100% natural hair without synthetic mixing. To determine if your hair is synthetic, you can use heat or water.


To put it simply, Vietnamese hair is made from 100% human hair, take care of them like your own hair. Be gentle, don't be too rough with them, they will last a long time.

  • Use friendly shampoo: Sulfate  - The detergents in regular shampoos cause them to lather, but they can dry out the hair. So clean your hair with natural hair care products to help prevent dry and frizz the hair over time.

  • Use conditioner: Conditioner has an important role to protect the cuticle of each hair. After a long day of activity, your hair will become dry and the cuticle will be damaged by environmental influences. So you should use a conditioner to condition your hair to strengthen the protective layer of the hair extensions, making the hair look softer and shinier.

  • Wash your hair extensions three to five times per week: Don't wash your hair every day, washing it too much will make it dry. If your hair extensions are not used too often, washing your hair every day is not necessary, it will make your hair dry and prone to damage.

  • Brush your hair extensions with a special comb:  We highly recommend customers use a paddle brush and brush gently. Brush your hair extensions every day to smooth them out and give them a healthy gloss.


So after analyzing the quality of Vietnamese hair extensions, you definitely wonder “what brand of hair extensions are the best?”. We will help you with that. Here are the top 5 Vietnamese hair suppliers that you can compare objectively. 

1. VQ Hair factory - A reliable Vietnamese hair factory

Being the leading hair factory in Vietnam, VQ Hair provides high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions globally. With the motto “Quality is always top 1 on the list of priorities”, VQ Hair is the trustworthy partner of clients from more than 100 countries worldwide such as Nigeria, Russia, The US, The UK, etc. Moreover, in the hair bundles price list, this hair extensions brand is lower than other competitors which can help you to get more profits. And with more than 15 years of experience in the Vietnam Remy hair industry, they confirm they can satisfy every single customer. 

2. Beautifulhairvn - Best hair supplier for Europe Market is a trusted hair supplier that you can refer to when you want to import hair from Vietnam. As a hair factory, supplies almost all kinds of hair extension products to the market. Hair extensions products for the European and Russian markets such as bulk hair, keratin hair, clip in hair are highly appreciated by customers, thick, strong and consistent quality hair.

3. Lyn Hair - Supply high quality human hair

Lyn Hair is proposed as a good hair supplier in Vietnam. Lyn Hair extension products are affordable and have good quality reviews. This hair company provides all hair extension products including bulk hair, raw hair, weft hair...

4.  Dova Hair - Vietnam Hair Factory

One of the other hair supplier addresses that you can refer to is Dova hair. This is a relatively new hair company in the Vietnam market, this company has made its mark in the hair market by providing stable quality hair extension products and a variety of colors.

5. Hanossa Hair - Vietnam Hair Factory

The last hair supplier on the list that we want to mention is the hair company Hanossa Hair. This is a trading company, with an office located in Hanoi. This company mainly provides hair extension products aimed at the European market such as bulk hair, tape hair, clip in hair, keratin hair...

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To conclude "Is Vietnamese hair extensions the best hair type in Asia?"

All the above things I’ve said are the characteristics and quality of Vietnam human hair extensions. With its softness, fullness, smoothness and versatility, and the cuticles of the strands are in the same direction, many clients claim that Vietnamese hair extensions is one of the best hair types in Asia. So, hair extensions industry is booming in Vietnam now. 

With the good Vietnamese hair extensions reviews,  more and more people notice Vietnamese hair weave. This hair can be applied perfectly to your hair to give you a good looking that can amaze other people. Good Vietnam human hair vendors will always make sure to provide their customers with a better flow of hair extensions.

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