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Order and Payment policy


To order VQ hair products, Please follow the steps in the guide:

1. Head to the website or contact our staff to get catalogue for finding and choosing product that you want to purchase

2. After choosing, send us product information about texture, length, color…or product link in the following ways

3. We will check the information (product quality, quantity, color ) and confirm with you again within 24 hours at the latest.

4. We will send you all the necessary information including invoice and terms of payment, shipping fee. The Products will be wrapped and delivered to you after 5 -7 days we receive payment.

5. When you receive the consignment, please inform to us

As a company with many years of experience in the hair industry, VQ hair is always committed to providing the best service to satisfy all customers.

We assure that our products are up to standard, good quality, right quantity that the customer requires. Your goods will be carefully checked and packed when shipped and no damage or loss occurs during transportation. Not only receiving and processing orders quickly, VQ hair also has extremely fast shipping time and does not keep you waiting for long.


  • We have an experienced team-staff who specialize in languages such as English, French… to support whenever you need 
  • The order is updated its status every day and you can video call us anytime to see your product in our factory.
  • We make a video call for you to check the quantity of hair when we finish your order.


Pricing and Currency Conversion

All prices quoted in US dollars.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer.

International Transaction Fee

VQ Hair  is a Vietnamese operated company with a factory based in Bac Ninh, and a VQ hair office is located in Ha Noi, Vietnam, with shipping facilities worldwide. If you are ordering outside of Vietnam, your credit card company or bank might charge you a fee of $1-$10. This fee is not charged by VQ Hair as it is charged directly by your bank because you are purchasing something outside of your country of origin.

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