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Closure vs Frontal

Lace closure is a hair extension where hair strands are tied. A closure can be glued in place or sew-in. The closure size is typically 4x4 inches, but we also have 4x6, 2x4 inches to extend more options for you to choose. There are 3 popular options for a closure: free part, middle part and three-part closure. A closure is the best choice for women who love middle part simple hairstyles.

Lace frontal is a lace headband from ear to ear that covers the entire hairline. A frontal has changeable hooks in the back to get nice and snug without needing to use glue, tape or even sewing it on. The typical frontal size is 4x13 inches, 4x16, 2x13 inches are also the common size. . .
To make closure and frontal, lace plays a important role in the process.
A perfect closure or frontal can be made from different types of lace. We often use 2 kinds of lace: Swiss lace and Transparent lace.

  • Swiss lace is a joint base for closure wig. This lace is thin and undetectable. That’s why it becomes a standard lace to make closure. And many companies offer it to their customers in different colours such as beige, light brown, dark brown... to match the colour of their scalps.
  • Transparent lace is super thin and invisible texture making it match entirely to your scalp. Hence no one can even think you have a wig on your head.

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