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Vietnamese highlight closure hair extensions middle part

MSP: Piano color
  • Texture: Piano bone straight
  • Material: 100% Human hair
  • Place of Origin:  Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • Cuticle Aligned Hair: 100% Virgin Remy Cuticle Aligned Hair
Product information

Highlight closure hair

Highlight bone straight hair is now a hot trend, popular and popular. Highlight bone straight hairstyles have never been outdated. If you would like to create a natural bone straight hair with weft, that could not be missing a quality hair closure. 
So, I think that it is a good idea to enlighten knowledge about highlight closure hair  -  One of the highest quality hair closure.
When you come to hair closure, there are some edges you have to know:

Lace material

There are various types of lace used in the hair industry like silk lace, swiss lace, hd lace, transparent lace…However, when referring to the type of lace material used in Vietnamese hair, people often use transparent lace. 
With many advantages in cost and easy blending with different skin tones, transparent lace is the most commonly used lace in the world.

Hair material

Like hair bundles, hair material used to make hair closures is also collected from 100% Vietnamese natural hair and carefully selected.  Hair has not undergone chemical treatment, the hair strand is straight, soft and strong, not tangled.
Because it has almost no touch chemicals, after going through the processing to create highlighting, the hair still maintains its softness, shine and health.

Lace size

A lace closure comes in 4 x 4 inches is the most common size and is used to close off a wig or a particular style. 
However, in addition to the 4x4 size, you can also choose from many other sizes to fit your head size such as 2x4, 2x6, 4x6, 5x5....

Part of lace

Vietnamese lace closures hair are available in various styles which include the free part, middle part and three-part.  
Free-part allows you to part your hair however you wish to, flexible and natural. Whereas the three-part hair closure style allows users to part their hair in three different ways, and two-part closure hair style is the most popular and preferred hairstyle.

Highlight bone straight lace closures require little maintenance

Owning a lace closure hairpiece, that means you don't need to spend much time or require a lot of experience to care for and maintain it.  It's very easy to maintain, the most work you need to do on lace closure hair is washing, conditioning. For the lace closure hair, it is technically very simple to just take it off at the end of the day and put it back the next day.

Vietnamese hair closure and frontal - Customize all size

Informations of Vietnamese highlight closure hair

  • Hair material: 100% Vietnamese natural hair

  • Lace material: Transparent lace

  • Hair texture: Bone Straight hair

  • Color: Piano color 

  • Length: 8 - 32 inch

  • Lace part: Free part, middle part, three part

  • Size: 4x4, 2x4, 4x6, 2x6, 5x5…

  • Quantity: You will need at least one closure and 3 bundles for a full sew in or make a wig

  • Lace border: Can be offered hair closure with border or without border depending on customer requirement.

Customize all color according customer requirement


How to order Vietnamese  closure hair from VQ Hair Factory?

The process of ordering directly from Vietnamese hair factory usually goes through a lot of steps, but to make your order go smoothly, we have a few notes:
- We only accept orders from wholesale customers, with a minimum order is 1kg (mix different types of hair bundles and closure)
- If you want to get a discount, the order quantity must be 5kg or more
- For best support please contact us on whatsapp +84962318090
- Visit the instagram page @vq_hair_factory to update the latest hair styles and learn more about the operation of VQ hair factory

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