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Customer Support
Customer Support  Private Policy

Private Policy

1. Scope of use of information

The company uses information supplied by the customer to:

- Supply products, services to customer 

- Deliver goods to address which customer send

- Contact and deal with the customer in special situations 

- Do not use customer's personal information other than to provide products and contact related transactions.

2. Persons or organizations that may have access to personal information

Subjects that have access to customers' personal information fall into one of the following cases:

- Company employees use customer information to contact sales and warranty advice for customers

- The partners have signed a contract to implement a part of the Company's services. These partners will receive information according to contractual agreements in using the services provided by the Company.

3. The Information Security Commit of Customer

 Personal information of customers is guaranteed that the collection and use of customer information are done only with the permission of that customer unless otherwise provided for by law.

+ Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the customer's personal information without the permission of the customer.

+ In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of customer personal data, VQhair will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. let customers know.

+ Absolutely secure all online transaction information of customers including invoice information, accounting, and digital documents in the secure central data area 

+ The VQ hair requires individuals when purchasing as customers, must provide all relevant personal information including name, contact address, email, identification number people, phone number, payment card number ....

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