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Raw Vietnamese Hair

Up to the present time, raw Vietnamese hair is at the top of the world's largest and most reliable suppliers of hair materials. So how much do you know about Vietnamese raw hair? What does it come from? How to use it efficiently. In this article, we will provide you with all the information about raw hair from Vietnam one by one before you dive into this field.  

What is raw Vietnamese hair?

Raw Vietnamese hair is cut directly from Vietnamese women donors. That hair is absolutely ethical, which is unprocessed, has no chemicals and no from the hospital.

From generation to generation, most Vietnamese women have long hair. A long time ago, Vietnamese people had a conception that long hair is a part of women’s beauty so even it is quite heavy and uncomfortable, Vietnamese women still keep long hair.

How many types of raw Vietnamese hair bundles?

Raw Vietnamese hair is cut directly from Vietnamese women donors. That hair is absolutely ethical, which is unprocessed, has no chemicals and no from the hospital. There are two types of raw hair:

  • Raw hair from one donor: This is the most expensive and is the best of all hair types. You can use it to easily create the most challenging hair colours like blonde or #613. Therefore, it is loved by many hairstylists worldwide who have a passion for colouring hair. The idiom “you pay what you get” is definitely correct if you buy this hair. So if you can afford raw Vietnamese hair from one donor, we highly recommend you to buy it.

  • Raw hair from many donors: This hair is mixed from multiple donors, you can still dye, curl and style it easily. Nevertheless, because the hair comes from different donors, this makes hair quality is different and difficult to bleach on colours like blonde or #613. But the advantage of this is that the price is not “spicy” as much as raw hair from one donor. So please consider your pocket before making a decision on which raw hair you will buy.

Since the increased need for wigs and hair extensions from many countries such as the USA, Nigeria, South Africa, France, Netherland, Belgium... Many traders in Vietnam have collected raw human hair from women in the countryside into lots of hair production villages. The intermediaries can resell that hair to the trading firms or produce it directly if they have enough facilities to export overseas. Most Vietnamese hair companies only offer hair extensions or wigs. But, in the VQ Hair factory, we also sell raw hair at wholesale cost.

What type of hair do Vietnamese people have?

Nearly 90% of Vietnamese people's natural hair is long straight hair and the remaining 10% can be naturally curly or naturally wavy hair. So when you want to buy raw Vietnamese hair types with curly or wavy texture, the price will be higher than straight hair.

How to use raw hair?

You cannot use raw hair directly to create a new hairstyle. Raw hair is the crucial material to make hair extensions. Usually, raw hair is purchased by hair salons and hair manufacturers. Then, they will be gone through many bleaching, curling, dyeing, and processing processes to form hair extensions such as hair weave, wig, ponytail, tape, clip-in.... So for wearing or retailing wigs, hair extensions purposes, you do not need to dig into niche fields like raw hair.

Double drawn Raw Vietnamese hair will last up to 70 months! - That’s true! This significantly increases the quality of the hair extensions and provides for a healthier full appearance of the hair extensions that will last 3-5 years with proper care.

Why should you choose raw Vietnamese hair bundles?

Among many types of raw hair such as Brazilian hair, Chinese hair, Burmese hair, Indian hair... raw Vietnamese hair has some outstanding advantages over those kinds to convince you to choose.

  • Vietnamese raw hair is strong, soft and smooth. If you are a specialist in the hair field, you probably know the quality of Vietnamese hair. And above all, most of the raw hair that you purchase with Vietnamese hair is ethical – the most important according to humanism.

  • Can be dyed, curled: Vietnamese raw hair can either be dyed and curled. As we mentioned earlier, with raw hair from one donor, you can easily create the most challenging hair colours like blonde or #613.

  • Long life span: With decent care, Vietnamese raw hair can last about 2-3 years. Even it can last 4 years if you meticulously care for them.

VQ Hair Factory – The best raw Vietnamese hair wholesale

VQ Hair Factory is one of the most famous raw hair suppliers in Vietnam. With 15 experienced years of supplying raw human hair, VQ Hair is known as the most prominent raw hair source, which provides raw hair for Vietnamese hair factories and other manufacturers worldwide.


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