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Raw vietnamese straight hair wholesale - Baby hair

  • Hair source: 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Can be dye: Yes
  • Suitable for bleach: Yes
  • Can be curl: Yes
  • Cuticle align
  • Hair end: Full and thick end
  • Texture: Natural straight hair


Product information

Charactisc of raw Vietnamese straight hair

Raw Vietnamese straight hair is natural hair, cutting directly from Vietnamese women donors. The hair is healthy and thick from root to end, no tangle, no shedding. These raw straight hair extensions are unprocessed,  smooth and silky.

The thickness on our Vietnamese straight hair makes maintenance a little difficult. But the end result will leave you very satisfied.  If you’re looking for  a hair material that can dye or bleach, and the ability to keep its  shine, luster after processing, Vietnamese raw hair is an ideal option for you. 

 Natural raw Vietnamese straight hair



Vietnamese hair is famous for its shine, thickness and durability, and is affordable when compared to Indian, Brazilian, Chinese hair types.

When it comes to Vietnamese hair, you should know that raw hair Vietnam  is divided into different types. To be able to choose the right hair, you need to have knowledge and an overview of it.

In the past, hair sources on the market were quite plentiful. At that time, raw hair was defaulted to be hair that has not been chemically processed and was cut directly from one donor.  

However, in recent years, when raw hair source has become increasingly scarce, raw hair is divided into two types: hair from one donor and hair cut from multiple donors.

  • Raw hair from one donor:  Hair is raw unprocessed hair, collected from one head, consistency quality, easily bleached and dyed difficult hair colors such as blonde, #613, #60...

  • Raw hair from multiple donors: 100% pure, unprocessed hair. Since it is collected from many people, the quality is not consistent, the hair can be bleached to blonde, but it can also not, or sometimes it can be bleached, but the hair color is not consistent.

 If you want to buy this hair for bleaching, you need to make a clear request to raw Vietnamese hair vendors  that you want to buy raw hair from multiple donors that can bleach to the blonde color. They will give you the right raw hair. 


Natural raw Vietnamese straight baby hair wholesale
Hair is smooth, shine and health

Raw hair vietnam reviews

Vietnamese raw  hair is becoming more and more popular in the hair extension industry. And here are some objective feedbacks from customers for raw hair in Vietnam:

  • I come from Canada and  bought raw hair from multiple donors for bleaching from VQ hair factory, when I bought the hair, I was also advised by the staff very carefully about this hair type, fortunately the hair can be bleached to the #613 color.

  • I choose to buy raw hair per head from VQ, the hair is beautiful, healthy and thick. I bleached and dyed hair to ash colors, it still maintains its  softness and silky. 

  • I have searched and bought  hair from many raw Vietnamese hair wholesale , but I like the raw hair provided by VQ Hair. The hair is thick, full,  soft, and shiny.

How to order raw hair vietnamese from VQ Hair Factory?

Raw hair is hair material, which is always available in the factory's hair stock. If you order this hair type, you will not need to wait for production, so the hair will be shipped immediately.

To order raw hair from VQ Hair factory, contact us via whatsapp +84962318090

Our staff is always ready to assist you to order.

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  • Paloma Faith (2 years ago)
    I guarantee that raw Vietnamese Hair from VQ Hair is 100% pure hair, no chemical, no mixed. Good job, keep going! Tks Daisy again for her support
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