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Bone straight human lace closure hair

  • Vietnamese human hair
  • Transparent lace
  • Size: 2x6 
  • Supply ability: 2-3 thousand piece
Product information


Bone straight lace closure hair

To achieve a beautiful and natural bone straight wig from weave hair, a good bone straight closure hair is extremely necessary.  But hold on, what did you know about bone straight closure hair? What’s the highest quality hair closure now?

Let’s check out this post to find out!

Vietnamese bone straight human closure hair - Best quality hair

Vietnamese hair is becoming more and more popular and widely used in Africa and America. It is loved by many women and is famous for its high quality and durability.

Vietnamese bone straight hair in particular and Vietnamese hair extensions in general are made from 100% human hair, pure, shiny, healthy and safe. Therefore, after being processed to create many different colors and textures, the hair strand maintains its softness, shine and strength. 

The lifespan of Vietnamese hair is relatively high when compared to other hair types. According to recent surveys, Vietnamese hair can last from 2-5 years with proper care.  Although the cost of Vietnamese hair is higher than other types of hair, with a long lifespan, ladies are willing to invest in Vietnamese hair extensions.

Bone straight lace closure hair

Bone straight lace closure hair

Pros of Vietnamese bone straight lace closure hair

Lace material

Most of the hair factories and hair vendors in Vietnam only supply to the market hair closures made from transparent lace. 

This type of lace is popular and widely sold because of its good price and easy to blend with different skin tones. This lace material is tough and durable over time.

Hair material

Vietnamese bone straight hair lace closure is made from 100% Vietnamese hair.  Vietnamese bone straight hair lace closure is made from 100% pure Vietnamese hair. This hair is famous for highest quality hair, Its strand is soft, silky, and firm.

Wigs and hairstyles are made from Vietnamese bone straight hair, which gives the user a natural, luxurious and attractive beauty.The hair helps its owner stand out and attract at any party or special occasion.

Lace size : We customize all lace sizes of hair closure according to customer's requirements. You have a lot of options for lace size: 4x4, 4x6, 2x6, 5x5 etc.
Part of lace: There are many options for you, you can choose the free-part, middle-part or three-part.

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Cons  of Vietnamese bone straight lace closure hair

Although there are many pros such as beautiful hair, long lasting, affordable price, easy to use... However, bone straight closure hair also has some cons that I think you should be aware of.
  • You should not dye hair: Made from 100% human hair, there are a lot of advertisements that say the hair can be dyed. It is true that hair can be dyed, but you will certainly not be able to achieve the hair color you expect, and may even ruin bone straight hair. If you want to buy hair for dyeing, then we recommend you choose natural lace closure hair.
  • Hard to curl: Because it is bone straight hair, the hair must use chemicals to get such super straight hair. So, its strands are very firm and flat, and it is difficult to curl your hair, even if you curl it with heat, your hair will quickly turn straight again.
Above is all the information you need to know about bone straight hair. If you have further questions or want to order this hair in bulk for your business please contact us via whatsapp +84962318090.

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