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Transparent human hair frontal wholesale

MSP: Frontal - Free part
  • 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Transparent lace
  • Cuztomize any color, any size
  • Long lifespan: Up to 3 years
Product information

Vietnamese natural human hair frontal 

Natural human hair frontal from Vietnam will go down in history as the most shining gem in the hair industry.  It's difficult to avoid the topic of human lace frontal hair, and since more and more hair gurus are talking about human hair lace frontal for sew-ins.

Although, A lot of gurus have shared about this topic, there can still be some confusion on what exactly a natural human hair lace frontal is? So, We give you this article for everything you need to know about Vietnamese lace frontal

What is Vietnamese natural human hair lace frontal?

A lace frontal is used to cover the top of your head when you sew-in. There are many parts that you can try such as free-part, middle-part or three parts, and it will always give the best natural look. 

Girls choose to wear lace frontal when they want to create the entire hairline from ear to ear.  Lace frontals are also attractive with women who have traction or thinning edges. 

Lace frontals are a great protection for your hairstyle since it covers and shields the entire head of hair. In the process, the lace frontal gives your edges, nape, and hairline a break from severe tension .

Lace frontal hair plays an important role in getting beautiful and natural hairstyles. Among the types of human hair lace frontal on the market, Vietnamese lace is known as one of the most popular lace styles.

Vietnamese human hair lace frontals are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, hair is soft, smooth and healthy, have never been touched in chemicals and no mix silicon. Each strand of hair is carefully sewed into the transparent lace to create a complete piece of lace frontal hair. 

Due to being made from high quality human hair and transparent lace, Vietnamese human hair lace frontal is easy to wear and blend with all kinds of skin tones.

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Pros of Vietnamese human hair lace frontal

  • Lace material: Transparent lace, easy to wear and blend with all types of skin tones.

  • Hair material: 100% natural Vietnamese human hair, the purest hair, soft and smooth, suitable for dyeing and styling.

  • Texture: Natural straight

  • Color: Natural color

  • Lace size : 13x4, 10x4

  • Part of lace: Free-part, middle-part or three-part.

  • Life span: Hair can last up to 3 years with proper care.

  • Easy to curl: The hair has never been treated with chemicals, so you can easily curl or styling the hair. 

  • Can be dyed: it’s 100% natural human hair, that means you can dye without worrying about damaging hair.

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How to order Vietnamese human hair frontal wholesale?

After learning about Vietnamese hair, I'm sure that you may also love this hair type. Further highlight is that this is one of the best hair pieces that many hair shop owners in Africa buy for business.

If you also want to import Vietnamese human hair lace frontals, please contact the leading hair factory in Vietnam - VQ Hair Factory directly via whatsapp (+84962318090) to get the best wholesale price.

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  • Hanie Johnson (2 years ago)
    I had some orders of Vietnamese human hair extensions from other vendors but I wasn't pleased until I found VQ Hair.
    Good quality, good price. Hope you guys can produce more
    admin (2 years ago)
    VQ Hair feels sorry for your several previous orders. We are pleased that our human hair grades extensions have met your needs
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