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VIetnamese wholesale closure sew in middle part

MSP: Closure - Middle part
  • Size: Customize any size
  • Color: Black
  • Closure type: Middle part
  • Lace: Swiss lace
Product information

Closure sew in middle part 4x6

Styling can be a challenge when it doesn't go your way or is too thin or too short to be styled. Luckily, the advance of the hair world, wigs and hair extensions were born, such as hair closures, can help you get a desired look. There are different types, sizes, and lengths of closure, but closure sew in middle part 4x6 is the most common size among the size of lace.

What is a closure middle part 4x6?

Closures are a type of hair extension wherein you place them on the middle of the scalp to cover the top of your head when sew-in or create a wig.  Some people love to wear closures rather than other types of hair extensions because it's easier to wear and maintain. However, hair closure is usually added to a sew-in or woven hair.

Closures can often come with hair bundles for sew-in wigs or hair extensions. People can sew in closures hairpieces to their hair or wig, glue them. Closures can be confused with another hair extension is hair frontals, the big difference between the two types of hairpiece is their size. If the frontal can create a hairline from ear to ear, then a hair closure can be used to cover the middle area at the top of the head.

A  middle part lace closure 4x6 is a lace closure with middle part and the size of lace is 4x6 inch. It’s added more hairs to the middle area to make it look more natural when applied to the hair of wearers. The Vietnamese lace closure middle part has baby hair around and has been bleached knots. The hair is pure, soft, easy to wear and maintain, giving users a comfortable feeling.

closure sew in middle part

VIetnamese wholesale closure sew in middle part

Why should you choose lace front middle part closure?

There are available 3 way parting lace closure, free part, middle part and three part lace closure. All of them are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair and all hand tied lace with baby hair. They are equally quality and all are easy to style, but if you have a round face then the hair closure middle part is a perfect choice. 

Benefit of human hair closure middle part: 

  • Give you a natural hair style: Lace Closures can help you achieve a natural install, it’s excellent at giving a seamless install. You do not have to worry about blending issues, because with a transparent lace closure the hair installed will look seamless with your skin. 

  • Protection: Your natural hair is completely braided and should be protected with a weaving cap. Wearing a lace closure helps your hair break from everyday excessive heat and harmful chemicals.

  • Various Textures: Vietnamese hair vendors offer many types of textures for hair closure from straight to wave curly hair, so you can choose the textures that suit your best.

  • Various length:  We are supplying human hair closure with the length from 8 - 32 inch, you can get short or long hair as you want.

  • Size: 4x6 (we can customize the lace size according customer's requirements)


Above is the information about closure sew in middle part 4x6, 2x6, 5x5… if you are interested in this product and want to import this hair in bulk for business in your native country. Please contact VQ Hair factory via whatsapp (+84962318090) to get the best price.

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