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100 human hair bundles with closure

MSP: Three tones

- Hair material: 100% human hair

- Length: offer hair with the length from 8 inch to 32 inch

- Color: Customize all colors

- Hair texture: Customize all textures

- Lace type: Transparent lace

Product information

100 human hair bundles with closure

Human hair bundles with closure  have quickly become a hot commodity among women in few areas like Nigeria, Us, Affric…Nowadays, more and more black women would love to use 100 human hair bundles with closure to achieve a natural hairstyle. Many women agree that lace closures have enhanced the overall appearance of their installs. 
Benefit of Vietnamese 100% human hair bundles with closure
  • Give a natural install
100% human hair with closure  can give you a natural  and excellent seamless install.
Thin transparent lace closure can give a "natural" looking scalp, while human hair weaves easily to blend with your natural hair that will keep others guessing.
You don’t need to worry about blending issues,because there is no need to blend with a transparent lace closure. Almost all Vietnamese hair vendors provide transparent lace closures since it’s easy to sew down flat and do not have the typical line of demarcation that silk closures tend to have. When you install it properly,  lace closures are capable of making your human hair appear to be growing out of your scalp.
  • Protective style
Your natural hair is completely braided and should be protected with a weaving cap. Wearing human hair weaves and a lace closure help your hair a break from everyday excessive heat and product damage.
When you constantly wear a weave hair with a closure as a protective style, Hair extensions need to be carefully attached to your natural hair. Your hairstyles can enhance with extra length and volume without stress to your natural hair, wearing a human hair lace closure can avoid your natural hair getting dry and damaged by chemicals or heat. 
No doubt to say that lace closure hair pieces can help you protect your leave. Lace closures hair can also help protect your leave out from excessive heat and styling manipulation.
  • Versatile Part
You can change parting easily with lace closure, Lace closure hair gives you the ability to change the hair parting flexibly and easily, there are many options for your choice:  middle parting,free parting,three parting and so on . You can choose the parting you want, and can adjust any part with free-part lace style and three-part lace style after install.

100 human hair bundles with closure

100 human hair bundles with closure three tones
  • Various textures

Saving time and getting the natural hairstyle you want quickly is ideal for busy lifestyles. Human hair bundles and closures come in many different textures and colors,so whatever you would like,there are many different hair textures that can meet your needs such as bone straight weave, curly wavy weave, kinky straight…so you can choose any texture that suits you best..

  • Great Style Quality at an Affordable Price

Although there was a time when human hair extensions was very expensive and only  celebrities had access to human hair weave and lace closure/lace frontals. But nowadays with the development of the internet and the entry of hair factories into the market. Human hair extensions are sold directly from hair factories to local hair distributors, so the prices are very affordable, which all women can buy and use.

Where can you buy unprocessed hair bundles with closure?

Vietnamese original hair is straight strand and black color, so if you want to buy unprocessed hair, you can order natural hair bundles and closure. In case you buy curly hair, colored hair, you should note that these hair types are made from  unprocessed hair, and chemicals are used to color and style.

For more details and to order weave human  hair in bulk, please contact VQ Hair factory (Whatsapp - +849623180900) to get the best deal.

Video -  Straight 100% human hair bundles with closure three tones


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