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Vietnamese hair curly bundles with closure

  • Hair material: 100% human hair
  • Length: offer hair with the length from 8 inch to 32 inch
  • Color: Customize all colors
  • Hair texture: Customize all textures
  • Lace type: Transparent lace
Product information

Weft hair extensions and closure are the best option for those who want to change their hairstyle without damaging the natural hair. Also, lots of ladies wear Vietnamese hair curly bundles with closure  to enhance their hairstyles.  The item is versatile and friendly enough for the owner's natural hair. You genuinely want to buy Vietnamese curly hair  bundles and closure , let’s find out about them first. 

What are Vietnamese hair curly bundles and closure?

Put simply, a curly bundle and closure is a hair bundle made from 100% human hair, which is carefully collected from Vietnamese women donors. Then it will be styled by skilled workers to make the curl and use hot steam technology to hold the curl last as long as possible.

Because it is made of good hair material and uses steam technology to style, Vietnamese curly hair still maintains its softness and retains its curls well.

Textures of Vietnamese curly are very diverse, so you can contact the supplier to receive the catalog and refer to more curly hair textures. 

Pros of Vietnamese human hair -  Green bone straight weft bundles with closure 

  • Best quality: The reason Vietnamese hair is loved by many hair experts is because of its quality. Vietnamese hair is famous for its durability, strength and purity. Not only is it suitable for creating wavy curly hairstyles, it is also especially popular for dyeing beautiful hair colors.

  • Versatile: Usually girls buy curly bundles with closure to create curly hairstyles. But in case you want to change from curly to another hairstyle like bone straight or kinky straight, you can use heat to restyle it. Of course, we don't recommend using this method often, as it will damage and make your hair tangle. Instead, we encourage you to buy other textures to get new hairstyles.

  • Give you a luxurious and sexy appearance: I don't think I need to explain much about this point of view. You can easily meet a girl with long curly wavy hair. What feeling do they give you? Isn't that girl so luxurious and sexy?

          If you also want such a look, buy our high-quality curly hair products now.

  • Protect your natural hair: There is a paradox that almost every girl wants to try different hairstyles: curly, colored, straight....But they don't want to damage their natural hair  by chemicals or heat. Therefore, hair extension products were born to help you own beautiful, unique hair without harming natural hair.


How many bundles do you need for a full head? 

If you want to have a long hairstyle, you may need 4 bundles of Vietnamese curly bundles with closure hair  for full sew in. With a short hairstyle, you will need 3 Vietnamese hair curly weave bundles with closure for full sew in or create a hair wig. 

If you are the owner of a hair shop and want to import Vietnamese hair for business. Congratulations, you have come to the right place - VQ Hair factory is confident to become your long-term business partner with high quality hair extensions and best prices in the market.

How to order Vietnamese human hair curly bundles with closure from VQ hair factory?

The easiest way to order from VQ Hair -  The best Vietnamese factory is to contact us via whatsapp (+84962318090). Our support team will guide you in detail on how to place an order, payment methods, shipping and order completion time.

If you have searched many suppliers and are not satisfied, then come to VQ Hair, our products and services will help your business boom. Welcome to VQ Hair and enjoy greater success.

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