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Red hair bundles for sew in - 100% human hair

Material: 100% human hair
Weight: 100g/bundle
Min.Order Quantity: 0,5 kg
Supply Ability: 2-3 tons/month
Payment Terms: Bank Tranfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent, Paypal, VTC pay....
  •  Hair Material: 100% Human Virgin Hair
  • Hair Features: Soft, no split ends, comfortable, easy to wear
  • Available lengths:  8 inch to 32 inch
  • Hair Color: Red Wine
  •  Hair Texture: Bone straight
Product information
Are you looking for hair bundles for sew in? But it's hard to find the right color hair bundle? So what do you think of our red hair bundles? Hair is produced directly at the leading hair factory in Vietnam - VQ Hair Factory.

This is a hair bundle made from 100% human hair that you can easily curl and style. In terms of length, this hair bundle is about 12 inches in length, however if you want a longer, or shorter hair then you just send us your request, we can provide the weft hair with lengths from 8 - 32 inch.

Charectic of Vietnamese red hair weave bundles for sew in

  • Versatility: The hair is made from 100% human hair. It means you can curl or restyle with flat iron to get a new style if you want. However, we highly recommend using the original texture, cuz the apply heat or chemical often can damage the hair cuticle. 

If you want to try different hair textures, we think it would be better if you can buy another hairstyle at our store.

Here is some great suggest for you:

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  • Protect your natural hair: You want to be charming with red hair, but you don’t want your natural hair to go through chemicals or heat. Red hair weave can help you achieve the style you deserve without affecting your own hair. 

  • Easy to care for and easy to wear: Made from human hair, that's why hair is so easy to care for and use. Just treat your hair like your natural hair, wash with conditioner and comb with a wide-tooth comb.

  • Long lasting: May you won't believe, but the average lifespan of this hair is 2-3 years, and it can last up to 5 years under proper care.

Video show - Red hair bundles for sew in


How many Red hair bundles do you need to sew in a wig? 

This is one of the most popular questions we are received. If you order short hair you just need 2 bundles and 1 closure. In case, if you order long hair you will need at least 3 bundles and 1 closure for a full head.

  • ex: If you order hair about 6-10inches => You need 2 bundles and 1 closure for a full head
  • If you order hair from 10 inches to longer => You need 3 bundles and 1 closure for a full head.

However, the quantity of hair bundles you need also depends on other factors such as the hair thickness you want, the size of your head…. Therefore, before ordering the hair bundles, you should consult with professionals.

If you are a wholesale customer, please contact our whatsapp (+84962318090) to get the best deal. 

Note: when you contact us, please attach your order details including textures, length, quantity of the hair you want to order.

  • Ex: Weave red hair bundes, super double drawn, length 14 inch, 10 bundles

Our factory accepts the order from 1kg. And when you buy from 5kg, you can get the discount.

We are committed to only supply high quality human hair with the best price.

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    Hi, Welcome to VQ Hair Factory. Please contact us via this whatsapp (+84962318090) to order. Thank you!
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