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Wholesale hair bundles for sale - 14 inch curly hair

MSP: Wholesale hair bundles for sale
Material: 100% human hair
Weight: 100g/bundle
Min.Order Quantity: 0,5 kg
Supply Ability: 2-3 tons/month
Payment Terms: Bank Tranfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent, Paypal, VTC pay....
Product information

I know it may be a little confusing to talk about the different lengths of curly hair weave bundles.

Basically, the 14 inch curly hair is of average length which suits those ladies who don't like long hair. At VQ Hair Factory, you will find some of the best human curly hair bundles textures and colors of the 14-inch weaves.

We classify 14 inch weave into different styles: natural straight weave, bone straight weave and curly wavy weave. The best description of 14 inch curly remy hair is beauty and grace.

Before diving in, let's understand that hair length can be different for you and your friend. Hair will be shorter and vice versa when applying for people who are different tall. 

We all love and adore different forms. However, if you do not know the characteristics of the hair extensions you want, you will not be able to choose the right hair length for you. These characteristics include the color, length, and texture of the hair.

In this post, we will give you the necessary information that regards the 4 inch curly hair extensions

Vietnamese curtis hair bundles for sale

Vietnamese curtis hair bundles for sale


How Long is 14 inch curly weft hair?

For this length, the hair reaches below the shoulders, it will add more volume to natural hair of wearers.

If you want to have long hair and your hair is not long and chic, you know what to do. Go ahead and buy the most luxurious human weave hair from our hair shop anytime you need.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for your hair to grow to get a long hair style but never success. Today, you use weave hair extensions for instant change.

As we mentioned, 14-inch hair is armpit-length hair for women of average height. Remember, your height will also affect hair length.

I bet the reason why 14 inch hair weave is so loved by so many people is that it gives you a feminine appearance. I mean about any woman's dream, to have long hair that enhances their beauty.

The Unique Features of the 14 inch curly hair extensions

Our  hair factory focuses on quality. We aim at making sure the hair we use is a top-quality hair extensions type. The only hair we sell is purely human hair. By that, that means there aren’t any animal fibers mixed in our hair.

VQ Hair Factory offers 14 inch hair  in different textures and styles.

  • Perfect length

14 inch weave hair extensions are not too long or too short. At this length, it becomes more acceptable for every woman. This hair can show the female side, which is softer, subtle, graceful and all the beauty qualities.

Also, this hair length allows you to make any hair style. Whether it’s a high bun or high ponytail, curly or straight etc you got it. 

  • Variety curly hair textures 

The good news is that we also have plenty of options when it comes to 14-inch curly weaves.  You can have 14 inch kinky curly hair, 14 inch loose curly hair, egg curly hair weave,  pixie curly, spring curl... In the end, it's all up to you to choose.

Human hair weave bundles for sale

Human hair bundles for sale - Customize all textures


  • Soft and elastic hair

When it comes to Vietnamese hair, it doesn't matter what kind of texture you will choose to buy,  the hair is often nicely silky and elastic. 

This is a characteristic feature of Vietnamese human hair, the hair always feels soft and comfortable when you wear it. 

However, if you use synthetic hair, even though you may find those that are smooth today, they won’t be soft and natural like human hair.  its softness will go away over time.

  • 14-inch hair fits anyone

Whatever type of hair you want pixie curly, deep curly or kinky curly etc. You can find 14-inch human weave hair extensions at any hair texture to match your style. 

If you love reasonably long hair, you'll find this one is perfect. The good thing is that you can try different hairstyles to change your look.

Video - Human hair weave bundles for sale


Where to Buy The 14 inch Vietnamese curly hair bundles?

Have you seen your competitors sell Vietnamese hair weave very easily? Are you convinced and intrigued by that? If you want to import this hair for your business, I have good news for you. You can get all different hair types from our hair factory at a very good price.

We are the leading hair factory in Vietnam, specializing in exporting high quality and colorful hair extensions. 

Our minimum order is 1 kg and you can mix different colors and textures.

Contact us via this whatsapp +84962318090 to get wholesale prices.


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