Why is Raw Vietnamese hair favoured? – Explore some best raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers

Lately, many ladies like to use human hair extensions, particularly Vietnamese human hair. Today, I will tell you the reasons why raw Vietnamese hair is favoured by many customers worldwide. I could say it is one of the best types of hair in this area. Moreover, let’s dive in the reliable raw hair vendor list.

What is raw Vietnamese hair?

Raw Vietnamese Hair is 100% pure hair in bulk which is directly taken from only one or many hair donors. Hair donors make sure that their hair has never use chemical or heated processess before. They are must be natural straight, not be curled or styled before. Therefore, their hair is still in great condition, keeps its shine.


Where does “raw Vietnam hair extensions” come from?

Vietnamese raw hair wholesale is originated from Vietnam. Many raw Vietnam hair vendors provide high-quality raw hair weave. Due to its healthiness, durability, Vietnamese human hair bundles are considered as one of the best hair in the world.

The raw hair that hair factories in Vietnam sell is taken from benefactors who live in the moutainous area. Because from ancient time, long hair fro women is the beauty’s symbol. In the modern life, women in the cities do not really take care long hair anymore. However, in the higher zones, women still keep the tradition to let their hair grow long and maintain their hair properly. That is why Vietnamese women have durable and silky hair.

And when they live in mountain, women there do not have many chances to reach to up-to-date and covenient with much chemical hair products. Instead, they produce their own natural herbal shampoos. Moreover, their hair is truly raw hair without colouring or styling. So the hair can keep its straightness and smoothness. 

With the reasonable price and high-quality hair, Vietnamese hair bundles are more and more gain the recognition of customers all around the world. No one can deny its shine, nature.


The characteristics of raw Vietnamese hair bundles?

The prominent characteristic of Raw Vietnamese Hair is able to bleach and dye. Furthermore, the natural traits of it can mention: straight, smooth, no lice, silky... Here we listed the basic attributes for you to know.  

1. The raw Vietnamese hair is naturally thick and dark

To the extent different hair types go, raw Vietnamese straight hair must be possibly the most determined. As you would have speculated, there's more subtlety to the raw Vietnamese hair, similarly as there are with regular hair or wavy sorts.

Vietnamese bundles usually are "straight, with extremely round and thick fibers and with an undeniable degree of dark melanin." This is genuinely essential to realize when looking for a new hair tone. This implies blanch quite often must be utilized when coloring your hair.

Something to remember: "It is quite difficult to change the colour of natural Vietnamese hair extensions because of its high level of melanin. It requires an expert strength bleach to reach the ideal lift. Also, may some of the time be accomplished more than once".


2. Raw Vietnamese hair isn't coarse and harsh

Motivate of being thick; the Vietnamese raw hair isn't coarse and harsh. As opposed to many individuals' thoughts, Vietnamese hair is exceptionally smooth and silky. Ladies in Vietnam have hair that has not seen any synthetic substances nor let anything warmed separated from the daylight to contact their hair.

Vietnamese ladies don't have an unhealthy eating regimen or inexpensive food that could help in our hair degeneration. Yet, they care for their hair by frequently utilizing cleansers from a characteristic source as an insect, holy basil, skin pomelo.

They likewise don't use blow dryers or tie their hair back firmly, yet rather than this, the breeze usually blows. They lead pretty much short lives, and this considers the nature of their hair.

Because of how their hair stays unaffected by fake items, they keep up with the strength and brilliance of their regular hair. Additionally, ladies in Vietnam will generally develop their hair instead of getting it trimmed short in a sway trim.

And then the Vietnamese hair factory will go to those moutainous areas to collect their healthiest hair.


3. Raw Vietnamese hair is truly durable

What's more, raw hair weave is genuinely durable. Vietnam Hair is lightweight and extremely simple to keep up with. They have the regular stream and completion of Real raw bundles wholesale. They are entirely durable when contrasted with hair got hold of from different nations.

Remy hair Vietnam can use the most recent 2 years even over 3 years if you care for them appropriately. Vietnamese hair is straight, making it excellent as you can add twists or waves to it. Compare the durability of raw hair vs virgin hair, it’s the same, no difference. But virgin hair is higher price than raw hair because you need one step to process from raw hair extensions to virgin human hair.

Be that as it may, numerous hair expansions can be obligated to tangling and matting at a later stage. Yet, Vietnamese hair augmentations will keep hold of their normal magnificence and sparkle, which assists them with being without tangle.

You would prefer not to contribute a large portion of your time unravelling your hair in the wake of expenditure a decent measure of cash on it.


How to consider the great Vietnamese raw hair wholesale factory?

We can not deny the benefits of raw Vietnamese hair because many customers had great feedbacks of it. I additionally tell the nature of Vietnamese hair. The hair is taken and sent to prepare where the strands are parted and made straight.

A great raw hair vendor will consistently guarantee that the cuticles face a similar course to have a better stream. Large numbers of the Vietnam human hair suppliers that retail hair augmentations made of Vietnamese hair characterize it out by hand. As you can envision, this is difficult work; however, one that wanrrant the finished result you get is of the most outstanding quality.



Assess the quality of raw hair extensions from raw hair companies

Obviously, at the beginning, it’s difficult for all of us to know which hair supplier is suffient so you need to make a sample to test whether this human hair vendor is good or not. Through this process, you can estimate their hair company from the quality of raw hair extensions.

My honest advice is you NEED to order a small quantity at first. Then if their raw Vietnamese hair is silk, not coarse and durable, please think to associate in the future.

Another advice is that do not corporate with only one wholesale hair vendor, it’s too risky. With a large cake, we have many fair players for you to choose so please be wiser, make a good connection with several Vietnamese hair factories and compare them. 


Estimate raw Vietnamese hair bundles instagram of the hair factories in Vietnam

In the 4.0 era, I’m sure most of you adore social media so much. Therefore, to approach potential customers, many wigs hair vendors invest to build a beautiful page on Instagram platform. You can partly consider Vietnam hair factories through their raw Vietnamese hair bundles instagram page. 

Also, you have yourself a smash hit that could sell with high costs. Raw hair Vietnam is additionally valued for its length. Long hair is ideal for extensions cause this hair can color or twist to be reasonable for the requests of the end customers.


How to import raw Vietnamese hair directly from Vietnam?

I can say it’s quite hard but it’s also quite easy. It’s hard for people don’t know, never been told about “how to buy hair from Vietnam?” before; however, it’s easy for those who meticulously find information on the Internet and have the sense of choosing Vietnamese hair vendors correctly.

By searching Vietnamese hair factory review, Vietnamese hair review,... you can figure easily the hair vendors list. But you know, Internet is wide and difficult for you to the most trustworthy Vietnamese human hair manufacturer among the hundreds. Here are some steps that you can follow to filter several reliable Vietnamese hair factories.



1. Look for “raw Vietnamese hair vendors” carefully

Swiping from pages to pages with the search results is definitely boring. However, it’s the work you need to seek for the information without losing money for non-sense. Patience is the characteristic that you need to search about hair in Vietnamese generally, raw hair Vietnam specifically.


2. Read thoroughly “raw Vietnamese hair reviews” from Vietnam hair factory

The reading action is action is necessary for you to be able to find some reliable Vietnam hair vendors. I can say it’s quite difficult to reach the raw hair companies that have real hair extensions factories because they usually do not spend money for marketing.

We are an honest Vietnamese hair factory so I will you the truth that many our clients do not work with only wholesale hair supplier. The reason why? Because, at the beginning, you can’t know which wholesale Virgin hair vendor is good. Therefore, do not put all of your money in only someone’s hand. You should corperate with 3 hair extensions vendors to test their hair quality, productive, customer service,...


3. Make an sample order of raw hair Vietnam

Make a sample order is significantly important because first, you buy human hair extensions from overseas. A lot of scammers are out there, we do not really know who are good people. Secondly, as I said before, start to work with 3 raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers to pick which Vietnamese wholesale hair supplier is outstanding to be your long-term partner. We all know, in business, the trust is vital.


Top 3 raw Vietnamese hair vendors

To update for 2022, I’m gonna introduce to you top 3 trustworthy hair extenions vendors. So you do not need to spend money for vendors list for hair cause it’s free to see now. The ric hair products Vietnam is high-quality with good reviews and reasonable price. Are you ready to figure?

VQ Hair – A productive raw Vietnamese supplier

When you talk about raw Vietnamese hair, you cannot mention about VQ Hair. VQ Hair is considered the best human hair brands that provides raw hair vs virgin hair, remy hair Vietnam, raw bundles wholesale,... During more than 15 years of working, the best weave company exports around 7-10 tons hair extensions worldwide. They focus on clients to provide best quality of Vietnam Remy hair at the low cost. VQ Hair is a hair salon near me (the representative office in Hanoi) if you’re in Hanoi.

Due to their reputation in hair extensions industry, this Vietnam hair company supplies to France, Italy, Argentina, Ukraine, Nigeria, Germany,... They offer a range of hair grades, sizes, the various colours. Here are some information for you to connect to VQ Hair:

  • Whatsapp: +84 962 318 090
  • Email:
  • To select diverse hair product, access VQ Hair website!


Beautiful Hair VN – a cheap raw Vietnamese hair factory

Beautiful Hair VN is settled down in 2010s, the top Vietnamese hair factory. With their policy, they offer their customers the cheaper price for their hair products such as: virgin hair, Vietnamese hair wigs, Remy hair, raw hair, double drawn hair,...

With their gradual development, this wholesale hair vendor has their real Southeast Asia hair factory that can deliver on time for you. Moreover, you can order with various styles like quick weave, Vietnamese curly hair bundles,... and colours.


Hair VN – a reliable raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendor

Another the best Vietnam Remy hair vendor that I wanna introduce to you is Hair VN. This Vietnam hair factory has been developing to export human hair extensions everywhere globally, especially in Europe and USA. This hair distributor has many kinds of human extensions for you to select: straight, wavy, curly... with various colors and hair grades. One thing this bundles human hair outlet pledges is only supplies 100% human hair, never been colored, styled before. The length that Vietnamese hair salon offers from 6 to 32 inches.


To conclude about raw Vietnamese hair extensions

Raw Vietnamese hair is favoured as the best hair type and used broadly in Asia. It is known as the top-of-the-line hair and is trusted by experts throughout the planet. Natural hair Vietnam is broadly used to make a wide range of hairpieces and hair extensions. You might find out about Vietnamese hair package, hair weave, and why this hair is famous? The principal thing we need to specify is the Vietnamese hair quality. Like existing hair, Vietnamese hair extensions are accessible in straight, wavy, curly textures, etc.

To make the best hair framework, you can utilize warming devices to style. With Vietnam hair extensions, you can arrive at your ideal hairdo without harming your regular locks. Indeed, even you can color and bleach the hair, assuming you need. Raw Vietnam hair is assembled from solid human contributors, so go ahead and treat it as you would do your braids. In addition, hair follicles are loaded with flawless, so it kills tangling and hitching hair issues. Alongside Brazilian hair, hair extensions Vietnam offers regular looking and flexible.

These days, there are numerous raw Vietnamese hair factories and discount suppliers that sell their hair abroad. VQ Hair is additionally glad for being a standout amongst other Vietnamese hair sellers. We resolve to offer genuine Vietnam hair at moderate costs.


VQ Hair Wholesale Factory

Address Factory: Dong Bich village, Dong Tho commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province

Representative Office: Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline/ WhatsApp: +84 962 318 090


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