Can you straighten deep wave hair without damage?

It is common if you want to change your hairstyle as time passes. Changing your hair color and style is a simple way to refresh your look. Therefore, if you own a deep curly human hair wig, you might wonder "Can you straighten deep wave hair or restyle without damaging the curl pattern?"

Follow reading to know the answer!

I. What is deep wave hair?

If you are a hair lover, then you will be familiar with the terms to distinguish hair textures such as: Body wave, Bouncy Curl, Honey Curl, Water Wave, Pixel Curl...... These are the terms used to distinguish the curly pattern, and deep wave is one of them.

Deep wave is the term used to describe a curly hairstyle, with the curls following in the same direction like deep waves one after another.

Deep wave hair comes from many different sources such as Brazilian, India, Malaysia, Vietnam.... That's why we will have different deep wave weaves like Brazilian deep wave, Vietnamese deep wave, India Deep wave. ...

Women love deep waves because it gives a versatile beauty that is easy to mix with many different styles. Deep wave hair made from 100% human hair has a shiny, soft, hold curl well and requires little styling.

II. Can deep wave hair be straightened?

If you want to know if virgin deep wave hair can be straightened, the answer is yes. Not only can you straighten, but you can also curl and create different curls, you can even color your black deep wave hair into other colors if you want.

Best tips to straighten deep weave without damage

Before straightening the hair, we need to clean and add moisture for hair with shampoo and condition. Make sure that your hair is clean and  have enough moisture for your hair  before doing any heat styling

In addition, you should mist some coconut oil over the deep wave hair to help the hair frizz-free, make it silk and give a bit of shine. At the same time, mist a little water to add some moisture in the hair. This process will keep your hair strong enough and prevent it from heat damage. 

To achieve the best result, you should divide your hair into small sections when straightening it.

III. How to straighten your deep wave hair?

3.1. Straighten Deep Wave wig with a Flat Iron

Answer to the question “can you flat iron deep wave hair ?”, we give you a short guide to straighten deep wave with flat iron: 

-  Turn flat iron on and prepare a pair of heat-resistant gloves to protect your hand from the flat iron heat.

-  Divide your hair into small sections, let start with a small section first, running your flat iron from the top to the end of the hair. Repeat and repeat until your hair is as straight as your desire.

- Work the same with the rest of your wig until the whole hair wig is straight. 

3.2. Straighten Deep Wave Wig  With a Steamer

This is another method that you can refer to to solve the problem of  "Can you straighten deep wave hair ?" 

Use a mouse tail comb and divide the hair into 2 equal sections horizontally, using a hairpin to fix the upper part into a bun on the top.

Use a comb to comb your hair, at the same time turning the steamer on and moving it from the roots to the bottom, repeating until all hair strands are completely straight.

After straightening the bottom hair section, you can repeat the process to straighten rest hair sections. 

IV. Where to find the best deep wave hair in the hair market

After learning about "can deep wave hair be straightened?" Another question that many people wonder how to buy high quality deep wave hair can be curled, straightened, styled like? 

In the human hair market, there are a ton of hair suppliers that offer different quality deep wave hair. To be able to buy deep wave hair made from pure virgin hair,  you must find a reputable and honest hair supplier. 

VQ Hair Factory has been a 100% human hair supplier in the market for many years, VQ Hair's deep wave hair is made from 100% high quality human hair. They are suitable for multiple purposes such as curling, dyeing, styling... If you are still on your way to finding reliable suppliers of human hair, contact VQ hair factory.

We hope our article helped clear up the question: "Can you straighten deep wave hair?"

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