Complete Guide of How to Dye Hair Extensions at Home

If you are searching for a smidgen more oomph than what our coloured hair weaves offer, then, at that point, you may be interested in how to dye hair extensions at Home! Here's a quick update that you can do anything with human hair extensions that you can do to your normal hair. This incorporates colouring, cutting, heat styling and synthetically handling your human hair. Many weave wearers dye extensions to get a precise match to their normal hair tone. It's practical and turns out wonderful!

Do you remember that Virgin hair extensions are the best sort of weaves for colouring your hair? Virgin Remy hair extensions have not been artificially prepared at all, so they can be coloured without doing barely any harm to your hair. While it's ideal to stay away from excessively harsh synthetics, virgin Remy extensions can be eased up or obscured as normal hair. Specialists exhort that you ought not to endeavour to colour non-Remy hair weaves. This sort of chemical hair extensions has been synthetically treated, strips the strands of their most fragile. They are, for the most part, not sufficiently able to be coloured.


Things You Will Need: Hair Dye, Latex Gloves, Developer

First, following how to dye hair extensions at Home, you need to purchase hair colour, developer, gloves, and a utensil bottle from a delight supply store or salon. You ought to try not to buy hair colour from a crate at the pharmacy since it's anything but significantly harder to coordinate with your hair colour that way, except if you're going for an ombre or coloured impact.

Delicately comb your augmentations to dispose of any knot. If you have any styling items on your expansions, wash them out first as well.

After washing and brushing out the augmentations, ensure they dry altogether. Since utilising a hairdryer isn't suggested, permit them to dry for the time being before applying the hair colour the following day.

The next step of how to dye hair extensions is preparing the hair colour combination. Put on your gloves and stir up the perfect measure of hair tone and developer together. In the wake of pouring your hair colour and developer into the applicator bottle, mix them up as one by shaking the bottle for around one moment.


Presently it is an ideal opportunity to cover every strand of your hair extensions with the hair colour. For this situation, it's a superior plan to utilise an excess of colour instead of not utilising enough, using a brush to disseminate the hair colour while applying it. Whenever you're finished applying the colour, placing the augmentations on a hair towel and read the guidelines of how to dye hair extensions at home with the goal that you realise how long they need to stay on the towel.

Subsequent to permitting the extensions to absorb the colour for the designated measure of time, it's an ideal opportunity to wash the hair colour out of the augmentations. Using warm water and subsequently apply a conditioner following the guidance. Sift through the hair extensions subsequent to using the conditioner for even application and to saturate your braids. After tenderly sifting through the extensions, wash the conditioner out utilising cold water. This will seal the hair tone and make the hair gleaming. For the last advance, either use a blow-dryer to dry the hair expansions or permit them to air-dry (suggested).

Make the most of your recently coloured hair augmentations and anticipate wearing them - you will look stunning with your recently coloured braids!


The way of dying at home is wholly protected. However, not all hair extensions can deal with all hair chemicals, particularly as synthetically harsh as hair colours.

You should possibly stress in case you're utilising manufactured hair extensions, as the bond in those may not be sufficiently able to hang on when submitted to harsh chemicals. However, suppose you're utilising 100% human Remy hair like the ones we have here at VQ Hair. In that case, you have nothing to stress over.


If you choose our invisible line, kindly know that the silicon tape where the clips are attached can't be coloured, and it will stay in its unique tone. Our different lines, the Royal, Classic and the Single Weft, accompany a material base that can and ought to be coloured alongside the Virgin Remy hair extensions.

One important thing is how to dye hair extensions is treating your hair extensions with care. They are just about as delicate as your hair, and they require a similar measure of upkeep to remain fit as a shape!

Trying not to bleach the human Remy hair extensions as the dryness may be irreversible! Blanching is a harmful cycle, and it will modify the quality and uprightness of the 100% Remy human hair.

Continuously select a lighter set of augmentations to colour darker. Rather than getting a dark set of extensions fully intent on making it lighter, we suggest you do the inverse and utilise hazier colour on a lighter set. The colouring interaction from light to dark colour is simpler and doesn't harm the Remy Hair costs. If in doubt, consistently go to your number one salon and have a specialist get the right tone for your set of hair extensions!

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