What's The Difference Between Deep Wave And Water Wave Hair ?

Do you know the differences between deep Wave vs Water Wave Hair? Nowadays, human hair extensions are getting more and more popular especially among black women, it plays an important role in their life. Almost all black women love to wear deep wave and water wave, right?

Both deep wave hair and water waves have the same pattern, there is almost no visual difference between them. It can be a challenge for new users to distinguish water waves and deep wave human hair. 

So, in this blog, we will share with you the difference between deep wave vs water wave human hair. Follow Reading!

I. What Is Deep Wave Hair?

What is deep wave hair

Deep wave hair is a wave hairstyle that is a tight classic style voluptuous. It technically has the same texture as other wave hairstyles such as:  loose deep wave, body wave and natural wave, the only difference is that deep wave hair seem tighter curls or waves compared to above.

Deep wave is a curly hair type that gives off a full beautiful, luxurious appearance with sufficient sheen.

Most people often confuse deep wave hair with water waves. Both of them are loved by African American customers, but deep waves are  little neater than water waves for the curl type.

II. Characteristics Of Deep Wave Hair

  • Double or single weft, tight and neat, not easy to tangle, free shedding.
  • All curls go the same direction.
  • High elasticity, healthy, shiny, bouncy.
  • Last lifespan, the hair can last up to 1 - 2 years with the proper care.
  • Health and full at the end, no split, no dry.
  • 100% Vietnamese human virgin hair, can be dyed, bleached and restyle according to your desire.

III. The Benefits Of Deep Wave Hair

Benefits of Deep Wave Hair

3.1. Give You A Youthful Look

If you are searching for a hairstyle that gives a youthful look and requires low maintenance then deep wave hairstyles may be the best choice for you. This hairstyle is known as that is easy to achieve and you feel carefree. It will give your hair bouncy and wonderfully textured.

3.2. Easy Maintenance

If these people are lazy and tired of taking care of your hair extensions, this might be the best option for you. After all, it only requires little maintenance and once you just need to wash it and simply rejuvenate this hairstyle with your fingers then your deep wave hair will look voluminous as before.

3.3. A Blend Of The Best Of Both Worlds

There is no doubt that deep wave hair is a fusion between straight and curly hair. While straight hair is limited in volume which makes it not offer a best looking. Then curly hair has many problems with frizzes or tangles. 

After all of that, deep wave hair created and launched into the hair market, it quickly won the heart of hair lovers. This hairstyle can help you achieve the best style of both straight and curly hair while overcoming the limitations of both hairstyles.

IV. What Is Water Wave Hair?

What is Water Wave Hair

As its name suggests, water wave hair flows just like water. In addition, it  is extremely sleek and effortless. 

The water wave hair has a wonderful design in which the waves are articulated gradually, it is similar to the waves on the water surface.

This hairstyle can give you a natural and elegant look.  Since in apparel, it has become the famous hair textures among African women.  

V. Characteristics Of Water Wave Hair

  • The curls do not go in the one direction.
  • Water wave hair carries a lot of volume and it can blend perfectly with different curly hair types.
  • It comes from various types like Vietnamese, Brazilian hair weaves, Indian, Peruvian water wave hair. Therefore, you have many options with this hair type.
  • 100% human hair 
  • Single or double weft, lustrous, full, and thick.
  • No tangle, no shedding
  • Holds curl well, lasts up to 1-2 years, can be dyed, bleached or recurl, straightened... as you want. 

VI. The Benefits Of Water Wave Hair

Benefits of Water Wave hair

6.1. High Quality With A Beautiful Look

Water Wave hair can offer ladies a stunning wavy hairstyle. Hair always appears natural and shiny, so you can modify it to achieve the ideal hairstyles you desire. Besides, it also can increase volume to your hair, thus giving you a fresh and full appearance.

Similar to other hair extensions, the name wave hair refers to curls created in hair factories. Water wave hair is a unique hair design that combines curly and wavy hairstyles to create the most natural look.

6.2. Soft, Luxurious, And Thick

Water wave hair is very soft, luxurious, and thick. It just requires fewer human hair bundles to give a full-body look. These water wave human hair bundles are more fullness to the tapers and roots and it gets thinner towards the ends for a realistic effect.

6.3. Easy Maintenance

In addition, water wave hair is also known as the easiest hairstyle to maintain. If you are a busy person or do not like to spend much time styling your hair, then wavy hair is perfect for you. It takes only a little time to groom, but will hold curl for a long time.

With daily care, you just need to wash and use conditioner to make your hair smoother and use your fingers to create waves for your hair.

6.4. Affordable And Hold Curls Well

Wave hair is very versatile and can be used for different purposes. What's more, the hair is easy to style and can be combined with many different styles.

6.5. Long Lifespan

When it comes to the lifespan of water wave hair, it is one of the prominent factors. This hair texture is your tropical getaway in the form of loose, carefree curls. With this hairstyle, the longer the hold, the more beautiful it will be. If properly cared for, the hair can last at least 1-2 years.

VII. What’s The Difference Between Water Wave vs Deep Wave Hair?

is deep wave and water wave the same

Although deep waves and water waves have almost similar appearance and are difficult to distinguish. But when we observe them carefully, we can realize  the  difference between water wave and deep wave . Here are some points show that they are difference of  deep wave vs water wave hair:

1. Both deep wave and water wave hair give wearers a similar look and feel, but water wave look curlier.

2. Deep wave hair is a bit neater than water wave hair.

3. The curl pattern of deep wave hair is run in one direction and is relatively flat, while watter weave is opposite. The curl pattern of the water wave doesn't run in one direction. 

4.  As all we know, the curls of water are not positioned in the same directions , so it gives more volume compared to deep waves. 

VIII. Compare water wave hair vs deep wave : Which is better ? 

Deep Wave Or Water Wave : which is better? This is a question which we are not able to find an answer to. The choice is entirely based on the desired style of the individual. If you want to look bomb but stunning, then water wave hair is a great option that can help you complete the gorgeous look.

Meanwhile, for those who wish to have a sweet, lovely look, deep wave hair is a right choice for you.

There is no denying that both of these hairstyles are very attractive, choosing which hairstyle is completely up to you. So make your choice wisely.

IX. Where to buy affordable  Deep wave and water weave hair?

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X. Conclusions - Difference between deep wave and water wave

Hope this article has been able to help you clarify the question : Is deep wave and water wave the same ? In case you are a hair business or want to start a hair business and are looking for a good hair supplier, that supply deep wave vs water wave hair please contact VQ Hair Factory - Top #1 Hair Factory in Vietnam.

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