To answer How many bundles of hair do I need? Guide for any hairstyles

At any point consider how many bundles of hair do I need? Or then again, perhaps the number of packs I want with closure, or bundles I need with a frontal? 

A couple of elements go into picking the number of bundles you'll need for your perfect look. The key is that it's your ideal look, and it relies upon the length of the hair to the size of your head. Both components add to how the last style will look. To assist you with making the ideal decision for the look you need, read this article carefully.

The bundle hair extensions

The bundle hair extensions are frequently more expensive than the ordinary pack augmentations. Notwithstanding, they are less inclined to shedding, and with great upkeep and suitable establishment, they can be reused for a really long time. These bundles permit exploring different avenues regarding diverse styling choices - from adding shading to trims or features, the experience is the same as your own regular curls. 
how many bundles do i need

When looking for regular hair packs, hair texture inclinations is a significant component to keep an eye out for. Groups arrive in an assortment of thicknesses and textures. You can get your pack of hair extensions in either the synthetic or human hair types. If you want a more natural haircut, the human hair pack extension a more advantageous.

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Factors that decide how many bundles of hair do you need


All virgin hair normally thins towards the tips, so we propose more groups for a more full look from root to tip. A decent guideline? The longer the length of your group, the more hair you're going to require. All virgin hair normally disperses towards the tips, so we propose more packs for a more full look from root to tip. See more information here.


Waves? Curly? The thing that matters is in the thickness. Straight and wavy hair have various densities, which must be considered when deciding how many bundles of hair I need for a full sew-in. 

Wavy? You'll need 2-3 bundles. With wavy hair, you can pull off fewer packages because the hair usually is more thick and full. 

Straight? You'll need 3-4 bundles relying upon length. Straight hair has less density than wavy/curly hair, so for a luxurious, full look, you’ll need a bit extra.

Size of your head

Get a measuring tape and measure your head from ear to ear. This will assist you with addressing the subject of the number of bundles do you really want. Normally, women heads measure 22.5. The bigger the number is, the more bundles you’ll need. If it’s on the more smaller side, you could possibly get off 2-3 bundles.

how many bundles do you need for full sew in

How many ways to install your bundles?

Normally, there are two ways you can install your packs. You can either choose a sew-in, which is simpler to keep up with, more reasonable and can normally keep going for around a half year, or the glue and tape strategies. The glue method includes the use of fluid adhesive straightforwardly on the hair. What's more, for the tape technique, one to two wefts with twofold sided tape is connected to the hair. 

No matter whether you are going for a sew-in or some other hair extension style, knowing how many bundles do you really want to accomplish different bundles hairdos is a key component. 

A bunch of bundles is generally a full 4 ounces, and the amount of bundles you will require is prominently dependent to your wanted style, favoured volume, and the quality of hair bundles. Additionally, assuming you need a shorter length, you will not need as many bundles as you will if you are going to have a longer hairdo.


To clear the question: “How many bundles of hair do I need for a full sew in?”

There are many clients who asked us, "How many bundles of hair do I need for a full sew in?". All things considered, the appropriate response differs dependent on the hairdo, trim, length, and the size and state of your head. I ordinarily get three packs for my essential sew-in, which is commonly the enchanted number for your normal sew-in hair. 

With three packages somewhere in the range of 12" - 20" your weave will be full, flowy, and charming. If your sew-in starts with lengths more than 22" you should think about 4 bundles. 

A couple of things to factor in are the size of your head (genuinely), how full you might want your hair (deeply wave styles have a lot of hair for instance), are you utilising a closure/frontal, and the general kind of haircut you are going for. 

The essential sew-in ordinarily includes the full head braided up in the bee-hive. This or whatever your beautician recommends, with the least hair, forget about. 

In any case, some people prefer two packs for a more natural look. Bobs are a trendy style at the moment, and they just consist of two bundles.

human hair bundles

Extending: How many bundles of hair do I need for a partial sew-in

To accomplish a partial sew-in style, normally, you will require 2 bundles of natural human hair extensions. Lots of hairstylists said “Partial sew-ins give you a more natural look, as your natural hair will be left out toward the front, the whole crown of the head, or often in the back.” Partial sew-ins takes into account adaptable, more regular styling choice. Standard length, they would require a maxium of two or three bundles ifn case you are going for lengths longer than 24". 

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So I provide you with full information of the question “how many bundles of hair do I need for a partial sew-in”. If you are not interested in to get a partial sew-in, you can consider hair bundles with closure or frontal. In VQ Hair, we provide all hair bundles types at the lowest price than other factory. And with our special dying hair formula handed down from generation to generation, we can supply you all of the colours that you require. Please do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp: +84 962.318.090

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