How much is human hair bundles in Vietnam?

Human hair has turned into the standard selection to extend the hair length, add hair volume, and sew a wig with a lace frontal or closure. So how much is human hair bundles in Vietnam is an increasing concern of many customers since Vietnamese hair is noticeable in this field.

There are numerous human hair packs available to be purchased on the market. People clearly want to know more about “how much are bundles of hair cost?”. The expense of the human hair weave is diverse because different human hair wholesalers have other costs, and a few components will likewise impact the cost. 

Ordinarily, the expense of the 100% Remy human hair packs is between $40-$150 (if you buy from the retailers), individuals’ various requests will change the particular cost. We will show them one-to-one. 

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How much do bundles of hair cost depending on The Color Of Human Hair Bundles 

A few ladies love to wear regular colour human hair, there are additionally a few ladies who love to wear coloured hair, for example, blonde, ombre hair extensions, and so on. Be that as it may, when you conclude what colours you need to get, you should initially know how much is human hair bundles will have various costs. 
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There are 3 sorts of famous colour human hair packs: blonde and grey coloured hair hairpiece. Allow us to take one package straight 10-inch human hair weave (super drawn hair) for instance. (wholesale price, only in VQ Hair)

The expense of a 10 inches one-piece Gray ombre human hair pack is about $38. 

The expense of a 10 inches one-piece blonde human hair extension is about $38.7. 

The expense of 10 inches of one-piece ombre human hair is about $39. 

Yet, the expense of a 10 inches one-piece regular dark human hair pack is around $35. 

Distinctive hair lengths and diverse size bunches additionally have various costs, in any case, the expense of the normal human hair weave is cheaper than a coloured human hair. 


How much do bundles cost of Grade Human Hair? 

We as a whole know, human hair has a diverse quality grade, the distinctive grade has a different cost. The most popular quality grade in the market is 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A grade. Among these four kinds of value grades, 10A is the best grade with the most expensive. Most reasonable Remy hair is 8A and 9A grade, the expense of these two grades are lower than 10A human hair bundles, and the Remy hair quality is high. 


The Quantity Of Human Hair Bundles is a key factor to answer “How much are hair bundles?”

Various people have different requests for wet and wavy human hair augmentation. Assuming you just need to add your hair volume, perhaps you just need one group or two bundles of human hair weave, however, if you need to sew in human hair hairpieces by bundles with closure, then, at that point, you might require 3 or 4 bundles human hair wefts. So “how much do bundles of hair cost?” rely on how many bundles do you need for your scalp. 

Supposing you need to purchase natural colour 8-inch wavy human hair packages, the expense of one pack is $27, the cost of three bundles is $50. In other words, the packs' gathering price will be less high than a single bundle to purchase.

Apparently, different size gatherings and textures will have diverse prices, you can visit VQ Hair to see more about bundles' costs. 

VQ Hair will discount from 01st Nov to 30th Nov up to $20/kg to welcome the Christmas season.

Regardless of the colour or texture of human hair you need, you can purchase your ideal Remy hair at the cheapest cost. The sale of human hair packs will be highly invited, cheap price is waiting for you.

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The Length Of Human Hair Bundles 

The length is a significant factor that will impact the expense of human hair packs. The long hair you want, the higher the price is. So to answer how much is human hair bundles in this sector, it depends on your preference, the expense of different lengths of human hair is diverse.

How about we take straight human hair packs as a specific example, the expense of natural colour human hair, 8 inches is about $27, 10 inches is $30, 12 inches is $33. Diverse inch has distinctive value, this cost is for one pack of straight human hair. Diverse length straight human hair packs bunch is also different. If you buy 3 bundles of that hair, the price is a little cheaper than purchasing only one bundle. So please contact buy in bulk to get the best price. In case if you’re looking for a hair factory, you should consider VQ Hair - the cost is always cheaper than other vendors.


The Texture Of Human Hair Bundles 

The texture of natural human hair is one more significant factor for the question “how much do bundles cost?”. It will impact the expense of 100 human hair packs. 

Straight human hair packages and body wave human hair weave are viewed as the generally famous human hairdos. Wavy human hair groups, loose deep wave human hair packs, natural wave hair groups, and other wavy haircuts are viewed as the popular human hair weave bundles as the customised twists. However, the expense of various human hair textures is distinctive regardless of the foundation of a similar hair colour, same hair length, same hair packs amount, and hair quality. You can go to VQ Hair website to see more valuable data. Or in case you do not know about it, you can contact us through WhatsApp: +84 962 318 090.  We assist you 24/7.

What is your ideal human hair groups? Welcome to VQ Hair to purchase the best human hair groups at a less expensive cost.

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