How to keep deep wave hair looking wet

Most of the ladies who use deep wave extensions are usually concerned about questions: How to keep deep wave hair looking wet? There are many reasons why people want to have wet deep waves and one of the main reasons is to maintain their beauty.

If you are also among those who are looking for ways to keep deep waves wet. Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Continue reading for a detailed guide!

I. Definition of deep wave hair

Deep waves are one of the most popular hair texture styles of all time, they blend well with natural hair texture. 

The hair is usually made from virgin or remy hair, and is 100% human hair.  It comes in various types such as Brazilian deep wave hair, Indian deep wave hair, or Vietnamese deep wave hair....

With proper care and good styling techniques, deep waves can hold curls for a long time.

II. Best type of deep wave hair is the best?

Before coming to the how to keep deep wave hair looking wet method? Let's find out which is the best hair type?

As mentioned earlier, deep waves can be made from virgin hair or remy hair. And virgin hair is appreciated for its quality and purity, and of course, the price of virgin hair is also higher.

Talking a little bit about virgin hair, this is 100% pure human hair, it's human hair that has never undergone chemical treatment. Some of the most popular virgin hair styles in the world today are Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Vietnamese hair.  All of them can be used for styling deep wave hair.

III. How to keep wet look on deep wave hair?

how to keep deep wave hair looking wet

3.1. Wash Your Deep Weave Hair Wig

About the answer to the question: How to keep deep waves looking wet ? The method of washing and cleaning the hair is also very important.

Regularly washing your deep curly wave wig, keeping it clean is the secret to keeping your hair looking fresh and natural. Some notes when washing deep wave wigs:

- Fill the sink with water, it is better to use damp water

- Add a little shampoo with many hair care ingredients and soak your wig in the solution, gently massage to clean the hair.

- Squeeze out excess water carefully then rinse thoroughly with water, wring out hair and continue drying with a towel.

- In case you do not have time to wash your hair, use an oil-based water spray on your hair, providing adequate moisture is necessary to get healthy and bouncy hair.

3.2. Detangle Your Deep Wave Wig

  •   Detangling a deep wave wig requires a lot of patience and ingenuity. To maintain the style and curls of your hair, you need to prevent tangles  from occurring.
  • We always recommend that people use a wide comb to comb while the hair is still damp to gently detangle. When combing your hair, you should also divide your hair into small sections to make combing easier.

  • Always comb your hair from the roots toward its ends, when you encounter knots, use your fingers to loosen it. Since hair is made of 100% human hair, it tends to lose its shape if you apply too much force.

3.3. Do A Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • It's not unusual for hair to get tangled during use. To keep tangles from becoming your obsession, try a deep conditioning treatment before and after using a deep wave wig.

  • Apply this method for at least a week, soak your hair in warm water, apply hair care products and massage the entire hair, gently massaging from the ends of the hair and gradually applying it to the roots.

  • Please use natural, pure oil products such as coconut oil, olive oil to increase the care effect.

  • After applying the conditioner, leave the hair as it is for about 20 minutes to allow the hair to absorb the nutrients. Then rinse with warm water and a final rinse with cool water to close the cuticle.

  • Finally, use a clean towel to absorb and dry your hair naturally.

3.4. Dry your hair wig by the air

After washing your hair, instead of using a dryer to dry your hair, let it dry naturally. Drying your hair with heat will cause the curls to stretch and make the hair frizzy and dry.

During the use and care of wigs, limit the use of blow dryers and curlers, as they can cause your hair to burn and dry. Let your hair air dry naturally and enjoy healthy, shiny, bouncy curls.

3.5. Apply Hair Mousse or Cream

To keep curly wigs looking wet you need the help of specialized products such as mouse or cream, which can help your hair maintain curls and look wet. Apply an appropriate amount to your hair then comb through, this product helps you to define each curl and makes your hair look wet even when it is dry.

The best products for this effect are water-based, they are light enough to apply without weighing your hair down. Experts share you should use mousse for bouncy hairstyles; and the cream works well for fine hair.

3.6. Apply Curly Hair Oil

Using specialized products for curly hair will help hair bouncy, smooth and hold the curl better. These products provide nutrients, keep hair healthy and create a protective film to limit dirt and environmental damage.

You can choose natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil or products like jasmine oil... if you like. These products also give your hair a pleasant, soothing fragrance that adds extra appeal.

Remember to only apply a small amount, do not apply too much, because wet hair will easily attract dust. You also need to ensure enough time for the products to dry before continuing to style your hair.

3.7. Comb and Style

Comb your hair and style it as you want, then let it dry naturally. After the hair is completely dry, you will achieve the desired wet hairstyle.

IV. Recommended products to use on deep wave hair look wet?

products to use on deep wave hair

After all, how to make deep wave hair curly wet  is indispensable for specialized products and what products help you achieve the desired wet hairstyle is a question that many people are concerned about. Mousse, gel, pomade or wax? All of these products can help you achieve a wet hairstyle, but each has its own advantages and limitations. As mentioned above, mousse is suitable for bouncy hairstyles, while gel works well for fine hairstyles.

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