How To Maintain Deep Wave Hair

Deep wavy hair is becoming more and more popular among women. A study has shown that the more people prefer and choose these patterns, the more they search for “ How To Maintain Deep Wave Hair “ or “ Brazilian deep wave hair care tips”.  Are you among them?

We cannot deny the sleek and luxurious beauty of the deep wave hairstyle, but to keep this hairstyle you also need a little patience and ingenuity.

Continue reading to see the care tips in this article.

I. What’s Deep Wave Hair?

what to put on deep wave hair

Deep wave hair - or Brazilian deep wave hair is a popular hair texture in the hairstyle world. It is made from 100% human hair that is famous for blending well with ethnic natural hair. It usually comes in different sources such as Brazilian deep weave, Malaysian deep wave, Vietnamese deep wave... 

With effect styling processing and techniques, it has a good ability to hold the curl for long periods of time.

All women love deep wave hair, no matter how old they are. It brings a bouncy and shiny fullness hairstyle that so many people desire. With the proper care, it can last at least 12 months.

II. Why has Deep Wave Hair Become So Popular?

Give a volume look: It gives you the bouncy and full hairstyle you are looking for. If you are facing hair loss, try a deep wave weave. It blends with your natural hair perfectly and makes you look fresher.

There are many styles to choose from: With deep waves, you can create many different styles from personality such as ponytail, elegant with original deep wave hairstyle, youthful with half-up half down hair, sexy with wet hairstyle...

Lower maintenance: Deep wavy hair has loose curls, which are relatively easy to hold compared to other curly hairstyles, but still require you to take good care and keep the natural curls.

III. How To Maintain Deep Wave Hair -  General deep wave hair care Care Tips

how to maintain deep wave hair

Wash deep wave hair

Shampooing is an important factor in how long your waves last. Before shampooing, use your fingers to comb and untangle your hair, this process will help minimize tangles and hair loss. Make sure all hair strands flow freely as much as possible. Then, wash your hair with mild watermand massage your hair gently.

And surely many of you are interested in "what to use on deep wave hair ?" " what to put on deep wave hair ?".

With this hairstyle, we recommend customers to use rich shampoo and conditioner products for dry hair.

Conditioner is known as one of the best hair products for deep wave weave hair that you should use.  Choosing the best conditioner for deep wave weave can help increase hair conditioning, making hair healthy and shiny. Use a generous amount of conditioner and apply it to your hair from the roots to the ends using your fingers. Leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off with water.

how to keep deep wave hair from frizzing

Rinse deep wave hair properly

Rinsing with clean water after washing and nourishing hair seems to be a simple task, but it is an important factor in the process of deep wave hair washing. Proper rinsing helps you remove excess conditioner quickly and helps your hair hold better.

Use cool water to rinse your hair, using your fingertips from root to tip to help remove excess oil. Use your hands to feel if excess oil has been removed and then squeeze to remove the water gently.

Best guide on maintain your deep waves when they loosen  

Overtime, the curls on your deep wavy hair may loosen a little bit, this is normal. To fix loose curls and help revise the original attractive curl you can use a curler on medium heat or use plastic curlers.

However, too much heat or chemicals will make the hair frizzing. You should know in advance to have the best hair care.

How to keep deep wave hair from frizzing ? - Some useful tips: 

- Do not use too high temperature

- Use wide comb

- Don't brush your hair too hard

- Provides adequate moisture and nutrients to the hair

Maintain your deep waves while you sleep - Wrap up your hair weave before bedtime

The basic rule for taking care of deep waves while sleeping is keep the hair neat and avoid pillowcases and sheets, as this can damage the natural shine of hair. A popular method used by many people to prevent this condition is to use a silk scarf to wrap and cover the entire hair when going to bed, in addition, you can also use a silk scarf to wrap your hair when exercising or working outdoors.  I bet you will be surprised at its advantage.

Can you brush deep wave weave hair?

With deep waves, you need to be very careful when combing your hair. Because otherwise, the curls can easily fall out and lose the inherent beauty of this hairstyle.

Among many types of brushes on the market today,  we highly recommend using a wide tooth brush for these hairstyles, because a regular brush or even a brush with a paddle can make the curls unwound while brushing. That's why a brush with wide-tooths is a perfect choice for this hairstyle. 

Can I bleach and dye my deep wave hair?

Because hair is made of 100% human hair, it has all the characteristics of human hair such as being able to curl, bleach, and dye. However, dyeing and bleaching curly hair will already require a bit of high technique, so to achieve the desired hair color, you should seek the help of experts.

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First time you use a deep wave weave, you may be a little confused "How to take care of deep wave hair?". But, In my experience, I think you don't need to stress about this, since the hair is made from pure natural human hair, so just take care of it like your own hair: wash, avoid high temperatures, use conditioner, wrap your hair neatly with a silk scarf when going to bed or working outdoors.

If you have any ideas on How To Maintain Deep Wave Hair, please share with us through the comments section below the article.

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