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Dear curly hair weave lady, people are always stunned by your appearance. And keeping in mind that you get praises from folks for your extraordinary hair extensions, then you partially fear overseeing it! We see how dry, coarse and crimped your hair can get. And now is How to maintain curly weave hair.

In case there is a thin line between wild wavy hair and great wavy hair days, it is a decent hair care schedule. Indeed, the right items, the proper consideration, and suitable haircuts can up your wavy haircare game. Peruse on to discover how you ought to manage it. 

 How To Maintain Curly Weave Hair

How to maintain Curly Weave Hair? 

1. Pick Shampoo Wisely 

Washing your curly hair weave is the most crucial stage in any hair care routine, independent of the hair surface. Washing or purging guarantees no residue, abundance of oil, dead skin cells that develop on your scalp. 

Utilise a gentle cleanser liberated from harmful synthetic compounds like sulfates, silicones, alcohols and parabens that can exacerbate your scalp. While parabens are additives utilised in your hair care products, sulfates are washed, specialists. Change to gentle surfactants, aroma free, sulfate-free, silicone-free and without paraben equations in your shampoos. Knowing how to pick shampoo is key to understanding how to maintain curly weave hair

Top Tip: 

Weaken your cleanser and low-foam purifying conditioner in water before you let them work on your hair. This will guarantee you don't go through many items without delay, which is helpful for both your hair and pockets. 


2. Keep your curly weave away from Excessive Shampooing 

Curly hair weave will, in general, become dry without any problem. Unnecessarily shampooing your hair can suck out its normal dampness. To add, search for saturating fixings in your conditioner. Moulding ensures that your hair fingernail skin is fixed and secured against natural harm. 


3. Pre-Shampoo Treatment 

Pre-cleanser treatment is a rapture to those with wavy hair. That helps in detangling and eliminating the frizz from your hair. Applying a hair cover or a moulding oil to your dry hair by isolating out areas of hair and leaving them in a conditioner for 20 minutes. You can put on a cloth or a towel to trap some warmth and open up the fingernail skin. This guarantees that the conditioner penetrates your hair well. 

How To Maintain Curly Weave Hair in VietNam

4. Never Brush WET Curly Hair 

Fight the temptation to brush wavy hair. Utilise a wide-toothed brush on your wavy hair before shampooing. After washing your hair, run your hand through your hair. Never at any point brush your wet curly hair as it is more inclined to damage and harm. 


5. Hair Styling With Modest Heat 

Use the high temperature from heat. Styling instruments can eliminate the normal surface of your twists, making them dull and dead. Breaking point the utilisation of warmth styling and a decent warmth protectant shower at whatever point you cannot keep away from it. Utilise moderate warmth and a diffuser to ensure your typically excellent twists. 


6. Utilise A Very Wide-toothed Comb for your curly hair 

Utilise a wide-toothed brush to eliminate the knot in your curly hair weave. Brush from base to up to stop the bunches. Any twists can be considered as potential boundaries. Giving tenderly is the best approach. A hairbrush can screw with your regular hair surface and can damage your curly hair. It is important to know how to maintain curly weave hair from using a comb.


7. Using Cold Water For Hair 

Heated water showers can peel off the regular oil or sebum from your scalp and hair. That can also open up the fingernail skin making the hair strands inclined to curl and break. Coldwater is your most secure best, whether you are shampooing or moulding your hair. 

Be important to know how to maintain curly weave hair

8. Cut To Avoid Split Ends 

Get your hair managed every two months to dispose of the split finishes and harmed hair. Curly hair weave needs to look and feel great. 


9. Curly Hair Sleep Routine 

Haircare specialists declare the pineapple stunt as a feature of the rest routine for wavy hair. Pile all your hair up on top of your head into a bun or a free braid. Thusly, there is minor rubbing between your hair and the pillowcase. Change to silk rather than using cotton to decrease the rubbing. 


10. To Attempt Natural Treatments For Healthy Curly Weave

Use hair covers containing familiar elements for healthy curly hair weave: 

Make a veil of olive oil, eggs, vinegar and mayonnaise and apply it to your hair. Wash with a gentle cleanser for 30 minutes. Eggs will give protein to your hair. If you add mayonnaise, it will plus the dampness and try to please dry twists. 

Moreover, avocados are plentiful in nutrients B, E and great fats. Crush a ready avocado with a tablespoon of nectar and two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply this cover to your wavy hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash off with a delicate cleanser. 

Apple juice vinegar, milk, fenugreek seeds, and hibiscus are extraordinary regular medicines for sound, wavy hair. 

Products Recommendations – How To Maintain Curly Weave Hair


   1. Shampoo - Best Products for Curly Weave Hair:

  • Reference price: 195,000 VND/bottle

  • Origin: USA

  • Brand: OGX

  • Capacity: 385ml

  • Ingredients: Biotin, Collagen, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Ethyltrimonium Chloride Methacrylate / Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Copolymer, Polyquaternium -10, Glycol Stearate,...

 Shampoo - Best Products How To Maintain Curly Weave Hair

  • Helps restore damaged hair and nourish hair from deep within. Thereby reducing the condition of weak hair, split ends, breakage.

  • Protect hair from external influences: Weather, dust, pollution...

  • Unlike other herbal shampoos that often have a slightly unpleasant herbal scent, Biotin Collagen shampoo has a sweet candy-like scent, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation for users.

  • Biotin Collagen is the optimal and effective solution, hair can be restored and easier to manage.

    2. Deep Conditioner – Best Products for Kinky Curly Hair:

  • Velvety - Hair Conditioner (Airy Volume) is a moisturizing conditioner for dry and permed hair. Helps increase moisture and curls without shedding, helping to increase hair's shine.

    Conditioner - Best Products How To Maintain Curly Weave Hair

  • Velvety - Hair Conditioner (Airy Volume). With outstanding use in providing moisture and manageability for dry and frizzy hair, the product gives you shiny, healthy hair strong and bouncy. You will not have to work hard to curl your hair every day but your hair is still damaged, but just a simple hair care step every day will help them be protected most effectively.

  • The hair is also supplemented with necessary nutrients, helping the hair strands to be stronger, without the phenomenon of dryness or tangles.

    3. Hair Oil/ Serum:

  • Serum for damaged hair is researched and produced by COCOON - a leading natural cosmetics research and production unit. With extracts of pink grapefruit essential oil, which has been proven to be effective with hair, combined with other nutrients to create a hair restoration serum with outstanding effectiveness.

    Hair serum  - Best Products in Viet Nam - How To Maintain Curly Weave Hair

  • Cocoon Damaged Hair Repair Serum made in Vietnam with outstanding advantages:

  • Researched and produced by Cocoon - the leading natural cosmetic brand in Vietnam.

  • Extracted from pink grapefruit essential oil and other ingredients, all are safe for hair and scalp.

  • The product has the highest effectiveness in hair restoration, hair care, and natural hair care.


We hope these tips helped you Learn How To Maintain Curly Weave Hair and some best product for curly hair weave.

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