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VQ Hair is one of the most reputable hair factories located in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam. Having more than 15-year experience in producing hair, VQ Hair has built a solid position in the hair market. The average output of this factory is more than 7 tons per month.
With the mission to supply the best human hair quality at the lowest costs, VQ Hair has extended the business as an exporting hair company that provides both raw hair and hair extensions. To ensure that all products meet high standards and fit customers' requirements, VQ Hair has a strict quality control system.

Do you know VQ Hair?

Surely you're no stranger to raw Vietnamese hair which is very silky and smooth. In Vietnam, women are very concerned with hair because it symbolizes their beauty. 

Our factory was established in 2006 and so far our products have been present in 100+ countries around the world.

VQ Hair Factory specializes in providing all kinds of Vietnamese hair such as: raw hair, virgin hair, remy hair with more textures (straigh hair weave, curly hair weave, wave hair weave) and a variety of colors.

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Vq hair review

VQ Hair review - Producing Weave Hair Process

Each stage of production is closely monitored, ensuring the best product quality to consumers. Moreover, we always ensure the delivery time according to the agreed requirements.

Producing weave hair process by vq hair factory

Stage 1: Collect the hair

All our raw hair is cut directly from women in the countryside, ethnic minorities from remote areas. It is unprocessed, has no chemicals and no hospital….

Stage 2: Select the hair

At the hair selection stage, all raw hair is carefully combed and washed by workers to remove bad and short hair.

Stage 3: Dyeing hair

With a skilled team and unique dyeing technology, VQ Hair confidently brings to market the best-coloured hair extensions, trending, non-fading, high standard, and fit customer’s requirements. 

Stage 4: Machine weft

After colouring, the hair is washed and soaked in conditioner. And then, they will be put into the machine weft area, which has a production capacity of up to 5 tons/month. 

The beautiful and durable weft hair bundles result from a combination of modern technology and VQ Hair’s well-trained craftsmen. 

Stage 5: Styling hair

As an up-to-date hair business, VQ Hair offers all trendy hair textures like bone-straight, wavy, curly hair. It has developed a separate process for each item.

With bone-straight hair

Bone-straight hair is never an old-fashioned product in this field. Understanding that, VQ hair constantly invests in technology to create the best quality, which can maintain the style, brightness, and colour even when used for a long time.

With wavy, curly hair, the production process is more complicated

The hair is styled by hand, uses hot-steamed technology to hold the shape and dry by the air. Due to following this process, our hair always retains its brightness, softness and smoothness without harming the users.

Stage 6: Checking out

Finished-product inspection is the core of the VQ Hair quality control process. The supervisors inspect products against various standards, including weight, colour, length, quality of weft, and shedding test. The items have to pass the strict requirement to move to the next step.

Stage 7: Packing and shipping:

To avoid adverse environmental impacts, all hair products are carefully packed according to standards before being delivered to the shipping unit.

What do customers say about VQ Hair Factory?

100% of customers are satisfied with VQ's products and services.

Review about Vq hair

The benefits you receive when choosing VQ

We understand that you have to face many troubles when making an overseas order. However, our support team are good communicators, knowledgeable about products and the market. They are also enthusiastic and will support you 24/7 to make your ordering process easier without any risks.

Let's be a partner with VQ Hair Factory and get the best profit.  We always welcome new cooperation from potential clients like you. 

VQ Hair Wholesale Factory

Address Factory: Dong Bich village, Dong Tho commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province

Representative Office: Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline/ Whatsapp: +84 962 318 090


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