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Offer super double high quality vietnamese curly hair bundles

MSP: Curly hair - Black color
  • Vietnamese hair extensions
  • Hair Standard: Super double drawn
  • Longest Hair Ratio: >=90%
  • Double machine weft
  • Made by: VQ Hair Factory
  • Packaging & Delivery: Packing from 1-5 bundles in each plastic package (Can be customize acording customer requires)
  • Payment:  Bank Tranfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent, Paypal, VTC pay....
Product information

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair bundles

Recently, Hair Extensions have become more popular than ever before because of its benefits. Among thousand styles of hair extensions, Super Double Drawn Weave Curly Hair Bundles is considered a perfect choice for every girl..

What did you know about  Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair Extension, is it worth to try and invest?

Vietnamese Super double curly hair bundles overview

If you’re crazy about Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Hair, I bet that you could imagine how it looks when it’s super double drawn curly hair. Basically, super double drawn curly hair  is fuller than double drawn hair at the end, which has about 85-95% hair at the same length, literally, you could find a minimal percentage of short hair inside the hair bundles. 

Besides that, Vietnamese hair is highly evaluated by hair experts due to the strong and healthy strands of hair, that is why Vietnamese hair still maintains the best quality after you curl. 

Some of the hottest Vietnamese curly weft hair extensions

Maybe you will be overwhelmed when learning about Vietnamese curly hair weaves. But, here are the 3 most outstanding super double curly hair weaves that you must try and import to business.

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair Bundles: Kinky curly

Are you a hair lover? You should try Vietnamese kinky curly once in your lifetime. They give you a youthful look, and completely change your hair style.Since its appearance, it has always been at the top of Google search. And now, people still cannot resist its beauty.

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Weave Curly Human Hair Extension: Pixie Curls

Pixie Curly Hair Weave has won the hearts of almost every girl in Nigeria and Africa, and won the hearts of many ladies from Europe and America.

If you haven't tried this hairstyle before, don't hesitate to order now to enhance your beauty.

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Weave Curly Human Hair Extension: Spring Curls

Spring big curls must definitely be in the top 3 of the most beautiful Super Gorgeous Double Drawn Short Curly Hair Extensions in Vietnam. Curly curls, thick, dreamy hair like the hair of top Hollywood stars.

Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Weft Curly Hair Extension made by VQ Hair Factory

With 15 years of experience in manufacturing hair extensions, enhancing the beauty and confidence of millions of women around the world, VQ Hair is proud to be one of the leading hair factories in Vietnam providing the best hair extensions products.

In addition to the 3 popular hair models that I introduced above, VQ Hair also innovates and customizes curly hair styles and promises to bring customers the best quality hair weave as well as great wholesale prices.

Let's take a look at some super double drawn Vietnamese curly hair extensions made by VQ Hair Factory:

If you have researched and have plans for business Vietnamese hair extensions, we would be happy to discuss details with you.

Feel free to contact us via this whatsapp +84962318090 to get best deal!

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