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Long remy virgin curly hair weave bundles

MSP: Curly hair - Black color
  • Lenght: 8'' - 32''
  • 100% vietnamese human hair
  • Can be dye
  • Can be restyle
  • MOQ: 5 budles
  • Longest Hair Ratio: >= 90 %
Product information

Virgin remy curly hair overview

Curly weave hair appeared as an essential hair accessory in recent years. One of the most charming and attractive weave hair that can bring so much beauty and confidence to all of us is: virgin curly remy hair! A lot of girls want to install curly virgin hair  for plenty of reasons. 

The reason is because of its versatility and gorgeousness. Do you want to know more about the virgin remy human hair bundles? In this article, VQ Hair will put some knowledge about these attractive products. Hope that it can answer your curious questions about the remy curly weave hair.

  • It appears thick

Even though the density of the hair may be the same as the straight texture or bone straight, curly hair weave styles are often voluminous. If you want to expand hair volume without too much definition, you should consider this style. Even the hair is mostly single drawn quality, they can still give you a voluminous and good looking.

  • It’s fashionable

Whether you pursue a personality style, rebellious or a gentle, gentle style. You can use virgin curly remy hair to achieve the style you desire.

  • It blends well

Virgin remy human hair is 100% Vietnamese  human hair. It has been collected from Vietnamese women donors. These hairs are completely pure and easily blended with your own hair to create a natural look. They can have a long longevity period if you know how to care for them.

curly weave hair

Comparing Vietnamese virgin curly remy hair with other hair textures

  • Cambodian curly virgin remy hair: 

Cambodian hair is naturally healthy and shiny, and has a silky texture. Compared with Indian virgin hair, Cambodian virgin remy hair is always thicker and heavier. The hair is smooth, soft and various in many types of textures: it can be curly, wavy or straight hair. The virgin Cambodian Remy Hair is still thick, soft and versatile, which is to give the lady a happy woman as she wishes. If you want volume and thickness, Cambodian hair is your best choice.  The hair has a very luxurious feel and has a great natural look. 

The curls of Cambodian curly hair do not drop or loosen, it can maintain original form for the rest of the day after the user wears it. And It doesn’t need any hair product to keep the curls in shape.

  • Curly virgin indian remy hair

The natural texture of Indian hair turns slightly wavy to deep curly.   Normally virgin Indian hair is sold in three textures: Natural Straight (which is actually lightly wavy), Natural Wavy, and Curly (the curl tightness may vary slightly). Indian virgin remy hair comes in natural shades of black and dark brown and everything in between. 

  • Virgin Brazilian remy curly hair

Brazilian Virgin hair is one of the most sought after hairstyles all over the world. Hair is tough and thick. It comes from Brazil and it comes in various natural lengths and colors. Curly hairstyles of Brazilian virgins are also very popular. Curls are beautiful and give great charm to the wearer. The Brazilian hairstyle can hold beautiful curls and is very suitable for African-American women. Brazilian weave has a shiny look and feel. It is known for its plump body, bounce, and beautiful texture.

  • Vietnamese virgin remy curly hair

Vietnamese hair is a standout amongst any type of hair, this hair is considered as the most durable and natural hair in the world. The ordinary color of Vietnamese hair is beautiful black. 

It can be dyed and colored very easily into various colors such as: brown, blonde, gray,... or even purple, velvet red. Vietnamese hair is characterized as straight and thick. Vietnamese believe that straight hair is one of the easiest styling styles among all kinds of hair. Some more Vietnam virgin remy hair naturally has curly types, but they are a little. Vietnamese hair is also known to blend well with the hair texture of African American women and also European women. It is healthy and very thick.



In short, whether it is Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Cambodian or Vietnamese hair, your hair needs to be protected and properly cared for. Therefore, it can be long-lasting. Your hair will be smooth, soft and healthy. Knowing the differences among all hair types, it will help you choose the right one for you. 

At VQhair, we sell 100% Vietnamese remy virgin hair. Our hair is strong, thick and smooth from root to the end. It has a lifespan can up to 5 years. Visit our hair shop to see more beautiful products right now!

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