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Bone straight hair weave bundes of hair wholesale

MSP: Color Code: Br1
Material: 100% human hair
Weight: 100g
Min.Order Quantity: 0,5 kg
Supply Ability: 2-3 tons/month
Payment Terms: Bank Tranfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent, Paypal, VTC pay....
Product information

When referring to straight hair, girls believe that there are different ways to achieve it. And today, we recommend a simple way that you don’t have to style your curls. Just wear bone straight weave hair and specify your look.

Recently, women are attracted to human hair weaves and extensions because of their advantages. 

Before, people had to use chemical treatments to get a straight hair style. But now, with the human bone straight weave, girls don’t have to apply harsh chemicals on their natural hair. It is known as an effective protective method that is least damaging to your natural hair. 

Assuming you were born with natural curly wavy hair, purchase a bone straight hair extension if you really want to get that look. With human bone straight weaves, hairstylists can cut or style it to fit your face even choose the color that you want.

Pros of bone straight human hair weave

Protect natural hair strands: Instead of applying chemicals and styling your hair, you just purchase bone straight weave bundles and get a straight hair look. No need to apply heat and chemicals on your mane. It’s simple and effective, isn’t it? There are tons of retailers selling human weave hair extensions on the market, and you should find a reliable one and buy hair.  

If you want to be a human weave hair extensions in your country, you can contact VQ Hair Factory - The best hair factory in Vietnam.

Versatile: When wearing human bone straight hair, you can easily style it in a ponytail or curl if you want. Beside that, the hair is made from 100% human hair so you can dye it into another color by using chemicals (Note: this way may damage the strands of weave hair, and made it rough and easily tangle)

Add more hair length and volume: Not only help you achieve  a sleek and straight look, the weave hair extension is also useful for those with thinning hair. Make the hair of weares become thicker without adjusting their natural hair. 

This hair is also helpful for girls who want to get long hair in a short time, our factory supplies bone straight hair with the length from 8 inch to 32 inch.


Types of bone straight weave

As a high-quality hair material, Vietnamese hair is trusted and widely used by most hair stylists as well as wig makers. Hair strands are collected from Vietnamese women donors. Women here always care for their hair  with natural recipes; that’s why Vietnamese hair weaves are healthy, soft, shiny and smooth.

If you want to start a business Vietnamese bone straight hair weave, you must clarify that bone straight hair weave is classified into 3 grades : Single, double and super double drawn and the quality of these types is deferred by each hair vendor.

  »»»»    Watch this Video to learn more about Vietnamese hair grade:


VQ Hair Factory - Wholesale bone straight human hair weave 

If you are having trouble finding a hair supplier, please contact VQ HAIR FACTORY - The best hair vendor in Vietnam.

We offer human hair extensions in all colors and textures from short to long hair. We only supply high quality human hair at the best price.

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