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Vietnamese body wavy human hair bundles - VQ Hair Factory

MSP: Body wave
Material: 100% human hair
Weight: 100g/bundle
Min.Order Quantity: 0,5 kg
Supply Ability: 2-3 tons/month
Payment Terms: Bank Tranfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent, Paypal, VTC pay....
Product information

Vietnamese body wavy human hair bundles overview

Most women desire to get the trending wavy weave, also called ‘body wavy human hair’. This weave has already won the heart of several slay queens, this weave looks extremely shiny and bouncy.

Types Of Body Wavy Weave Hair

1 - Single Drawn

Single-drawn hair includes several hair lengths combined into the bundles.  That's Why, you will see the hair thick on the top and thin at the end. The longest hair ratio of single drawn hair is about 60-70%. Compared to other types of bone straight hair, single drawn body wave weaves are cheapest. 

2 - Double Drawn

A double-drawn body wavy generally has the same length. You will see these bundles thick and full from top to bottom. The longest hair ratio of double drawn hair is about 70 - 85%. Additionally, double-drawn body wavy bundles are more expensive than single-drawn types because of this feature.

3 - Super Double Drawn

Super double drawn is thickest compared to other types of body wavy weave.  The longest hair ratio of this type is about 90%. Girls who wear super double-drawn types of hair look extremely full. This type is the most expensive.

Vietnamese Body wavy weave characteristics

1 - Material Of Hair

The material used to create the body wavy weave bundles will determine the price. You can find body wavy weft bundles made of human hair, synthetic fibers, and silk. Among them, human hair is known as the highest quality and most expensive hair. If you are finding a human hair supplier, congratulations, you come to the right place. 

Our hair is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, which is carefully chosen to create high quality weave hair bundles. That's why our body weave hair is always shiny, bouncy and smooth. 

2. Hair weft

Hair weft refers to the sewing pattern of the weft line. Usually, there are two types of sewing: single weft and double weft. 

Double weft has thick seams, so the hairs are firmly attached to the top of the weft. As for single weft, the seam is thin, so it is easy to hide the sewing head when applied to your head.

Our factory supplies both types of weft. You can order single weft or double weft depending on your needs and purposes.

3. Hair length

VQ Hair Factory offers all hair lengths to meet customer's diverse needs. You can choose short hair bundles to make a bob wig, or choose long hair depending on your needs. Bundle length is offered by VQ Hair from 8" - 32".

4. Hair color

On the hair market, body wear is often sold in two popular colors, black and blonde. However, if you want to request a hair with a special color such as red, blue, yellow, brown... Just contact us, we can produce hair bundles in all colors according to the customer's requirement. 

 body wavy weft hair wholesale

How to order body wavy weft hair wholesale from VQ Hair?

As a leading hair factory in Vietnam, we receive a lot of orders from all over the world. To ensure your order process goes quickly and smoothly. Please follow these steps:

1. Determine the type of hair you want to buy: Style, length, color, quality, quantity

2. Contact us via Whatsapp: +84962318090

Note: There are many scammers taking advantage of the image of VQ hair business, to avoid risk and be scammed, please contact us directly via hotline to place an order.

3. Our staff will invoice and send you to check.

4. If everything is ok, you can make the payment (we accept 70% deposit or more in advance).

5. When the order is completed, our staff will send an image and video call for you to check the goods. If you are satisfied with the product, your order will be shipped immediately.

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