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Wholesale Vietnamese hair bundles straight

MSP: Bone straight
Material: 100% human hair
Min.Order Quantity: 0,5 kg
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam
  • Human Hair Type:  Vietnamese human hair
  • Hair end:  full and thick end, without any split end, no dry
  • Hair Standard (grade): Super double drawn hair
  • Weight: 100g/PC
  • MOQ: 10 PC
Product information

Vietnamese super double bone straight hair weave

As we all know, super double drawn means that there is about 85-95% longest hair at the same length, so after applying, the hair will bring ladies a new appearance of a “full-of-energy” girl. 
According to some research of many hair experts and hair stylish before, Vietnamese Super Double Bone Straight Hair Extension can get a guarantee of 3-5 years, depending on how you use and maintain it.
Moreover, Vietnamese Super Double Bone Straight Hair Extension is one of the greatest quality hair currently due to its smoothness and shininess. 
No doubt to say that Vietnamese Super Double Bone Straight Hair Extension is a must–try hairstyle that girls should try once in their life.
Hair extensions bundles
Hair extensions bundles - Smooth and soft hair

Features of Vietnamese super double bone straight hair

  • Hair material: The hair is 100% Vietnamese sourced and processed to be super soft. The quality of super double bone straight hair is 85-95% of the hair of the same length and the rest will be shorter. Hair is very attractive, especially to customers from Nigeria and remote areas.

  • Can it be curled or restyled? 

This hair doesn't tangle because its strands are free and firm. However, this feature has some little con, you can restyle, dye or curl the hair, but it will not go smooth or beautiful as natural straight hair.

So, if you want to try a different texture or color, we recommend you to buy another weave.

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  • Hair length: You can buy short or long hair depending on your demand. We supply the hair from 8” to 32”.

  • Weight of hair: Each pack is about 100g, but if you want to vary the weight of each pack, just let us know and we can customize it according to your requirements.

  • Hair color: Black is the most popular bone straight hair color, however if you want to try other colored bone straight hairstyles visit our hair shop to check out the hottest bone straight hair colors now.

Wholesale Vietnamese Human Hair Bundles
Wholesale Vietnamese human hair bundles - High quality and best price

How to properly care for straight bones?

Caring for this hair texture is less stressful as it is very easy to maintain. Its hair strands are very soft and healthy, less damaged by chemicals or heat, so you just need to soak your hair and wash it with conditioner to restore the original smoothness and shine of hair. .
You shouldn't perm, restyle or dye because they do not suit the hair.

Wholesale price list of bone straight hair

 As a hair factory, we specialize in supplying large quantities of bone straight hair to hair shops or hair stylists all over the world.

The price will depend on the amount of hair you want to order. 

You buy more, you will get more discounts. 

Price list is private for wholesale customers only, to get a price list please contact us via whatsapp number.

How to order super double bone straight hair?

The process of ordering this hair is very simple.

Send your order request via whatsapp +84962318090 with content: Hair type, color, length, quantity

Ex: Super double bone straight hair, black color, 16 inches, 10 bundles

After all, if you need a good hair supplier in Vietnam, let contact VQ Hair to get best profit and gain your loyalty customer.

Comment (1)

  • Ashe Sabastian (2 years ago)
    AMAZING! I get so many compliments on them it’s insane. They’re so soft and easy to blend. They blend straight hair bundles with my natural hair so well, even when they’re straightened. My mom and best friend are buying them after they saw mine lmao. 10/10
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