5 types of human hair weaves in 2022: Which is better?

There are various types of human hair weave for women to choose. What are the different types of human hair?  Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed hair and can be color treated which is popularly used in the production of weave hair.
This article will give you much information on both interesting sides of human hair, wishing you widen your knowledge and become better consumers by picking out your right hair extensions at the same time. Let’s start.


5 types of human hair weave in 2022

There are 5 most popular types of human hair weave including: Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair, Vietnamese hair. 

1. Brazilian hair

Highlights of Brazilian hair are thickness, natural shine, durability and luxury

If you have the skin tone like African American women, long, shiny and strong hair is very suitable. That’s all in Brazilian hair. It’s thick, coarse and normally flat with natural shine, perfect for fabulous style. 

Brazilian hair types of human hair

2. Malaysian hair

Highlights of Malaysian hair are airiness, softness and thickness.

From Asia, this hair can give you the gentle beauty of Asian girls with soft, airy but still thick and strong hair. Going with wavy style, this is one of the most favorite types of human hair on the current market.

Malaysian hair human hair types

3. Indian hair

Highlights of Indian hair are thickness, bounce and lightness.

Indian hair has a very thick texture, making it durable and easy to style, from straight to curl. This type of hair is also luster, giving its user a stunning look. 

Indian hair types

4. Peruvian hair

Highlights of Peruvian hair are softness, thickness and luxury.

Peruvian hair is like the combination of Brazilian hair and Indian hair. By that way, it has the coarseness of Brazilian hair, the luster of Indian hair with light and luxurious texture, making a good type of hair extension you really should try to have beautiful shiny hair.

Peruvian hair types of human hair

5. Vietnamese hair

Highlights of Vietnamese hair are softness, thickness and durability. 

Vietnamese hair is usually straight, long and very strong. Only a few Vietnamese people have naturally curly or wavy hair. But in return, with raw straight hair, it will be easy to create different hairstyles. This is also a popular source of raw hair in as Southeast Asia as the world. 

best types of human hair weave

Different types of human hair

All types of human hair have their own pros and cons to suit different needs. Because it comes from the original human hair, each type of human hair from different territories will have its own unique characteristics whether it is virgin hair or remy hair

Each type of human hair will have different textures such as: straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and coily hair. However, these types of human hair textures have different proportions in each type of human hair.

Which hair type is the best?

Types of human hair is useful information for everyone tending to pick out new hair extensions. In general, you will receive two sides of results when searching for human hair, one about types of natural hair of every single human being and one about types of hair for weave, which significantly affects your decision when purchasing.

✔️ Vietnamese hair is straight and soft, the color is glossy black.

✔️ Brazilian hair is wavy or straight but wavy still accounts for more proportion so holds a curl more time. 

✔️ Malaysian hair is quite similar to Vietnamese hair; Overall it holds up pretty well.

✔️ Indian hair is the same as pixil curly hair which has high brightness and holds a curl.

✔️ Peruvian hair has more texture like straight or wavy or curly. Silky and holds are rated as average. 

Thus, depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose one of the above human hair types.

Conclusion: With such useful information in this article, we now know better about types of human hair, including the classification system and names of different types of human hair. It is easier to choose the right types of human hair weave, which are suitable for your natural hair and your needs. 

Let’s choose the right best types of human hair weave and make it count with a stunning appearance. 

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