How Many Bundles Do I Need With A Lace Closure 5x5 For A Full Sew In?

Nowadays, more and more women concerned about human hair weave bundles to achieve their natural and beautiful hairstyles. Human hair bundles are also needed together with lace closure to make a closure sew in or wig. As the appear of 5×5 lace closure, it is loved by almost all women. For many women who want to get the best 5x5 closure wig and save the cost, 5x5 closure sew in with human hair bundles has become the best choice. Before you buy human weave hair bundles, you may ask How many human hair bundles do they need with a 5x5 closure, which is the most important thing to achieve your desired look.

The human hair bundles needed for a full head is similar to a 6x6, 4x4, 2x6 closure but different from a  lace frontal. There are few factors depending on how many bundles you need. This article will explain it to you.

I. Factors you should consider before purchasing? 

A few factors determine how many bundles you'll need to achieve the desired look. The keyword: What is your desired look? From the length, style of your hair,  to the size of your head, these different factors play a huge role in your final style.

how many bundles do i need with a 5x5 closure

1.1. The length of 5x5 closure wig hair  you want

If you want to make a 5×5 lace closure sew in a wig, the hair length you want is the first important factor you should consider. You know the weight for  each human hair bundle is about 100 grams, the longer, the thinner. So the longer the hair you want, the more weave hair bundles you should buy.

Usually, if you want to buy 5x5 lace closure with bundles for sew-in, regarding how many bundles you will need, you can have a reference according to our suggestion. 

A 5x5 lace closure will cover the top of your head from temple to temple, as the coverage area is smaller than the front of a 13x4 lace. So, for the same length, to achieve a full sew-in with a 5x5 lace closure you will need more hair bundles than with a 13x4 lace .

Usually if you choose 10-20 inches Vietnamese hair, then you should get 3 bundles with a 5×5 lace closure, it will be enough to make a sew in. And if the length from 22 inch - 30 inch, 4 bundles will be needed with a 5x5 Vietnamese lace closure to create a natural and full look.

1.2. The texture of  5x5 closure wig hair you want

how many bundles do i need with a 5x5 closure

The hair texture you choose is also an important factor to affect how many bundles you need. As we can know from our eyes, curly wavy hair looks volumer than straight hair. 

Curly and straight hair are totally different densities. Curly human hair bundles give a naturally fuller hence you may need fewer bundles. With kinky curly hair, pixie curly, loose deep curly... you can get away with fewer bundles. According to our experience, we recommend 2-3 bundles for a naturally full look.

If you want to buy straight human hair, you will need more bundles to get a full look. In this case,  you will need 3-4 bundles going with a closure depending on the length.

So if you choose straight hair bundles with 5×5 lace closure to sew-in or make a wig, you should buy one more bundle to get almost the same full look as the curly hair on the base of the same hair length.

1.3. The 5x5 closure wig hair volume you want

Different people have different preferences about hair volume. If you love to wear the fuller 5x5 closure wig, you will need more bundles. If you love the normal human hair wigs, you can buy less bundles to sew in. 

1.4. Size of your head

Usually there is not a very big difference for every person's head size. So you just need to consider it before purchasing. 

The average size of a US woman's head is 22.5 inches. So, measure your head, then you can adjust the number of bundles you will need. The bigger the head, the more bundles are needed and vice versa.

If you have a bigger head, you should consider buying one more bundle to sew in. 

II. How Many Bundles Do  I  Need With A Lace Closure 5x5? 

That being said, if you're going for a short (6-8 inch) hairstyle like a bob, you'll usually only need about 2 bundles.

If you are going to buy hair bundles from 10 - 20 inches, you'll need three bundles with a closure 5x5 for a full sew in. 

For hairstyles longer than 22 inches, you may need 4 or 5 bundles for a full sew in.

The number of hair bundles you need can also be adjusted depending on some other factors:

- Hair texture: With curly hair, the number of hair bundles you need will be less than straight hair 1 bundles.

- Volume: Depending on your preference to choose the number of hair bundles you need.

III. How Many Bundles Do You Need With A  Lace frontal?

The number of hair bundles needed when sewing with a frontal to have a full sew in is also a concern of many women.

Compared to closed, with a lace frontal you will need less bundles.

A frontal hair cover from ear-to-ear of your head, the coverage area is wider than the closure. Therefore, the number of bundles of hair you need for a full sew in will be less than when working with closure.

Example: With straight hair, 18 inches

When you sew with closure you will need about 3 bundles, but if you sew with frontal you only need 1-2 bundles of hair for a full sew in. 


Hope after reading this blog you know clearly How Many Bundles Do  I  Need With A Lace Closure 5x5 ? If you have any questions with the 5x5 closure, please contact VQ Hair Factory for a free consultation.

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