How to wash hair bundles properly before and after installing

Regardless of whether you install another weave or keep up with your current hair extensions, how to wash hair bundles properly is most significant and impacts how long your weave can last. If you do not fully understand about washing human hair weave, here is the article for you. VQ Hair will assist you with knowledge of washing human hair extensions appropriately. Planned to fill you in on the best way to use a super simple step-by-step process. 

We are going to guide you in itemised directions on how to wash human hair bundles, including all types of hair bundles, sew-in bundles, leave-out weave, etc. Moreover, we will give you some tips to keep in mind throughout the washing process.

The reason why it is important to wash your human hair weave?

Human hair extensions are like your natural hair so it is essential for you to take care of human bundles thoughtfully. Practising good hygiene is important, your hair needs a good cleaning at least 2 times a week. Do not wash your hair so many times because this can cause issues with the scalp, such as the dry scalp. I think you do not want your hair to get too dirty either which can cause bacteria as well as fungus on your scalp which leads to many issues such as dandruff, lice,...
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human hair extensions

Another thing that washing your hair helps in is for damage protection purposes. Shampoos with new keratin formulas and protect your hair and encourages growth.


How to wash human hair bundles: step-by-step?

Since you comprehend the significance of keeping your human hair extensions clean. Let’s get into certain directions for how to wash hair bundles with us.

For individual bundles: 

Stage 1 - Remove the netting from the package and notice the hair to guarantee it meet the standard.

Stage 2 - Set the lukewarm to be ready for washing hair

turn on lukewarm human hair

Stage 3 - Wet the hair starting from the top down

Stage 4 - After that, Start to rinse out your hair 

Stage 5 - The next step is to apply shampoo to the hair 

shampoo hair extensions

Stage 6 - Apply conditioner to your bundles and wash it

Stage 7 - The final stage is to dry hair

blow human hair extensions

*Note: Do not neglect to wash all bundles individually to make sure each bundle is shampooed and conditioned appropriately. 


How to open hair bundles?

Before you know “How to wash hair bundles”, you should know to open hair bundles. First of all, you will need scissors to cut the sticky tape. Then you have to take the hair weave out of the box. The next step is to take it out of the plastic bag and prepare for washing it.


Steps to wash bundles hair before installing

Here are the stages to wash a human hair weave before it is installed: 

1. Start by delicately detangling the weave with a brush or wide-tooth comb. 

comb human hair bundles

2. Wet the bundles with lukewarm water. Hot water might damage the bundles. 

3. Apply shampoo to the weave, gently spread the extensions to relax. Allow the weave to sink into water and shampoo for 5-10 minutes. 

4. Completely wash the shampoo out of the weave. Be sure that the bundles are throughout clean.

5. Human hair weave requires dampness as a conditioner so apply a light conditioner, tenderly working it through the hair to moisturise each hair strand. Leave the weave to absorb a sink of conditioner for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 

6. Rinse completely and dry it totally before installing 

rinse hair extensions

What was the correct way to wash hair after installing hair extensions?

For installed hair bundles: 

Step 1 - Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush 

Step 2 - Rinse your hair 

rinse human hair bundles

Step 3 - Separate the weave from your regular hair 

Step 4 - Wash your weave 

Step 5 - Rinse your hair 

Step 6 - Condition the hair 

Step 7 - Blowdry

blow human hair extensions


How long should I wash the hair?

Like your natural hair, you should wash your human hair bundles carefully. It really relies on the length and thickness of your hair extensions, the time you spend washing them varies. Normally, by using both shampoo and conditioner, women spend about 10-15 minutes cleaning their hair. So it is the same for how to wash hair bundles. 

And you should wash your hair as well as hair extensions about 2-3 times per week to prevent bacteria/fungus also other diseases. If your hair is visibly oily, you might wash your hair one time per 2 days to keep it fresh in other people’s eyes.

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Do and do not of washing human hair extensions

A human hair weave is a delicate thing, so it should be handled carefully. VQ Hair will recommend what you should do and do not on “how to wash human hair bundles”


- Treat the weave with a similar consideration and tenderness as you would your regular hair. Appropriate care is actually the most ideal method for assuring that the weave stays in great condition. 

- Take as much time as necessary while drying a sew-in weave after washing your hair to be sure that the full hair is 100% dry. You should use a perfect and dry towel, shirt, hairdryer. Leaving dampness in or under your weave can lead mould development and a rotten smell, it’s so bad for your hair

- Combine your wash routine for your sew-in weave with oils. Oils will moisture your scalp and promote healthy hair development under the weave. Wash your weave each 2-3 times per week, like your own hair. Ideal washing is relying upon your way of life and the items you use, you might have to wash your hair pretty much regularly than this suggestion.

dry human hair bundles


- Do not use any item on your human hair weave that you wouldn't use on your regular hair. Using high-quality and nourishing products will increase the life span of the weave. 

- Dont use an excessive amount of styling items on your hair or the bundles. These products can lead to dryness and make your weave hardened and unnatural looking.


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