Synthetic hair vs human hair, which is better to choose?

On the current market, synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions are two main types. In other words, before determining what to buy, you have to find your own answer for the question: Synthetic hair vs human hair, which is better to choose?

If you want to change your hairstyle to have a temporary new look without much effort, come to the hair extensions shop and you are exactly on the way. But sometimes it is not so simple to choose your right type of hair extensions, especially when this market has developed quickly in recent years, bringing to you so many choices. 

With most customers, the top concern about hair extensions is actually its source. That’s why you are here. This article will help a lot.

synthetic hair and human hair

What are synthetic hair and human hair?

Human hair and synthetic hair are both favorite types of hair extensions on the current market. Each one has its own advantages that go with a certain taste of customers. As named, they have different sources. 

Human hair is 100% natural hair which is filament made from protein. Human hair is harvested from one or many donors. Up to the levels of quality customers can afford, they will receive human hair with various pureness. But it all has the features of hair on your head. 

Synthetic hair is completely different. It is an industrial product, made from a variety of materials without human hair. Synthetic hair results from the effort to create artificial hair that looks like human hair as much as possible to replace this top source of all time and be ready for mass production.

What’s the difference between synthetic hair and human hair?

As mentioned above, these two types of hair definitely have many differences due to their sources. But the differences between synthetic hair and human hair that many customers care about actually displays in use. Take a close look at pros and cons of each type and it’s clear when comparing synthetic hair vs human hair
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Synthetic hair


Lower price: As an industrial product which can be manufactured with a mass amount, it’s obvious that synthetic hair has a lower price. It is very suitable for students or newbies who just want to try on hair extensions before using for a long time.

Simple preservation: Made of synthetic fibers, this type of hair requires little care. After using, keep it dry and store, synthetic hair still has its original style.

Quick set-up: Synthetic hair extensions have a specific feature that each product has an unfixed style. If you want to have a quick set-up for a party with a complex wavy style for instance, choose synthetic hair with your desired style then put it on. That may take you fewer than 5 minutes. 


Short time to use: You have to accept this truth when choosing synthetic hair. It's time for using is short, up to 6 months of daily use. 

Unfixed style: Normal synthetic hair can’t stand high temperature, so it can’t be restyled. This is one of the biggest disadvantages when comparing synthetic hair vs human hair. But if you still want to, many suppliers launch the premium ones which are called “heat friendly” with much higher cost. 

Unnatural look: Although synthetic hair is made to look like human hair as much as possible, it’s still “fake”. So, there is no surprise when someone realizes you are using hair extensions when you choose this type of hair. 

Human hair


Long time to use: Human hair is filament made of protein, a product of our body. That makes it special and more durable than any other types. Therefore, human hair is always the top choice. Everyone likes durable stuff. 

Versatility of style: With human hair, you can straighten, wave or even dye to make it your desired style. It’s ideal if you want to refresh your look very often with various hairstyles or just want to practice your styling skill without any harm to your natural hair. 

Various texture: Harvested from one or many donors, human hair is a diverse source with many textures that you can easily find one which matches your natural hair the most. 

Natural look: There is no comment here, of course. But more than that, human hair extensions can add more shine, more length, more density to your hair, making you look so attractive and stunning.
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High price: Price is the thing that makes customers consider the most between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions. But of course, it is worth its price.

Skill requirement: After washing or a while of using, human hair will lose the initial style and you have to restyle it. That requires a little skill to have a good one. In some cases, it takes time and you have to be more patient.

How can you tell the difference between synthetic hair and human hair?

There are two ways for you to tell the differences between synthetic hair and human hair.

Senses: You can look closely at each fiber in a bundle of hair extensions. Synthetic hair is less shiny than human hair. Or you can hold a bundle of each type on your hand. Human hair is heavier.

High temperature: Normal synthetic hair can’t stand high temperature. So, if you are not sure whether your product is made from human hair or not, take a small amount of hair and straighten it with hair straightener.  

Thanks to hair extensions, we now have a great solution to refresh our look. There are many things to consider when having so many hair extension products on the current market. However, budget, time and your needs such as styles, colors, when to wear, etc. are the top ones. They can give you a direction to have the most suitable one, between synthetic hair vs human hair weave

With much useful information in this article, hopefully you’ve already had your own answer for the question: “Human hair vs synthetic hair, which is better to choose?”. Let’s choose right and be stunning. Thanks for reading. 


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