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Wholesale quality hair bundles human hair - orange color

MSP: Bone straight - Orange color
  • Supply Ability:  2000 - 3000 Kilograms per Month
  • MOQ: 5 bundles
  • Remy Virgin Hair
  • Super double drawn hair 
Product information

What’s Vietnamese human orange hair bundles?

  • Vietnamese human weft hair

Vietnamese human weave hair is a hair extension made from 100-percent Vietnamese human hair rather than horse hair or synthetic hair. These weaves are sewn, braided, or glued into your own hair to add length and volume of your hair. Human weave hair extensions are usually collected from people who sell or donate their hair for extra income. 

Only good hair is acceptable to make hair extensions like weave, frontal, closure, tape hair, tip hair... because the process of turning the hair into hair extensions may affect its quality. 

Many women prefer to wear a human hair weave bundle rather than other hair materials due to its lighter and give wearers natural look, and the way it can be heat-styled.

Human hair weaves can be used in different ways, but the most common and permanent ones are sews-in, braiding, and glue. 

Once the hair is collected, it is washed, sorted, dyed with chemicals to make color, styled by hand and use hot steam to hold the curl, washed and soak in conditioner to make it shiny and soft.

When a Vietnamese human hair weave reaches the final customer, it might last from 2-5 year, depending on how well the customer treats it.

quality hair bundles human hair
  • Vietnamese  orange hair bundles

Vietnamese orange hair weaves are made of 100% human hair, which is collected from Vietnamese women in the countryside and remote areas.  

Vietnamese original hair is straight and has black color, it's famous  for its quality and beautiful appearance. The hair is smooth, shiny and healthy, full and thick at the end, no dry and no tangle.

To make Vietnamese orange hair, hair salons have to use chemicals to dye and color the hair. Due to being made from high-quality hair material, even though it has to undergo color treatment, the hair still maintains its shine, softness. 

Vietnamese orange hair weave bundles can come in different shapes such as: hair bundles ombre orange, human hair bundles piano color, or orange ginger color….

Details of orange hair bundle

  • Quality bundles: Hair is made from 100% high quality remy hair, its hair long lifespan (2-5 years) and can be styled after install.

  • Weight: 100 gram/ bundles

  • Length: We offer orange human weave hair bundles with various length from 8’’ - 32’’

  • Color: Orange, ombre orange, piano orange

  • Texture: Bone straight hair

  • MOQ: We only accept orders from 1kg (10 packs, can mix many different types)

  • Hair standard: Single, double and super double drawn hair

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How many orange hair weave bundles do you need for a sewn-in?

There are many factors that affect the number of bundles you need for a full sewn-in such as: head size,  hair length,  and hair textures.

  • For hairstyles shorter than 10 inches, you need 2 bundles and one closure.

  • For hairstyles about  10-20 inches,  you need 3 bundles.

  • For bundles longer 20 inches, may 4 bundles are perfect choice for a full sewing. 

Above is all the information about Vietnamese orange hair, if you are a hair shop owner and want to import this hair for your business. We are happy to discuss details with you via whatsapp +84962318090

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