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Straight ombre hair bundles wholesale

MSP: Ombre bundles
  • Soft and Smooth
  • No Tangling, No Shedding
  • Cuticle Aligned Hair
  • 100g/ bundle (Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Product information

Vietnamese ombre hair bundles overview

Everyone wants to be beautiful, sexy for a gorgeous look to impress or make a presence on someone. There are so many factors that affect someone's appearance and one-off of them is hairs which have the power to change your overall look. Nowadays hair companies try to make the best of the best hair styles, and VQ Hair is also counted on.

If you are struggling to find a weave hair that gives you the desired style and protects your natural hair. We highly recommend ombre human hair bundles.

Let’s take a closer look about our human hair ombre bundles

Ombre bundles human hair is a kind of popular color hair weave, the color of ombre bundles human hair is mixed from two or three or more tones.

Ombre hair weave bundles

About its charectic, it’s the same as other human hair bundles. 

  • Lifespan: Our high quality ombre hair weave bundles can last up to 3 years with probably care.

  • Restyling: For all kinds of our human hair bundles ombre, you can freely restyle it according to your preference. You can have curly hair or wavy hair, braids or quick weaves… as long as you don’t use too frequently heat on your hair. 

In case you are searching for another hairstyle to match with your restylings, you can also choose another hot item from our hair bundles shop.

  • Hair length: We know that the demand for the length of human hair bundles ombre is different. Therefore, our ombre hair bundles for sale are offered with various lengths from 8 - 32 inch to meet all our customers requirements.

  • Hair color: There are many colors for you to choose, you can order purple ombre human hair bundles, red ombre bundles, yellow etc. We can customize all colors according to customer requirements.


Can you order our bone straight hair and resell?

Because VQ Hair is a big hair factory in Vietnam, many Nigeria, South African women have imported hair from us and resell it in their navite country to earn money. 

If you want to get wholesale bone straight hair price in Nigeria, USA, South African….Please chat us on Whatsapp and don’t forget to include your details order: Length, color, texture…

Etc:  1B/Purple ombre human hair bundles - 14 inches - 10 bundles

  • Ms. Helen - Whatsapp: +84962318090
  • Instagram: @vq_hair_factory 

Comment (1)

  • Sasha Sloan (2 years ago)
    Hello VQ Hair, I am happy that I have received your order earlier than I expected. The human hair bundles are full and thick, so smooth. Thanks again
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