Difference Between Double Drawn Hair vs Single Drawn Hair

How to distinguish double drawn hair vs single drawn hair? What are the benefits and drawbacks of these 2 hair grades? Which would be the best option for you? If you are interested in Vietnamese double draw hair extensions, do not ignore this article from VQ Hair Factory.


What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double drawn hair is a hair bundle with more hairs of equal length, accounting for about 70-80%. The double drawn hair is thick and full from top to bottom.

To get Double drawn hair extensions with equal hairs, the technician must manually remove the short hairs. Once the standard ratio of hairs has been achieved, the hair is weft horizontally. This process results in really good quality double drawn hair extensions and gives them a fuller look.

Single drawn hair

Benefits of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

With a uniform length from root to tip, you really can't ignore double drawn hair to own a bouncy and attractive hair. You will not need to buy many bundles of double drawn hair to complete the whole set of wigs like single drawn hair because it is really thick. 

Drawbacks of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Not to mention the cost of double drawn hair extensions is more expensive than single drawn hair extensions, the only disadvantage that we can notice in double drawn hair extensions is weight. What we do know is that with such thickness, it is certain that with the same bundle of hair, the double drawn hair will be heavier, and sometimes it will give the user a feeling of being heavy on the head. So not in all cases, double drawn hair will be able to completely replace single drawn hair.

What is Single Drawn Hair? 

Single drawn hair is the hair extension that has hairs of various lengths, of which equal lengths only account for about 60-70%. Imagine a hair bundle with a thickest top, a tapered middle, and a very thin end. 

Each raw hair bundle was collected from 1 donor and then placed in a weft. The single drawn weft replicates the genuine hair we have. 

Double drawn hair

Benefits of Single Drawn Hair Extensions

The biggest positives of single drawn hair is the natural finish. In fact, our natural hair also has irregular lengths and is often thin at the ends. So when the customer is looking for a natural finish and ignores the thickness, single drawn hair is the best choice in this case. 

A little tip for those who have and are going to own single drawn hair is that you can cut a few inches off the ends of the hair, it will make it look thicker. That way you have an expensive looking double drawn hair made by yourself.

Drawbacks of Single Drawn Hair Extensions

And the strength of single drawn hair is also its weakness as the thin ends cannot satisfy customers who are looking for a glamorous look. At this point, you will have 2 choices: one is to buy a double hair extension, the other is to buy a single drawn hair extension that is 2-4 inches longer than your desired length and trim the tail.

What’s The Difference Between Single and Double Drawn Hair?

Both Double Drawn Hair Extensions and Single Drawn hair extensions are collected from 100% real hair. 

Different between single drawn hair vs double drawn hair

  • Features:

+Single hair extensions are less thick than Double Drawn Hair. Only 50-60% of the strands are of a similar length, and the rest is the blended length.

+ Vietnam Double drawn virgin hair has 70 - 80% of hair strands are of a similar length, and the rest is of blended size.

  • Prices:

+The price of single drawn hair is the cheapest on hair bundles’ list. It’s only from $10with long hair up to 30 inches. It meets requirements for customers with low income but still wants to upgrade.

+ Cost is about $15 with long hair from 8 - 30 inches. It is rated at a reasonable price and high quality.

  • Application:

+You should choose single drawn hair between double weft vs single weft to create curly styles and so on. For straight hair styles, you should not buy this hair because it will look thin. 

+The double drawn hair can create any hairstyle with more texture. Different from single weft vs double weft, if you choose naturally straight hair for double wefted hair, your hair looks beautiful and full.

Single drawn hair vs Double drawn hair: Which is better?

There are many alternative factors that influence your call. You love hair collected from a single donor or multiple sources. For example, many people who wear hair extensions prefer their hair to be painted singly because it comes from only one source or they are looking for a natural hairstyle that can mimic their natural hairstyle well, then a single hairstyle is a great choice.

Double drawn hair extensions

Double Draw Hair extension is designed for everyone who wants a much thicker and fuller look. It is suitable for those who desire a perfect look with all hair lengths being equal from start to finish. Because the hair trade is growing these days, you can find wholesale double extensions at your local hair store or online suppliers.

Regardless of whether human hair extensions are single drawn hair or double drawn hair, they are used to add volume and length which create a natural finish. While the single is perfect for a more realistic look, it doesn't last as long as the double counterpart. Therefore, purchase a double-spun weft extension that you can use over and over again.

To decide which one better between Double Drawn vs Single Drawn Hair Extensions, you should watch the video below.

In addition, we also recommend you the Vietnam super double drawn hair grade that VQ hair factory is providing with the ratio of equal hairs up to 90%.

VQhair Double drawn hair Weave

If you have strong hair, you want to add volume to both ends and ends of your hair or you are in the hair business and want to find good hair, double drawn hair that will definitely meet your needs. The hairs are collected and carefully selected by hand and give a thick and full hair every time. All strands are arranged to equal length and to create a glossy and smooth look. Vietnamese human hair especially has a durable, soft hair texture that will make many customers fall in love.

Especially, for Vietnamese super double hair, the workers have selected each of the strongest hairs of highland women, they have natural hair up to 32 inches long. Therefore, Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Hair is quite expensive in the market because of their perfect quality . 

Vietnam double drawn hair

The extension of the factory scale is a solid basis for them to produce a wide variety of hair products in terms of designs, styles, sizes and colors. It's not hard to see why they are able to supply hair in such great quantity and quality.

Currently in the Vietnamese hair market, VQ Hair is considered to be one of the best quality hair suppliers, especially with double weft.

VQ hair factory provides weave hair products such as hair bundles, closures, frontal with various Vietnamese hair grades like double drawn hair, single drawn hair, super double drawn hair and vip hair. 


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