Where can you find a wholesale brazilian hair distributors?

Looking through your Instagram or Snapchat and chances are that you will be immersed with many wholesale Brazilian hair distributors. However, where precisely would it be advisable for you to begin searching for a discount wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributor? With an excessive number of alternatives on the hair market, it very well may be upsetting to know whether you have picked a dependable wholesaler or simply pure extortion. Beautiful Hair VN has gathered a rundown of the best discount Brazilian hair wholesalers to get you a few plans to begin your business.

1. What is Brazilian Hair?

Before you start your hair venture, it is significant that you get comfortable with the hair type you are going to have. That is enormous, as you understand what you are getting for your cash.
Brazilian Hair is one the most wanted human hair types for making hair expansion items, as they are excellent and sold at a somewhat low cost. Most Brazilian hairs are coarse on the surface and incredibly thick. The Hair conceals shifted from dark to rich earthy coloured. The strands are generally reasonable for individuals looking to be full-bodied with lovely skips.
Most wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors characterise the augmentations into 3 classes:

#Grade A: To be arranged as grade A, the Hair should come from givers from Europe or the Caucasians. European hairs are viewed as the most valuable hair type because of its fine surface, sleekness, and the broad scope of tones it offers.
#Grade B: The hairs in grade B are generally somewhat thicker than those in A grade and have wavy examples. Grade B hair is viewed as an optimal defensive hairdo as it gives incredible protection from the sun. The B grade Brazilian hair augmentations are incredibly notable as they are generally provided at a genuinely sensible cost.
#Grade C: Grade C hair comes from benefactors from Afro-Caribe regions. A large portion of these hairs is wavy and very coarse. On the off chance that you have been around the hair market for some time, you would presumably know about Molado or Muttalo Hair, which are the terms for this kind of Hair. The grade C Brazilian hairs are generally used to make the Brazilian body wave augmentations we use today.

2. Why you should Choose wholesale Brazilian hair distributors?

Before deciding whether to import hair from Brazil or not, please learn detailed information about this hair type.

2.1 Origin of Brazilian hair

Among several hair weaves, virgin Brazilian hair is the most popular. It is not only the softest but also the least conditioning and can blend well with most hair types. However, did you know that the majority of the hair in Brazil does not originate in Brazil? Most of the time, calling “Brazilian hair” is just a tactic for agents to gain the trust of their customers and advertise their brand because they know that customers appreciate it. So where do most of the Brazilian hair come from? According to the data, Brazilian hair mainly comes from other Asian countries such as Vietnam, India, and China.

2.2. Price of Brazilian hair

As mentioned, the amount of hair from wholesale brazilian hair distributors is quite limited. So, not only is it difficult to get beautiful hair, but it can also be quite expensive. Prices typically range from $25 - $45 per bundle for the low end, with the highest quality Brazilian hair bundles costing up to $200 per bundle depending on the supplier.

2.3 Characteristics of Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair has a silky feel and is just right, and can be combined with a variety of textures. Furthermore, it has long durability under various temperatures and conditions.

Most Brazilian hair has excellent longevity. It can withstand heat treatment, bleaching, dying and other treatments to create long-lasting, durable hairstyles. So what is the ideal solution to Brazilian hair shortages? Some Asian countries like Vietnam, India, and China are currently among the most popular. The demand for hair from these countries is huge, with almost the same quality and significantly lower prices. They not only supply Brazil but also supply a large amount to some African and European countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Russia, the United States, etc. From growing hair, purchasing to processing to creating finished products, each country's hair has its own characteristics.

Read more about the difference between Brazilian hair and other hair: >>

3. Where can you find a wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributor?

Where can you find a wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributor?
To have the option to know which discount Brazilian hair distributor you ought to go for, it is recommendable that you follow the underneath steps:

#1 Begin Your Search

This is the most significant advance that one ought to make regarding searching for a discount provider. You can look for the catchphrase 'wholesale Brazilian hair distributor' on Google or even through other informal organisation stages like Instagram or Twitter. In all honesty, online media holds an extraordinary ability to associate you with your hair distributor.

#2 Learn About the wholesale Brazilian hair Distributors

When you got the rundown of your expected cooperators, you should dive further into finding out about them and their items. Ask your companions who have utilised these wholesalers' Hair or search for the audits on the web. A little tip is that you can take a gander at how convenient the providers are, as a reliable organisation would, most time, be rapidly after a couple of messages. Furthermore, if the guarantee for an item's promotion sounds unrealistic, it presumably is.

#3 Communicate with the wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors

In the wake of narrowing down the choices, you need to visit or converse with your expected distributor if conceivable. This is to realise whether they're willing to work with you or on the off chance that they're proficient enough for you to trust.

#4 Ask for the Hair Details and Samples

When chatting with your accomplice, request the hair data, particularly the quality, just as its starting point – check if the Hair is virgin human Hair or counterfeit. Remember that you ought to consistently request the hair test or video to have the option to evaluate the hair quality straightforwardly.

4. Best wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors

Here is a list of some reliable wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors that you should consider before investing your money:

#1 Alibaba/AliExpress

Alibaba is an immense retailer where you can find discount Hair. The organisation was joined in China and has now developed to serve more than 250 nations. You may not have the idea about this. Alibaba's all-out deals and benefits have effectively those of all the US retailers joined. In this manner, on the off chance that you are searching for a discount Brazilian hair merchant that offers solid instalment and in shoppers' wellbeing, Alibaba is unquestionably an optimal site to go for.

#2 BeauteTrade

BeauteTrade is one of the most significant discount Brazilian hair merchants that offer creative and hello-tech communication with many discount items and producers. Even though being a recently evolved internet shopping stage, BeauteTrade offers a loaded with cutting edge advantages for the two providers and buyers.

#3 Chinabrands

Counsel any magnificence masters that have been around the expansions market for some time about the best discount Brazilian hair wholesalers, 100% that you'll be overwhelmed with the suggestions for Chinabrands. Chinabrands is a discount provider situated in China. It has now had a worldwide arrival at adjusting clients in more than 200 nations. The organisation gives wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors and different locals of Hair like Vietnamese hair or Peruvian Hair to merchants and discount sellers from all parts of the world. You would now be able to discover Chinabrands' items from both on the web and disconnected stores.

Aside from Brazilian Hair, there are likewise a ton of hair types that are presently considered. Among those, Vietnamese hair augmentations are developing at high speed. Beautiful Hair VN is outstanding amongst other online discount Vietnamese virgin hair vendors. We supply 100% Vietnamese Real Remy Hair to the worldwide market. With over 10 years of involvement with the hair business, we have constructed a consistent establishment. Furthermore, the organisation gathers more than 100 brilliant staff. They are proficient, imaginative, and faithful with the organisation, just as our clients.

Where do you need to begin your own hair business? On the off chance, these are some best wholesale Brazilian hair distributors that will bring you the most excellent benefits.

5. What are the top 7 wholesale brazilian hair distributors 

Looking for the best Brazilian human hair can now and then be an overwhelming assignment because the Internet is one of the biggest online commercial centres with a huge number of recorded items. Sifting through various merchants, brands, sellers, and various grades of Brazilian hair can be extremely tedious and unpleasant. That is the reason we have worked on the cycle for you by the hand-picking smash hit hair sellers for you. 

#VQ Hair 

VQ Hair is the best wholesale Brazilian virgin hair on the Internet. They have a big factory based in Bac Ninh province, Vietnam.

Assuming you need to purchase top quality Brazilian hair at moderate cost with an outstanding choice of surface, length and style, VQ Hair is here to fulfil all of your requests about hair extensions. You can contact them directly through WhatsApp: +84 962 318 090 or through Email: to receive more discounts from VQ Hair.

Top 7 wholesale brazilian hair distributors 

#U - Nice Hair 

U-Nice Hair is a leading wholesale Brazilian hair that sells 100% human virgin hair with more than 20 years' involvement with selling human hair. 

Unice hair 

They are a famous brand on AliExpress that sells quality Brazilian hairs that assists you with killing your excellence without harming your ledger. Have a date with them and appreciate reasonable and quick delivery. 

#QT Hair 

QT Hair is one of the first-class hair brand names on AliExpress known for selling quality Brazilian hair at a reasonable cost. QT Hair was established in 2009 at XuChang, China. The brand centres around selling excellent 100% regular human hair items on AliExpress. QT Hair sells premium quality wholesale Brazilian virgin hair with no synthetic treatment that can be fixed, twisted, coloured, blanched and styled to your design taste. They have great standing and criticisms from past clients in the United States (USA), Europe and Africa. 

#Nadula Hair 

Nadula Hair is a smash hit AliExpress human hair merchant noted for top quality hair items regarding Brazilian hair packs. Nadula has been selling raw and luxurious human hair for over 15 years. Human hair purchased from their store are genuine, regular and exceptionally simple to keep up with. 

Learn About the wholesale Brazilian hair Distributors

#ISEE Hair 

ISEE Hair is well-known for a wholesale Brazilian virgin hair merchant on AliExpress who sells quality Brazilian hair that is gathered from a solitary contributor. Their Brazilian human hair is normal and valuable for all hairdos, holding twist delightfully in any event, when it's wet. ISEE Brazilian hair isn't artificially adjusted or handled. You can colour, fade, perm with no shedding, smell or tangling. 


Cynosure Hair, otherwise called Beautiful Princess Hair, sells 100% virgin human hair at reasonable costs. They offer quality Brazilian hair that is delicate, thick with no shedding and tangle. No engineered or synthetic compounds. Brazilian strands sold by Cynosure Hair can be twisted and styled on the grounds that it is 100% unadulterated human hair augmentation. You can colour or fade the regular dark shading Brazilian hair from their retail facade on AliExpress. 


Luduna Hair sells quality 100% natural virgin Brazilian delicate human hair, sans tangle, can be coloured, twisted, blanched and fixed with no shedding. They produce the human hair they sell on AliExpress without anyone else so you are ensured that any human hair you purchased from their store is top quality with FREE assisted delivery. 

6. What To Know Before Buying From wholesale brazilian hair distributors? 


Purchase natural hair. Pre-ombre/faded and so on hair can be unsafe. Attempt to buy hair that is as near its regular state as could be expected. 

Client assistance matters. Contact the hair augmentations providers to perceive how rapidly they react. Great correspondence and client assistance are incredible finishes paperwork for human hair merchants. 

Continuously search for audits on YouTube. I will watch a few audit recordings on YouTube prior to attempting another merchant. Attempt to search for unsponsored recordings as well, for the most fair-minded sentiments. 

Search for audits with pictures. Some extraordinary clients post pictures with their surveys. This can assist you with finding out what the hair really resembles. 

Try not to go excessively modest. The costs can, in some cases, be unrealistic. Ask for the price from at least 3 wholesale Brazilian hair distributors to compare. And then, try to reach out to the best vendor that sells at a lower price with decent quality.

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