How to dye bundles without destroying it

Dying bundles can be a challenge if you don't know how to dye bundles properly. You always have a fear of your color weave hair falling out, your hair getting tangled and frizzy or you will struggle with split ends for months. These concerns can be quickly addressed in this article to avoid excessive damage to the hair shaft.

1. Why is dyed hair bundle easily damaged?

Dyed hair is hair that has been treated with chemicals, heat and dye used to color the hair, especially for bundles of hair that have been cut away from the source of nourishment. Dyeing your hair will help you stand out in the crowd, but if you do not know how to dye bundles and take care of it, it will cause some consequences:

  • The function of the dye will bleach and change the hair color. It is often difficult to colour when the hair is untreated or too black. To get the desired color, you have to bleach your hair, making the hair dry and weak and being damaged for a long time.


  • The strong heat effect easily damages bundle during hair dyeing. The heat layer will destroy the natural film covering the hair, weakening the hair and leading to dryness.     

  • After dyeing, there is no proper hair care regimen, so it is easier to damage the hair. In fact, dyed weave is already very weak compared to normal hair, if not taken care of, it is easy to dry, split ends, making the hair lifeless.

It is for these reasons that you need know how to dye hair extensions properly as well as take care of dying hair extensions to limit damage
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2. Instructions how to dye bundles without damage

Before dying my hair

Before coloring weave hair, you need to note a few points to limit hair damage:

  • Choose a reasonable dye color: You determine exactly how to dye bundles with which color. A dye color to match your skin tone as well as your personal style. Should limit dyeing some colors that make the ends of the hair dull, in general it looks very similar to damaged hair. 

  • Should choose drugs with reputable, quality brands, do not contain ammonia and have the least effect on the hair's health.

  • Avoid using chemicals/heat on your hair weave, keep it in top condition so that it is less prone to damage.

Dying weave while installed

The safe hair dyeing process, according to reputable hair salons goes through the following steps to answer “how to dye bundles safely?”:

  • Clean hair

  • Mix the hair weave colours according to the ratio as directed to get the most standard color

  • Test the dye on the skin under your arm to make sure it doesn't cause allergies or side effects    

  • Apply the dye evenly on the hair to avoid the case of color explosion, dark spots and light spots

We should not make any mistakes at this stage and know how to dye human hair bundles whatever situation that may come up.


After dyeing in the process of “how to dye weave hair?”

This is a crucial step to keep your dying hair bundles color correct and less likely to fade after a period of use

  • Use color-blocking shampoo and cream after coloring to ensure color particles in the hair

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo because it has a cleansing effect and will wash away the color faster.

  • You can use hair conditioner or style it soft to increase the shine of the dye

  • Let the hair dry and monitor its color


3. How to take care of the hair bundle after dyeing so that it does not fade and reduce damage?  

One step of “how to dye bundles?” is maintain it after colouring weave hair. With chemically-treated hair bundles, special care is required. Surely you don't want to have to worry about repairing damaged hair. So, follow some of the weave dyed tips below to take care of weave dyed and limit post-dying damage. 

3.1. Wash your hair properly is the crucial step of “how to dye extensions”

You should use shampoos for dying weaves and avoid shampoos containing sulfates. You should only gently massage your hair, do not use your nails to scratch it. After shampooing should be combined with hair conditioner. When washing dyed hair, you should pay attention to using a specific shampoo line to protect hair color. It will maintain your hair color longer and add strength to your hair. You can refer to dying Brazilian hair; they do a great job of washing weave dye colors.

3.2. Care for dyed hair with specialized conditioners

If possible, consider avoiding shampoo and only using a moisturizing conditioner on dyed hair is a tip of “how to dye bundles?”.  Shampoo can make hair color fade more quickly than conditioner. In addition, use a special conditioner for dyed hair care. Some conditioners contain Tahitian monoi and Ojon seed oils, which can help limit color fading and create a protective film on colored hair.


3.3. Care for dyed hair with restorative essence 

Using a vital essence can help reduce frizz and protect dying extensions from damage caused by heat tools and other environmental factors. You should look for a hair restoration product specifically designed for color protection. This hair care tip is essential if you often use a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener, or if you leave your hair bare in the sun for too long.
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4. Popular hair color styles in Nigeria

4.1. Just one color

This is considered the most popular hair color because of its simplicity and easy combination with many other types. Specifically, dying weave red is one of the most chosen tones in the hair color palette at VQ Hair. It is highly applicable and does not require complicated hair care procedures. If you want to know how to dye bundles, please contact us via:

Instagram: vq_hair_factory

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4.2 Ombre  

Maybe you are no stranger to this hairstyle. Ombre is best hair dye for weave which has a dramatic color effect in which the hair is divided into two parts of a contrasting color and gradually blended from one color to another. This color transition mainly affects the ends of the hair, with the transition from the roots to the ends relatively short. Depending on how to color weave hair dye is different, the hair factory will produce other quality products. 


4.3 Piano 

Piano color is hair color mixed by different colors vertically. Over time, hairstylists create different color combinations in packages (black weave with blonde highlights) that please buyers. Because of its strange and new characteristics, this hair color is very popular with women all over the world. Check out the pictures of this product from VQ Hair. We are confident to have how to dye human hair weave to create unique hair bundles

Knowing how to dye bundles is not enough to keep your hair beautiful over time, but it must also be cared for regularly and properly. Hope this article will help you. If you are looking for a reputable hair dye supplier, VQ Hair is always ready to accompany you.


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