What is hair grades? Classification and difference between grades of hair

If you want to have wonderful hair with the help of hair extensions, don’t skip hair grades. In fact, even experienced consumers have misunderstandings about it, leading to choosing the wrong one for their hair. So, whether you are a newbie or experienced consumer with several wrong choices, this article is really helpful for you.

The difference between grades of hair

What are the grades of hair?

With the aim to have long, dense and bouncy hair, more and more women look for hair extensions. They are integrated with natural hair by clipping, gluing or sewing to make attractive effects for users’ appearance. By that way, your hair looks very natural. The integrated hair has close attachment and is hard to come off. But the key to having perfect hair is the grade of hair extensions you choose.

The question turns up: “What are the grades of hair?”. In other words, it’s the question about hair grade classification, a definition mentioned the first time in early 2010s with a number of “A”. 

Now we normally have 8 grades of hair including: 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, divided by thickness and source of hair. Grades of hair play an important role in the hair extension market, making it easier for buyers to choose, for sellers to make and supply products.  

Understanding human hair grade

History of hair grade classification system

Let’s look back at the history of hair grades. In early 2010, the 3A grade turned up in the hair extension market. The next two years, the 4A grade was launched and at the top of this market. But with fast speed of development, just one year later, 5A appeared and became a wonderful choice for women in 2013. From then, the market had a new grade of hair each year with more improvement. 10A was created in 2018. This grade is the latest and still the best today.  

What’s the difference between 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A human hair weave

To have awesome hair with the help of hair extension, more and more people are ready to pay more to have high grades of hair such as 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A. On the current market, these grades of hair are also best-sellers. But to choose one for you, let’s explore the difference between them. Here are some salient features of each one. 

7A: This grade of hair is high-qualified with Remy hair, hair with strands in the same direction like hair strands on natural hair (non-Remy hair is in the opposite and costs less but is very prone to be tangled). With 100% human hair, it lasts up to 12 months with good preservation. 

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8A and 9A: These two grades of hair have many similarities so that they are often together when people consider grades of hair. They are higher than 7A in the time of use, up to 24 months, and thickness. There are fewer short hair strands mixed in a bundle of 8A/9A hair. Moreovers, they are 100% natural from one human source with all virgin strands in the same direction and not processed. 

10A: The best of all hair grades. Having all the salient features of 8A and 9A, 10A grade of hair is more outstanding with all strands at the same length. It’s thick and strong enough to dye even with white color, which needs a big amount of bleach. 

What are the differences between single, double and super double drawn hair human hair weave

Besides the names like 7A, 8A, 9A or 10A, ect., another thing people concern about grades of hair is single, double and super double drawn hair human hair weave. It’s about technique. And with physical eyes, you can tell the difference between them by thickness. 

Double drawn straight hair bundles
Double drawn straight black hair bundles by VQ Hair 

A bundle of hair with a single drawn is thicker at the top and thinner at the end. With double drawn, the difference of thickness between the top and the tip reduces that makes them mostly equal. The perfect comes with super drawn. The top and the end have the same thickness, giving you awesome hair like beauties on TVC. 

Why Does High Grade Not Mean High Quality In Hair Extensions?

With the classification above, it’s clear that higher grades are better. But many customers complain that sometimes they buy high grades of hair but they don’t have high quality. So, why?

In fact, with the same grade of hair, the quality of products from various suppliers are different. That creates the classification of suppliers. Put your trust in good suppliers and you will never be let down. 

Double drawn kinky straight hair weave
Double drawn kinky straight hair weave

How Does The Hair Grading System Work?

As mentioned above about the difference between 7A, 8A, 9A and 10A, you can see clearly about the features of these grades. The difference focuses on the thickness and the source of hair with the rule that the more “A” the grade is, the more same length hair strands are mixed. 

In Vietnam, the grades of hair bundles mean single, double and super double drawn hair.

By that way, you can know better about each bundle of hair you have when having information about its grade.

What is the best grade of hair to purchase?

After exploring much information about hair grades, this question becomes easier to answer. The tip is to break it into two smaller questions below.

How do I know what grade look for?

Determine your style, your times of use, your budget before looking for a certain grade of hair. 

For instance, from 7A to 10A, 7A is the most budget with good quality. However it’s thicker on the top and may not be suitable for strong style. If you use human hair extensions very often and don’t worry about the price, 10A hair is definitely the best choice. 

Note about buying high-grade human hair bundles

As mentioned above, in many cases, high grades does not mean high quality and the way the hair grading system works. 

So, if you just want to have a bundle of hair with all strands in the same length, you can buy 10A from anywhere at a reasonable price and know clearly that it can’t be so durable or ready to be dyed with light color as standard 10A which costs very much from a prestigious supplier.

With much useful information in this article, hopefully now you can choose hair extensions easier with the help of hair grades. Whatever your choice is, be stunning. Thanks for reading!


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