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Super double drawn bone straight hair

MSP: Bone straight - Piano color
  • Super double drawn
  • Machine double weft
  • MOQ: 5 bundles
  • Hair texture: Bone straight
  • Can be curl: Yes
Product information

Bone Straight Hair is always the trending hairstyle year by year. Cuz, It's easy to style and take care of during maintenance. It gives the owner an attractive appeal, thus the bone straight hairstyle is never out of date, even though there are countless new hairstyles out there.

In this post, we will be pleased to introduce more about Vietnamese Super Double Bone Straight Hair Extension, which is sought by almost every girl.

Super double drawn bone straight hair overview

So What's Vietnamese Super Double Bone Straight Hair Extension? How is It look like and what are its characteristics? 

  • The hair quality

As we all know, the grade of Vietnamese hair is divided into three types: single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn, in which Super Double Bone Straight Hair Extension is classified as the thickest and highest quality hair, the hair is full from the root to the end with the longest hair ratio about 90%.


  • Origin of hair

If you have studied and worked in the hair market for a long time, you may know that in the world, hair is divided into many types based on the origin of the collection  such as: Chinese hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Cambodian Hair, Malaysian Hair...

However, the calling and regulations on hair quality are different in each country. In China, Brazil and other countries hair quality is generally divided into 12A, 11A, 10A, 9A....

Particularly in Vietnam, hair grade is divided into single, double, and super double drawn hair. Of these, super double drawn hair is known to be the thickest and usually the highest quality.

To learn more about Vietnamese hair, you can watch Video below:

  • Hair lifespan

As we all know, Vietnamese hair is known as one of the best hair extensions in the world, the hair is strong and smooth. According to research and feedback from many hair salons all over the world, Vietnamese hair can last up to 5 years with proper care. Even single drawn hair, double drawn straight hair  or super double drawn straight hair. 

  • Restyling

You buy straight hair weave and wonder can you curl and style it?? The answer is yes! Our hair is made of 100% human hair, you can curl, style it and don't worry about it getting damaged (as long as you don't use heat too often).

Where can you order super double drawn human hair at high quality and good price?

Currently in the Vietnamese hair market, VQ Hair Factory is considered to be one of top quality hair suppliers, especially with Super double drawn weave hair.

Moreover, in addition to good quality, VQ Hair Factory also offers hair at  affordable wholesale price with various hair color, textures and length. 

You can refer to all the super double drawn hair bundles by visiting our hair shop now!

If you have more questions or would like to order hair from VQ Hair Factory

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