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Wholesale yellow hair bundles in bulk

MSP: Bone straight - Yellow color
Weight: 100g/bundle
Min.Order Quantity: 10
Supply Ability: 2-3 tons/month
Payment Terms: Bank Tranfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Agent, Paypal, VTC pay....
  • Super double drawn
  • Machine double weft
  • 100% human hair
  • Cuticle Aligned Hair
Product information

On the fashion stage, various color hairstyles emerge endlessly. And sometimes you wish to try individual hairstyles, with light colors such as yellow hair. But you scare dye and bleach can damage your hair, so we highly recommend yellow weave.

Yellow human hair bundles over view

  • Yellow weave hair advantages

1. Easy to maintain: Yellow hair weave is made from human hair, easy to use, clean and care, blow dry, and easy to re-shape. In the fashion shows, Yellow hair weave  is the hairstyle that fashion people use most frequently when creating individual models.

2. Give the owner a fresh feeling: usually people think that black hair is a sign of a girl, on the contrary, light colored hair is a sign of more vitality and youth. You can try our yellow hair bundles, you will obviously see that colored hair can bring out a refreshing, youthful, fashionable feeling.

3. Suitable to mix with various color: Weave yellow can be charming, romantic, youthful, luxurious, sports. You can mix yellow with other colors to create a unique style.


- Yellow with black to create ombre black and yellow weave

- Yellow with pink to create piano Yellow and pink weave

Yellow hair bundles

Yellow hair bundles for sale

If you're the owner of a hair salon, or a hair distributor, and you are looking for yellow bundles for resale, you should be very clear about whether you want to buy: human hair or synthetic hair?

If you want to buy human weave hair, then VQ Hair is a good choice for you. Here is some information about human weft hair provided by VQ Hair Factory.

  • Characteristics : The hair bundle is made from 100% natural human hair, you can straighten, curl it and style it... The hair is soft and smooth, easy to blend with your own hair. If you want to buy hair for wig making, you should buy at least 3 bundles combined with 1 closure to create a wig for a full head.

  • Hair quality: We provide hair bundles with 3 qualities as single, double and super double drawn hair. Although the quality of these hair does not differ too much, super double-drawn hair is always the choice of almost all customers because it is thick and full at the end.

  • Hair length: Demand for hair length is very diverse, many customers want to buy short hair bundles to make bob wigs, others want to buy long hair to create charming hairstyles. Therefore, our hair factory offers hair bundles in various lengths from 8'' - 32''.

  • Lifespan: You may not believe it, but human hair has an average lifespan of about 2-3 years, and with proper care can last up to 5 years, this is genuine feedback from long-term customers our year.

How to order hair at wholesale price from our hair factory?


As a long-time business in the hair industry, we understand that there are many African women who import hair in Vietnam for business.

With the orientation of long-term cooperation and development, looking for profits together, we offer potential customers with high-quality products at the best prices.

To avoid contacting fake accounts and being scammed, please contact our hotline directly to place an order.

➡️ Hotline/Whatsapp: +84962318090

➡️ Website:

➡️ IG: @vq_hair_factory

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