Indian Hair Factory: Top 5 best Wholesale Indian Hair Supplier

Indian hair vendors are evaluated as one of the top five quality hair vendors in the world along with Vietnamese hair vendors, Chinese hair vendors, Brazilian hair vendors and Peruvian hair vendors. Let's see the characteristics of raw virgin indian hair as well as reputable indian hair suppliers that you can choose from.

Hair vendors in Indian

1. Overview of Indian hair vendors

To find a reputable wholesale hair supplier, you need to understand the products you need and the skills to find and negotiate to achieve the best results. 
First, let's find out the origin of Indian hair as well as the production process of the Indian hair factory. Understanding the characteristics of this hair will help you easily compare the quality and price with other hair types.

1.1. Origin of Indian hair

Origin of Indian hair is 100% human hair that is collected mainly from temple or mixed collections aka hair ball. 

1.1.1. Indian hair temple

Temple hair is hair collected from donors in temples. In India, especially in the south of India, there is a custom of offering hair to the gods to show gratitude. Accordingly, regardless of whether men or women will go to the temple to shave their hair. In the past, it was common for the temple keeper to throw the donated hair into the river, but now hair factories will collect it. 

Indian hair temple origin

1.1.2. Indian hair ball

Indian hair ball or can be called non-remy hair because it is mixed from the floor or from the barbershop. This type of hair material is considered to be of low quality. However, there are also hair factories that use and process non-remy hair to look like virgin hair. Be careful! 

Indian non remy hair

1.2. Processing of hair factories in India

Most Indian human hair factories have not yet invested in machinery as well as manual hair treatment processes, so the quality of Indian hair cannot compete with other countries such as Vietnam, Brazil. In turn, the cost of Indian hair is really cheap, even the cheapest in the hair market, so they tend to sell raw Indian hair to countries like China. 

Hair factories in India

2. Main products of Indian hair supplier

What are the best human hair extensions supplied by top best Indian hair distributors? Some of the main products and hairstyles of Indian hair extensions that we mention below will help you better understand and make the right choice for you.

2.1. Popular types of Indian hair extensions from Indian hair suppliers

Some of the main products of Indian hair must be mentioned are Indian hair bundles, Indian hair extensions clip in, Indian hair extensions tape in, microbead hair extensions and fusion hair extensions. Let's take a look at some of the salient features of these products.

2.1.1. Indian hair bundles

Indian hair bundles also known as weft hair extensions or sew in hair extensions are the most popular hair type in India. 

The hair fibers will be weft horizontally with a length of about 1m. Depending on the requirements of the output product, the hair length will range from 8-32 inches. Usually, the hair bundles will be combined with the closure and frontal to form the complete wig, or simply sew it up close to the real hairline for styling. 

Indian hair bundles best hair vendors

2.1.2. Indian hair extensions clip in

Indian hair extensions clip in are similar to hair bundles. Unlike hair bundles that have to be sewn directly on the real hairline, the clip in hair extensions is designed with hairpins close to the root. With this design, users can easily remove the hairpin to avoid being heavy on the head when used for too long. 

Indian Clip in hair extensions

2.1.3. Indian hair extensions tape in

Indian hair extensions tape in from Indian hair suppliers is designed in short woven lengths of about 10cm with a tapered base at the base. When used, they will be attached to real hair with adhesive tape, so it will feel light on the head. This is one of the most popular hair extensions in India.

Indian tape in hair extensions hair vendors

2.1.4. Microbead Indian hair extensions

Microbead or micro ring is one type of permanent hair extensions. They are divided into small filaments and attached to the head by very small and discreet beads. You will not have to worry about damage to real hair when using them because there is no need to use heat or glue to attach them.

Indian microbead hair extensions hair vendors

2.1.5. Fusion Indian hair extensions

Finally, there are Fusion Indian hair extensions, which are also divided into small extension strands, but the root part is glued with keratin glue. When attaching them to natural hair, it needs to use heat to melt the glue, so it may damage real hair. 

Indian fushion hair extensions hair vendors

2.2. Gorgeous Indian hairstyles from Indian hair suppliers

Indian hair vendors also have many hairstyles for you to choose from such as straight hair, curly wavy hair or braid hair. Each hairstyle will bring you new images of yourself that you never had before. 

Indian hair texture

2.2.1. Indian straight hair extensions

Basically, the natural hair of Indians is usually slightly curly, so for straight hair, it will be chemically processed and straightened. Straight hair bundles are the best-selling hair in India because of their high applicability and reasonable price. Moreover, with this basic straight hair, you can easily create a variety of styles. 

2.2.2. Indian curly wavy hair extensions

If you love Indian curly wavy hair, you will be spoiled for choice with many styles such as pixie curly hair, kinky curly hair, body wave, deep wave, loose way… These wavy hairstyles are suitable for all tastes and different styles.

2.2.3. Indian hair braids

The Indian braid is a special hairstyle commonly used in African-American countries. Braid extensions are real hair that is clipped or sewn into your natural hair to create a wide variety of braided hairstyles.

2.3. Significant Indian hair color from Indian hair suppliers

Indian hair is naturally black in color, but to match different styles, Indian hair suppliers have created many hair colors to go with hairstyles like highlight hair, ombre hair or blonde hair. 

Indian hair color extensions are exported by Indian hair suppliers to all countries over the world: Asian, African, American or European countries, etc. If you have started to be interested in Indian hair, then join us to find out the top 5 best Indian hair suppliers today.

Indian hair color best indian hair vendors

3. How to find Indian hair vendors? 

Finding a reliable Indian hair supplier is a difficult task. To make it easier, you can first refer to the free hair vendors list to narrow down the search source.

Second, from the list of Indian hair suppliers that you will find out each supplier is to filter out the location, product supply, and price that are suitable for your investment. It is interesting to note that in South India there is more coarse hair from temples than in Northern India because of the custom of this area.

We are not concluding that all the south Indian Vendors sell high-quality Raw Indian Hair, but that you will easily search for the Indian hair supplier in there with the most modern human hair extensions  process.

Finally, you will compare all the factors of each supplier you have collected and choose your desired Indian hair vendor. Note, you should buy samples of hair extensions to review before placing a larger order to avoid risks.

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Best indian hair suppliers

4. Top 5 best Indian hair suppliers

The top 5 best Indian hair vendors we mentioned below will help you to find the best suitable hair supplier for your business.

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4.1. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is the best raw indian hair vendor with quality products and affordable prices. They supply mainly human hair wigs with hair sourced directly from Indian temples.

Their customer profile includes wholesalers, retailers, hair salons and individuals. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is committed to providing 100% pure remy hair with product lines such as Full Lace Wigs, Half Lace Wigs, Gents Short Wigs, Customized Wigs, etc. 

Top indian hair vendors

4.2. SG Hair

SG Enterprises specializes in exporting Human Hair Extensions with the main source of hair materials from Indian temples. SG's main products include best raw Indian hair in India, bulk Indian hair, and weft Indian hair with a full range of textures such as straight, wavy, curly hair. 

The prices of all kinds of human hair extensions here are average, suitable for businesses starting a business.

SGI hair best human hair factory in India 

4.3. Chennai Hair Factory

Chennai Hair Factory is also a famous name in the best Indian hair vendors in India. Chennai Hair Factory uses Indian temple hair type of tonsured hair to produce hair extensions at affordable cost.

They sell all products at a list of virgin hair – No chemicals used then and now and remy hair – shaved or cut from donor directly. So, they are the experts in producing hair extensions that are more silkier and absolutely natural!

Good Indian hair factory Chennai hair factory

4.4. Jaipur Hair 

In the list of 5 best Indian hair suppliers, Jaipur hair cannot be missing which is one of the largest direct Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions, Remy machine weft, Lace closures, Lace front wigs manufacturer.

Jaipur is the company with the widest range of human hair extensions in India, but their prices are higher than others. But in return, the customer service here will really make you satisfied.

Best hair weave factory in India

4.5. Dhwarak Indian Hair

Like the rest of the mills, the raw hair in Dhawarak is also procured from southern Indian temples. All hair products at Dhwarak are committed to not using chemical treatments and keeping the cuticle intact.

In addition to hair weave, bulk hair, closure and frontal products, clip in hair extensions from Indian hair, Dhwarak also offers hair products from Brazil, Peru and Malaysia.

Dhwarak hair best hair supplier in Indian

5. VQ hair factory - #1 competitor of wholesale Indian hair vendors

VQ hair factory is one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in providing 100% raw virgin human hair wholesale. With affordable prices and excellent customer service quality, VQ hair has exported hair to many major markets in the world such as the US, UK, Russia, Nigie... with an output of up to 7 tons/ month. 100% of customers are completely satisfied and trust hair products from VQ hair. 

The raw hair sources that VQ hair chooses go through a strict collection process, ensuring all are raw virgin hair. VQ specializes in providing all kinds of hair such as human hair bundles, raw hair vendor, closure vs frontal. Commitment 3 no: no synthetic hair - no tangle - no shedding. 

6. Indian Hair Suppliers: Which is the best for your business?

You will be the one to answer the question of which is the best Indian hair supplier by your expectations. The things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a supplier are quality - cost - customer care. Remember that no high-quality hair is cheap!

Top 5 hair suppliers above are the best hair suppliers based in India. Indian hair in general is cheap but low quality, difficult to style naturally and holds in the average way. You can consider choosing VQ hair with the best human hair extensions. 
VQ Hair Wholesale Factory

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