Top Wholesale Hair Vendors in Atlanta, GA

Wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta in recent years have grown very rapidly. The demand of consumers increased, leading to a lot of hair shops. So which is a reputable supplier for your business? The top 10 hair vendors in Atlanta that we mention below will partly help you ensure both price and quality.

I. Overview of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Do you wonder why we mention hair vendors in Atlanta and not Columbus or Athens? According to statistics, wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta are currently leading the beauty industry, especially the hair industry in the USA. Realizing the potential of the hair business, many hair factories and suppliers have gathered here, making the hair market in Atlanta more and more exciting.  

However, it is a fact that hair vendors in Atlanta are mainly commercial companies. Since it is difficult to source raw hair in the US, it is not nearly enough for direct production. So if there is a company that claims to be able to manufacture hair directly in the US, you should consider authenticity. Most wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta will import raw hair from Vietnam, China or Brazil... and then remake it before distributing it to the market. 

II. Characteristics of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Let's see what hair suppliers in Atlanta have in terms of hair quality, price and outstanding products before coming to the top 10 best hair vendors in Atlanta. 

2.1. Price of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Reasonable price is one of the important factors when deciding to choose a wholesale hair vendor. The price lists of wholesale hair suppliers in Atlanta are public, so it is easy to compare prices between parties.

When you do your research, you will find that the price of human hair extensions in Atlanta is quite expensive. As we mentioned above, because we have to import hair from some countries such as Vietnam or China, the cost of the product has been subject to some additional fees related to shipping and importing. So the higher prices of human hair extensions are understandable in Atlanta. 

2.2. Quality of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

Hair quality equals cost is an important factor to determine customer loyalty in the long run. If you can accept the high prices charged by commercial hair vendors in Atlanta, then looking at the quality of the hair is an important step before coming to a deal.

Basically, hair suppliers in Atlanta have to find hair material and production workshops from many parts of the world to source. This means they are also dependent on other suppliers. Whether it is a hair source from Vietnam, China or India, importing such a large amount of hair will inevitably reduce the quality of the hair. 

Because to save transportation and customs clearance costs, some suppliers have imported very large quantities and stored them. However, the storage of hair in bad conditions has resulted in hair damage and significantly reduced hair lifespan. 

So you need to pay attention to the quality of hair when buying from wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta because no one can guarantee that you will buy a product of uniform quality. Some people instead of choosing suppliers in Atlanta, they will go directly to large suppliers in Indian or Vietnam. 

2.3. Featured and popular products in Atlanta

The demand for a variety of hair products in Atlanta is increasing and there is a tendency to diversify products. To attract customers, creating a variety of options is essential to satisfy a wide range of interests and is an opportunity to grow the business.

Some popular product lines in Atlanta include burmese curly hair, deep wave lace frontal/closure, loose wave hair weave bundles, middle part hair wigs… Depending on the needs of the customer, wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta will order from the workshops according to the required form. 

III. How do I find honest wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta? 

Wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta GA

If you are just starting out in the hair business and want to go further in this field, find yourself a reputable supplier today. Whether in the Atlanta market or elsewhere, finding a reliable wholesale hair supplier has never been easy. Please refer to the 5 basic steps to find a reputable hair supplier in Atlanta that we recommend below:

Step 1: First, what you need is a list of wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta. To get a list of suppliers, you can buy this list from a specialized seller or search on google from reliable sources. 

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Step 2: Perform a sifting of the hair vendors Atlanta list through vendor-related searches. Take a close look at buyer feedback or featured product reviews to see if the supplier meets your requirements.        

Step 3: Once you have a shortlist, contact each supplier and ask a few related questions. Remember, a reputable supplier will be happy to answer questions and really understand the product they offer.

Step 4: Ask to see the supplier's legal papers or business licenses. This will be the weak point of the rogue provider. Video calls are also a way to check the authenticity of hair vendors. 

Step 5: Order samples before deciding to buy in bulk. Please note that some suppliers will send very nice samples, but when buying in bulk, you should be more careful because the quality may not be as good as the sample.

>>> You can learn more specifically the steps to find the best hair vendors for you in here

IV. Top 10 reliable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta

To be able to easily select the best hair vendors, VQ hair has compiled the top 10 best hair vendors in Atlanta based on customer reviews during the past time. 

1. VQ Hair Factory - Top 1 wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta GA

Best wholesale hair in Atlanta

VQ Hair Factory is one of the leading factories producing famous human hair extensions and has nearly 20 years of experience. VQ hair has a factory and head office located in Vietnam, which has develope economy in Southeast Asia. Because it is a direct hair factory, VQ hair has the advantage of more diverse product designs and prices than trading companies. 

Reasons for you to be assured of choosing VQ hair as the number 1 wholesale hair supplier:

- Hair source: 100% raw virgin human hair is collected from donors in many different countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia...

- VQ hair is constantly developing diverse products according to market trends from texture to color. 

- In terms of price, almost all VQ is one of the cheapest addresses with high quality products. The average product lifespan is up to 5 years in good care condition.

In addition, in terms of delivery, you absolutely do not need to worry because now international shipping units such as DHL, UPS, ... are very popular and fast delivery. VQ hair's service and policy will not let you down! 

>>> Contact us! 

2. Private Label Atlanta - Top 2 Wholesale hair Atlanta 

Private Label is no longer a strange name in the hair vendors in Atlanta. Private Label Extensions offers a full range of hair-related products from wigs, weave hair, hair extensions to hair styling tools. Although there are outstanding advantages in the number of showrooms in many US states, Private Label also has the disadvantage that is high cost because their nature is still a trading company.

Location: 1260 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316

Contact: (404) 451-1330

3. Ted Hair Warehouse - Top 3 Atlanta hair vendors

TedHair's products are 100% Human Hair, fully stocked with all bundles/ closures/ frontal/ HD lace/ lace front wigs up to 28" even 38". High quality hair for restyling & coloring. Above all, Tedhair's warehouse system is quite large, very convenient for you when ordering and shipping. But price is still the biggest obstacle when customers buy in bulk. 

Location: 5677 Buford Hwy NE, STE #207, Doraville, GA 30340, United States

Contact: +1 678 882 6465

4. Soie Hair - Top 4 Atlanta wholesale hair vendors

Soie Hair is a commercial supplier of wholesale raw virgin human hair from many countries such as India, Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Their quality and superior customer service is always on top. One of the factors that helps Soie Hair to be loved by customers is that they are ready to answer all related problems via text message, video call or email. Some popular products of Soie Hair such as raw virgin human hair weave, virgin human hair wigs, closure and frontal... are always popular in the market.

Location: 3455 Peachtree RD NE #503, Atlanta, Georgia 30326

Contact: 404-578-1890

5. Tresses Hair Extensions - Top 5 wholesale wigs Atlanta, GA

Tresses Hair Extensions, although not diverse in design, focuses mainly on 4 main textures: straight, deep wave, loose way and body wave. Customer care service and Tresses' policies always make customers satisfied. 

Location: 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE Unit 38 , Atlanta, GA 30324

Contact:  1.800.869.3430 

6. Hair Inc Atlanta - Top 6 wholesale hair vendors in Georgia

Hair Inc. famous for premier virgin hair products in Atlanta. Diverse hair supplies come from Russia, India, Brazil… Hair Inc. is an option worth considering if you are looking for a vendor in Atlanta because they always update the latest hair extensions trends on the market quickly.

Location: 2591 Piedmont Road, Suite 1121, Atlanta, Ga. 30324

Contact:  888.623.6679

7. Virgin Hair Depot - Top 7 hair vendors in Atlanta GA

Hair Depot Online is part of Beauty & Beyond. Hair Depot offer a large selection of products for hairstyling and other beauty essentials. With competitive prices and many sales, Hair Depot is remembered by customers. 

Location: 2762 Eastern Blvd. Montgomery, AL 36117

Contact: 334-356-6218

8. Hair Maiden India - Top 8 hair vendors Atlanta

Maiden provide the highest quality hair extensions, wigs, closures, and more direct from the temples of India. They offer many styles ranging from Brazilian hair to Mink hair. Their product can mimic the style with a light safe steam method that does not damage cuticles as much as chemicals. 

Location: 1554 South Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 106, West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Contact: +1-228-596-5678 
>>> If you are in Brazil and are interested in hair suppliers, you can refer to this article:

9. BUW Human Hair Factory - Top 9 wholesale hair vendors Atlanta

Although only appearing on the hair market for the past 4 years, BUW has really grown very well with 9 stores in the US. BUW products are suitable for many different styles and of course they look very fashionable. All products are made from 100% human hair and originate from Southeast Asia. 

Location: 349 Decatur St SE Suite F, Atlanta, GA 30312

Contact: 404-390-3292 

10. Hair Fetish Atlanta - Top 10 Atlanta hair vendors

Fetish’s catalog consists of Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Eurasian brands and carry the best Full Lace Wigs in the country. All products are 100% virgin human hair, and do not sell remy hair. All of their customers are very happy with non-tangling or shedding great hair.

Location: Riverdale 7563 Highway 85, Atlanta

Contact: 770-450-1181

V. Important notes when buying wholesale hair atlanta to avoid being scammed

Currently, fraudulent acts of buying and selling in the hair market happen a lot and are difficult to know. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with hair vendors in Atlanta: 

  1. If you don't want to visit the supplier's store in person, follow their live social media platforms as well as their sales website. Scammers won't mind building these platforms.

  2. Use a video call to check the authenticity of the factory. If not a scam, the supplier is ready to show you the scale they are having.

  3. Legal documents with the seal of a reputable approval agency under the Ministry are something that fraudsters can hardly fake. 

  4. During the conversation, pay attention to the hair knowledge that the supplier shares with you. There will be some holes if the consultant does not really understand the product. 

We hope that, through this sharing article, you will be able to find the most reputable wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta to accompany your business. And don't forget that, when you start a hair business, VQ Hair is a wise choice right from the start.

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