The difference between Vietnamese hair vs other hair - Which is better?

When searching for information about hair, we will find that there are many kinds of hair from many countries such as India, Brazil, China, Cambodia, and Vietnamese hair. All types of hair have both superior and  poor characteristics that you should consider when starting a business with them. Is Vietnamese hair good quality? And is it suitable for you to start a human hair extension business?

What is raw Vietnamese hair?

Raw Vietnamese hair is hair sourced from a donor's head that is collected, cleaned and weaved before being sold commercially. Vietnamese hair is the type of hair with natural black color and the thickness is classified as first class. Vietnamese people often judge a woman's appearance by her teeth and hair, so natural raw Vietnamese hair is taken care of very carefully.

what is vietnamese hair

What type of hair is Vietnamese hair?

You may know Southeast Asians with their characteristics of yellow skin and black eyes, but you will be surprised by the variety of human hair here. So the definition of human hair is broader than you think.

The division of Vietnamese hair according to the origin of the collection usually has the following types:

  1. Vietnamese virgin hair: Vietnamese women also have thick hair. Using natural vegetation to take care of Vietnamese hair helps nourish the hair and  prevents shedding.  Although thick, Vietnamese hair is not stiff but still thin and light, does not cause a heavy head when used. 

  2. Vietnam remy hair: Vietnam remy hair is collected from 2-3 heads but still ensures the hairs are in the same direction. It is also unprocessed hair and the cuticles are still intact. 

In addition, there is a type of raw hair called non-remy Vietnamese hair, but this type is rarely used because its quality is not really good.

Types of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is naturally “straight, with very round and thick fibers and with a black color”. This is important when you come into contact with Vietnamese hair and want to trade it, because not all suppliers are good. 

Let's take a look at some outstanding features of Vietnamese hair below, it will bring you the best answer.

Overview about Vietnamese hair

If I use 3 words to describe Vietnamese hair, it is smooth, thick and durable. Exactly, let's get to know why Vietnamese hair is so popular in the hair market

Features of Vietnamese Hair

  • Origin: Vietnamese hair is 100% unprocessed natural human hair taken directly from Vietnamese women at the age from 18 to 35. 

  • Straight: 90% of women in Vietnam have naturally straight hair. So, straight texture makes up the majority of products. 

  • Length: Vietnamese people love long shiny hair, so length of Vietnamese hair bundles can meet all standards in length from 8 to 32 inches or maybe up to 40 inches. 

  • Color: Glossy black color is one of the characteristics of Vietnamese hair. The long straight black hair combined with white ao dai is the unique beauty of Vietnamese women. 

  • Thickness: Vietnamese hair has great thickness, it makes your hair bouncy but does not weigh your head when used.

  • Smooth and silky: Vietnamese hair has the ability to hold very well because it is very smooth and silky. Even when you style it, it still has a natural harmony with your real hair.

Vietnamese hair quality

  • The durability of Vietnamese hair: You will be surprised when the durability of Vietnamese hair is up to 6-9 years, much more than Indian hair (3-5 years) and Cambodian hair (1-2 years).

  • Dyeing and bleaching ability: Because of the durability and strength of Vietnamese hair, when using it to bleach and dye color 613 (the most difficult color in the European palette)

The grades of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair grades are the thickness from the top to the end of the hair bundles. Unlike the European hair classification, Vietnamese hair will be divided into 3 different quality grades based on the percentage of hairs of equal length in the hair bundle.

  1. Single drawn Vietnamese hair: 60-70% of the hair is of a similar length, and the rest is the blended length.

  2. Double drawn hair: 70 - 80% of hair is of a similar length, and the rest 40-35% is of blended size.

  3. Super double drawn Vietnamese hair: 90-95% of a similar length's hair, and the extra is of blended size.

    Grades of Vietnamese hair

Price of Vietnamese hair

The price of Vietnamese hair is considered reasonable compared to its quality, or even cheap. Because when comparing the same virgin hair quality, Vietnamese virgin hair is really the best choice compared to Indian virgin hair or other hair. 

Cheapest Vietnamese hair - VQ Hair Factory

Processing method of Vietnamese hair

Based on the intended use, the final Vietnamese hair product will include the following categories:

  1. Vietnamese hair wigs: Vietnamese hair wigs are complete wigs made from Vietnamese hair that you can put on and use. 

  2. Vietnamese hair extensions: Vietnamese hair extensions include products such as tape-in, clip-in, flat tip, u tip, i tip, v tip ... used in hair extension services at hair extension service.

  3. Raw Vietnamese hair (bulk hair): This is the raw material hair for hair business units can buy and can proceed with weaving, dyeing, bleaching according to customer's request.

  4. Vietnamese hair weave: These hair products are various from hair bundles, bundles with frontal, bundles with closure, Closure vs Frontal,...  And most of all, they are made from Vietnamese hair.

Take care of Vietnamese hair

With proper care, Vietnamese hair can last for at least 5 years. Take a look at some of the ways to take care of them below:

  • For unused hair, just store it at room temperature in a cool place. It is as simple as that because the hair has been cleaned 2 steps by the supplier before it is delivered to you.

  • For used hair, each hair type will have a separate hair care process that the supplier will guide you. But you need to note, to keep the durability of your hair, you should follow the care process that is most suitable for your hair type.

    Vietnamese hair care

For example: 

  • Colored hair: It is recommended to use hair care products that can moisturize the hair well to ensure color fastness.

  • Bone straight hair extensions: you should avoid using too much heat or using too many chemicals.

The difference of Vietnamese hair compared to other hair types. How to recognize them? 

To be able to identify and easily distinguish Vietnamese hair from other hair types such as Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Cambodian hair, Chinese hair... please follow our comparison below. It will help you choose the right hair type as well as the supplier of these hair types.

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Indian hair is high-quality hair and is appreciated in the beauty industry. The hair is very light, airy, has volume, and is easy to style. The reason why customers choose Indian hair is 100% natural Indian hair, the length, softness, quality, and texture of the hair. For most people, this is a good choice for wigs and extensions. Indian hair has straight hairstyles, body waves, natural waves, deep waves, curly hair.

If you are looking for a natural wavy hairstyle then this is the hairstyle for you. It is also popular because it has no tangle, fall off, or loss of its natural wavy look. Indian hair is highly recommended for African American women, bring it a nice wavy look. Indian hair is soft, airy, and can easily be flat and curled. However, this hair type tends to become frizzy in wet conditions, so anti-frizz products are recommended.

Vietnamese hair vs indian hair

The Vietnamese hair texture and Indian hair texture are different easy to tell them apart. Firstly, hair from hair salons in India is thicker and coarser, giving the client a feeling of fullness. On the other hand, Vietnamese hair products are famous for being smooth, shiny, and comfortable. However, both of these hairstyles can blend with natural hair without creating a feeling of awkwardness for customers.

On the other hand, You can tell the difference between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair through the smell of the hair. Hair from Vietnamese hair factories has a very mild natural herbal scent. On the other hand, hair from Indian suppliers smells of hair care products. The reason is that Vietnamese hair good, is of natural origin, without any process or treatment. On the other hand, hair from India has to be treated and cared for with a good odor from artificial products as it comes from different sources. They want to hide the truth and try to make all hair smell the same.

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is characterized by a soft feel, shine, and medium thickness with natural sturdiness, holding well in numerous temperatures and conditions. Brazilian hair was collected from donors in the South American region. Most donors come from small, rural places in Brazil, where donors are paid to plant and then donate healthy hair.

Brazilian hair is 100% unprocessed, never chemically treated Brazilian hair, meaning hair that has not been dyed, bleached, or permed to change color or texture. All cuticles square measure unbroken intact and run systematically within the same direction. These provide a natural look and provide you with a good look. it's simple to vogue, and though not suggested, heats well and may hold all day. Brazilian hair blends well with most natural hair textures of ethnic minorities like African Americans and may last up to a year or additional with correct care.

Vietnamese hair vs brazilian hair

Brazilian hair and Vietnamese hair are both considered virgin hair, meaning unprocessed hair. Brazilian hair is usually cheaper whereas Vietnamese hair is more expensive due to its rarity. Hair which is Vietnam hair good is only natural color because it is coarse hair. Raw Vietnamese hair is harder to find than Brazilian hair for two main reasons. 

One is the uncommon Vietnamese hair and the other is coarse hair. We love both hair types since you can do a lot of different styles and colors. When choosing, it depends as much on your hair texture as if you want a more expensive option or something a little more affordable while still achieving excellent results.

Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

Chinese hair extensions are like a hot pot mixed with diverse qualities. Therefore, the prices of the items also change. In general, three types of hair (synthetic hair extensions, mixing hair extensions, Human hair extensions) and price are licensed in the industry.  

This mixing hair extension is becoming more and more popular in the Chinese hair market, accounting for nearly half of China's export hair extensions. Chinese factories will collect raw materials mainly from India and combine them with synthetic fibers to lower costs.

Human hair extensions area unit the new outstanding quality of China hair extensions market to fulfill the requirements of fastidious customers. Notably, this rank mainly comes from Vietnam. According to the summary meeting of VOIEF 2020 (Vietnam Online Import-Export Forum) on July 18, 2020, 80% of high-quality hair in China is imported from Vietnamese hair factories.

Vietnamese hair vs chinese hair

Just at a glance, you can easily distinguish which is the Vietnamese hair bundle and which is the Chinese hair bundle. LOOK AT THE HAIR ROLLER AND you'll see. Vietnamese and Chinese hair factories have different ways of curling hair. This is a prominent sign to identify the Vietnamese bunch or the Chinese bunch.

  • Chinese hair factory rolls each bundle of hair into a circular roll
  • Vietnamese hair factory rolls each bundle of hair into oval rollers

Vietnamese hair vs Cambodian hair

Cambodian hair is the nearest thing flawlessly on this planet', which is a bit affected to discuss. To be sure, the Cambodian hair is smooth, delicate, and incredibly glossy as though it just came straight out of the jug! Indeed, even your hair specialist can't make hairdos consummately and normally shaded to accomplish such flawlessness. Our ideal determination of Cambodian hair items range long from 8" to 32", yet in the event that you need a particular length as a top priority, you can make get in touch with us for a custom length. 

Hair tone likewise has an assortment of types as dim brown and normal off-dark tones. It is virgin hair implying that it has been immaculate, so there might be some shading varieties normally influenced by daylight or different components. You can shade the hair on the off chance that you like, yet it is ideal to have lovely hair augmentation, you ought to find support from an expert beautician.

Vietnamese hair vs Cambodian hair

In modern life, hair has been beginning important. Cambodian hair and hair are the most famous and significant hair types in Southeast Asia. In the event that somebody attempts to persuade you that their hair is normal European or Brazilian hair,… at a modest cost, be cautious, 95% they are deceiving you, and almost 100% their hair is handled. 

Both Vietnamese and Cambodian hair arrive on an assortment of surfaces and can be ordinarily satiny or vigorously finished. Vietnamese or Cambodian Hair will be a decent decision in case you are searching for a sort of virgin, standard, and no handling hair. The hair from Vietnam or Cambodia is gathered from ladies who frequently own customary hair, and it will keep going long to such an extent.  

Is Vietnamese hair the best?

Vietnam is proud to be one of the top 5 countries that provide the best quality hair in the world. If you've ever been in contact with and used with Vietnamese hair, you've probably got your answer.

VQhair's customers around the world have trusted in choosing Vietnamese hair, how about you? Let’s choose Vietnamese hair because it is the best decision to bring your hair business to success. 

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Why Are Raw Vietnamese Hair On High Demand?

Above all, the high quality and reasonable price of Raw Vietnamese hair really impressed the hair business globally. It's very satisfying when your customers say that the hair quality is good and will come back to buy again next time, isn't it? 

If you want to buy raw Vietnamese hair, the best address is the VQ Hair Factory - #1 Vietnamese hair factory. We have a large-scale Vietnamese weave hair factory in Vietnam. More than hair trading companies, VQhair provides high quality hair in bulk at low prices, delivery service and reputable customer care. Contact us to have the best hair! And if you are starting a hair business, don't ignore VQ hair with great deals that we bring to you.


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