Why are Vietnamese hair grades recommended?

Individuals doing hair business may have found out about Vietnamese hair grades more than 1 time. Are you planning to start a Vietnamese hair business? Did you know about Vietnamese hair grades? How to distinguish the grades of Vietnamese hair will help you buy the right quality and price product.


1. What are the quality grades of Vietnamese hair?

Grades of hair is how people divide hair grades based on the percent of hair fibers which have the same length from root to tip horizontally. Simply understand that hair grades are the thickness of the hair.  Each hair market in each country has different definitions of type hair grades. 

Vietnamese hair grades are used for Vietnam human hair to be divided according to hair thickness. In Vietnam, We usually divide hair grades into four main categories which have various qualities and identifying characteristics. The thicker the bundle, the higher the quality is rated. With each different thickness of Vietnamese hair, suppliers will have different selling prices. Let's see some ways to identify and classify them with VQ Hair below.

2. How many Vietnamese Hair grades do we have?

Like China hair, Vietnamese hair grades production lines don't separate hair into 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, or 10A grades. Vietnamese hair partition hair into three grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair. A portion of the manufacturing plants even utilizes the fourth grade additionally that is the Vip hair. Vietnamese hair grades contrast in the quality and length of the hair.

quality of hair grades

3. Characteristics of the quality grades of Vietnamese hair

Based on the factors of the percentage of hairs of equal length horizontally from the tip to the root, the Vietnamese hair grades will have their own properties. The price of each Vietnamese hair grade will also be different in the same type of product as well as the application will also change.

Single Drawn hair 

  • Single drawn hair has lower thickness than double and super drawn hair. In this grade, 60-70% of the hair is of a similar length, and the rest is the blended length.
  • The price of single drawn hair is cheapest on the price list of hair bundles. Their price is from only $8.5 with long hair up to 30 inch. It is suitable for customers with low income but still want to upgrade.
  • You should choose the single drawn hair to create curly style such as egg curl, kinky, pixie, and so on. To avoid hair looking thin, you should not use natural straight hairstyles  for single drawn hair. 

Double Drawn hair

  • Double drawn hair is the twofold drawn hair which has 70 - 80% of hair is of a similar length, and the rest 40-35% is of blended size.
  • The price of double drawn hair is only from $12 with long hair 8 - 30 inch. It is rated as reasonable price and high quality. 
  • Double drawn hair can create any hairstyle with more texture. Different from single drawn hair , if you choose naturally straight hair for double drawn hair, your hair looks beautiful and full.

Super Double Drawn hair

  • Super Double Drawn Hair has 90-95% of a similar length's hair, and the extra is of blended size. The reason it has the name "Super" is because the process of selecting hairs of equal length to form a set needs to be precise and takes a lot of time.
  • So the super double drawn hair is considered to be the most expensive item out of 4 hairs of quality grades of Vietnamese hair. The price of super double drawn hair is from $15 with long hair 8 - 30 inch. 
  • With this quality, you can create any hairstyle, whether it's straight or bone straight hair, it will look great. Customers who choose this product are usually the high-income class and are willing to pay high prices. African customers love this product very much.  

Vip Quality

  • Vip quality hair is a standout amongst other hair characteristics in which 99% of the hair is of a similar length, and the rest is the blended length.
  • Their prices are the highest of the list price of hair bundles. Moreover, this volume vip quality type is very less, especially VIP quality hair in 40 inches is very rare. The price of vip quality is from $20 to $100.  
  • European customers often choose vip straight hairstyle quality that is popular in the UK hair market.  If you get the chance, I think you should give them a try once and see the difference.

Thus, these were the four Vietnamese hair grades wherein the raw Vietnamese hair got partitioned into. This kind of hair is viewed as the ideal decision to settle on any young lady. Likewise, the hair comes in excellent condition and just from local spots. Some young ladies like to apply for the expansion as most whole tip-in hair and others as a full clip-in hair or weft hair.

In general, for these hair grades, VQ chooses the best hair types, so it will be easier and more diverse to style it.

3. What is the best grades of Vietnamese hair?

To determine the best grades of Vietnamese hair, you should watch the video below.


For those who are just starting out in the hair business, they will often choose double drawn hair because it is of good quality and medium price. But the best of Vietnamese hair grades is super double drawn hair because of its superior quality than double drawn hair and easier to find than vip hair.

4. Qualities of Vietnamese Hair

Referring to Vietnamese hair you can think of Vietnamese hair wigs, Vietnamese hair extension, Vietnamese hair weave, etc, but in general they are all good. Prior to thinking about Vietnamese hair, we should think about Vietnam remy hair vs raw hair. There isn't a lot of distinction between virgin hair and raw hair. Raw hair has the same characteristics as virgin hair, yet the difference lies in the chemical and heat. The compound, as well as the raw hair, has never had heat applied to it. They are known for the most perfect and standard structure on the lookout. All the raw hair is virgin hair, yet it's anything but evident the other way around.

Vietnamese hair grades

Vietnamese hair is taken mainly from the locals living in high mountains where their hair doesn't influence the daylight. Henceforth, they are strong and satiny as well. 80% of the hair is taken from ladies matured 18-25. Individuals living in high mountains are reliable and solid as they need to buckle down every day to make money. In this way, the nature of their hair is pretty much as durable and solid as the contributor's wellbeing.

The primary motivation to adore Vietnamese hair grade is its overall quality. In Vietnam, ladies fix or interact with their hair infrequently. They do a ton of different things to deal with them. 
Numerous ladies in the nation develop their hair long to be bought in long lengths that are 30 inches or above. Even though Vietnamese hair doesn't have as much lustre as Brazilian hair, they are exceptionally thick, delicate, and luxurious. It is popular because of its ability to hold twists, just as its delicateness.

At the point when we talk about Vietnamese hair grades, we think about a cliché straight, thick, and dim surface. In reality, they are more grounded and thicker when contrasted with the other hair types. According to Gorkom, Vietnamese braids are incredibly dense and round filaments with a high dark melanin level. A general method is more enthusiastically to change the hair tone and requires proficient strength fade to do as such. One thing to remember is that detergent must be constantly included when colouring your hair. You may even need to colour it twice to change the shading to the ideal lift.

5. Highlights of VQ's Hair Grades

At VQ hair factory, our hair is 100% Vietnamese virgin hair. We provide all grades of Vietnamese hair according to the requirements of customers. Most of VQ hair's customers love super double drawn hair. Above all, Vietnamese hair weave products made from super double drawn hair are appreciated for their high quality and reasonable price. 

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VQ hair is one of the biggest hair factories in Vietnam, supplying wholesale orders to all traders in the world. Vietnam hair factory is a reliable destination for hair traders in the world because of its outstanding quality. If you are learning how to buy hair from Vietnam, please contact VQ hair by Whatsapp 
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single double drawn hair

6. Most ideal Ways to Take care of Vietnamese Hair grades

This thicker hair type would require items with additional detangling advantages and saturation. It is proposed to utilise dull often to keep away from inside harm to the strands. Make sure to condition after cleanser as you do with any remaining hair types. The sturdiness of normally straight hair can be up to 2-10 years that relies upon how you keep up your hair, though, for prepared hair, it tends to be up to 1-5 years. Handled hair grades can resemble curly, wavy hair. In any event, when shading the hair, regular fixings and customary strategies are given significance.
You can utilise espresso beans to give a light earthy coloured tone followed by a fragrant that you need to shade your hair brown. Using raw Vietnamese hair grade draws a specific and regular standpoint with a typical dark or dull earthy coloured tone. As the hair doesn't go through any handling, you can see its everyday sparkle in the daylight. Additionally, you needn't bother with a brush to brush the hair. Skim your hand through the hair, and you are all set.

7. To Conclude about Vietnamese Hair Grades

  1. Single Drawn Hair: In this grade, 40-45% of the hair is of a similar length, and the rest is the blended length.

  2. Double Drawn Hair: For the twofold drawn hair, 60-65% of hair is of a similar length, and the rest 40-35% is of blended size.

  3. Super Double Drawn Hair: This grade has 80-85% of a similar length's hair, and the extra is of blended size.

  4. Vip quality: Vip hair is a tandout amongst other hair characteristics in which 90-95% of the hair is of a similar length, and the rest is the blended length.
Vietnamese hair grade is among the most well-known hair in the hair business internationally. The cost of this kind of Vietnamese hair grades goes with its quality. In the event that you need to purchase raw Vietnamese hair, the best location is VQ Hair- one of the leading organizations that supply this hair type in Vietnam. This organization consistently enjoys cutthroat benefits and better than different plants due to its value, quality, and client support. Thus, request them now and be set up to introduce yourself with a sure look.

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