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Vietnamese hair wigs are the current trend of young people with the convenience and dynamism it brings. Are you excited to start your business as a hair wig retailer and strive to reach out to the best wig vendors? At this point, this article is for you, where you can have deep knowledge about Vietnam hair wigs and everything for you to get off the ground. VQ Hair will draft both Vietnam human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs for you to have an overview and then decide which one is the best option. Let’s scroll down and read the details.

Vietnamese hair wig

What are Vietnam hair wigs?

Vietnam hair wigs are wigs made from the best quality Vietnamese virgin hair, some suppliers can also make from Vietnam remy hair. Just like regular wigs, the weave, closure and frontal sections are sewn onto the lace to create the complete wigs. 
Vietnam is known for exporting wigs and human hair extensions worldwide. There are many wholesale wig suppliers and 2 main hair types of wigs are human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

Vietnamese hair wigs


Classification of Vietnamese hair wigs

The origin of hair is the basis for classifying wigs, based on which it is easy to determine the needs of users. There are 2 main types of Vietnam hair wigs as follows: 

- Vietnamese Human Hair Wigs: Human hair wigs are made from natural human hair. Back then, hair extensions factories could collect natural hair from one or many women who live in mountainous areas. Vietnamese human hair wigs can be curled, styled, and bleached easily. And as with human hair, it will give you a realistic look. One more thing is that this wig can last about 2-5 years if you care for it properly. However, “you get what you pay” so for Vietnamese hair wigs, it also would be more expensive.

- Vietnamese Synthetic Hair Wigs: Synthetic hair wigs are made from acrylic fibers or plastic fibers. So wholesale synthetic wigs vendors made it by using modern technologies. One advantage of these wigs is that we have more options available in many hairstyles and colors for us to choose from than Vietnam hair wigs. Another noticeable pro of synthetic hair wigs is cheaper than natural human hair extensions. However, the life span is shorter and its smoothness, dryness cannot give your lock a natural look. And due to its technological effect, synthetic wigs are easier to be burnt than Vietnamese hair wigs.

The speciality of Vietnamese human hair wig

Many wig vendors are the best wholesale wig vendors in Vietnam who provide high-quality Vietnamese hair wigs. Because of its durability, length, and healthiness, Vietnamese hair is one of the best hair types in the world.

In Vietnam, from a long time ago, women with long hair had become the symbol of beauty. So from the ancient period, residents here knew how to maintain their healthy hair appropriately. That is the reason why Vietnamese people have strong and durable hair bundles.

Most of the hair wigs are made from Vietnamese virgin hair extensions in Vietnam. The special thing about it is that Virgin Vietnamese hair is cut directly from benefactors who live in the mountainous zone because you have very long hair, infrequent cut or color. And usually, they wash their hair with natural herbs which are very healthy and shiny. So it always produces the best quality human wigs products depending on the following categories: durability, shades, straightness, smoothness.  

After collecting virgin hair bundles from sponsors, wholesale human hair wig vendors will produce wigs by craftsmen and sell them at an affordable price. To summarize, the speciality of Vietnam hair wigs are high-quality items at a reasonable cost.

Vietnamese lace closure wig

Raw Vietnamese hair wig review

Raw Vietnamese hair is famous for its long shiny, strong, thick, and long shiny hair. They come from healthy hair sources (women live in mountainous areas). Therefore, a lot of wholesale human hair wigs distributors get more profit when buying in bulk from raw human hair factories than making wigs and retailing those to customers.

Raw Vietnamese hair wigs review by customer:

- Versatility: They are freely customized by a professional stylist or yourself to get exactly the look you like

- Color: Black hair is the natural hair color of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese wigs are suitable for not only Asian but also African, American-African ladies.

- Smoothness: With the proper care, Vietnamese hair is silky than other human hair extensions, you can comb it thoroughly from the top to the end without any hesitation. Despite popular belief, Vietnamese hair is not coarse and harsh due to its thickness. Vietnamese hair is, in reality, extremely silky, smooth, and lustrous.

- Thickness: Thanks to washing hair with natural herbs, the thickness of wigs from wholesale wig vendors in Vietnam are thick which is rated high quality as double drawn hair. Many customers have adored and proved it.
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Top 5 reputable Vietnamese hair wigs suppliers

Because of the versatility of Vietnamese wigs, many people trust to choose Vietnam hair factory. And before buying anything, you also need to research this product and make a list of decent vendors. You should dig for more information about them. Here are some prestigious Vietnam wig vendors we would recommend to you!

Vietnamese hair wigs supplier

1. VQ Hair

VQ Hair Factory has about 15 years of experience in the human hair extensions field. You can ask them for making wigs from Vietnamese Virgin Hair for you cause they offer you a wide range of items such as closure vs frontal, hair bundles, raw hair and wigs (if you request them). Their reputation has been recognised worldwide by exporting over 7 tons per month. They have many clients from many countries: Nigeria, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, etc.

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2. Vietnam Remy Hair company

Vietnam Remy Hair Company was established in 1999. This company is one of the wholesale wig suppliers. Customers know them due to reasonable cost and good quality Vietnamese hair wigsInstantly, they extend their business to many countries.

3. Hada Hair

Hadahair company have about 10 years of experience in this field. Hada usually collects hair from Lao, Vietnam, Cambodia to make Vietnam hair wigs and hair extensions and exports them to more than 30 countries worldwide.

4. Lewigs Hair

Lewigs Hair is notable for the solution to hair loss problems and baldness. Especially, they provide hair extensions and wigs to both women and men which is not a lot of Vietnamese wig suppliers cannot do in Vietnam. They provide natural Vietnamese hair wigs made from women who live in mountains.

5. Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnamese Hair Factory is a leading company in terms of human hair extensions, wigs production. Through the time they run their business, they gained popularity with positive feedback from their customers. This company mainly focuses on European, USA markets, their Vietnamese human hair wigs and hair extensions made of real Vietnamese hair.
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As you can see, the need for Vietnamese hair wigs has increased over the past decade. To explain why the prominent reason for this need is hair loss problems and baldness just surges unexpectedly regardless of gender or age. Besides that, wigs can make people more beautiful and fashionable, and protect their natural hair.


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