How to buy hair from Vietnam - Honest guide by a Vietnamese human hair factory

When you want to start a human hair business, probably you will ask yourself “how to buy hair from Vietnam”. Here is the article for you that will blow your mind about the advantages and disadvantages of Vietnamese human hair extensions and the efficient way to buy to save your money as much as you can.

I. What’s the best human hair to buy in Vietnam?

1.1. Vietnam Remy hair

Vietnam remy hair is 100% human hair, and it can come from a single or multiple donors. The hair cuticles are intact with the same direction and consist of similar cuts and length. Therefore, they have consistency in smooth texture and can last about 2-5 years with a naturally look.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair supplier

1.2. Virgin hair

Virgin hair is also 100% human hair and the most expensive hair because it comes from only one donor. Truly pure! However, it lasts longer than other kinds of Vietnam hair if you take care properly. Vietnam human Virgin hair extension cannot have gone through any chemical process such as bleached, permed, dyed, etc... before you purchase it.
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II. Which one is the best between Remy hair and Virgin hair?

Before knowing “how to buy hair from Vietnam?”, you should have knowledge about the difference between remy hair vs virgin hair to see which one is best for you:

To be collected:

      ●         100% Virgin hair is from only one donor, being cut directly from this benefactor.

      ●         Remy hair is from one or multiple donors, the hair flows in the same direction. The hair preserved in this state.

► Characteristic:

      ●         Remy Hair can be bleached, dyed, or being treated with other chemical processes before selling to you.

      ●         Virgin Hair means it is completely natural, pure, never gone through any chemical process.

► Quality:

      ●         Vietnamese Remy hair is good, it can keep going for years if you maintain it appropriately. It can mix with your hair very well and give you the natural look, unlike synthetic hair.

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Because Vietnamese Virgin hair weave is untouched, not through any chemical process, the quality is perfect, it’s entirely the same as your own hair. Therefore, it definitely give you a complete look more than you expected.

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"All Remy hair can be Virgin hair, but not all Virgin hair is Remy hair”

FACTS: More than 90% of human hair extensions in Vietnam has undergone chemical treatment. So deciding to buy Remy Hair or Virgin Hair depends on your need and your budget because Virgin hair is much more expensive than the Remy one. 

III. To answer: “How to order hair from Vietnam?”

Now, get start with “how to buy hair from Vietnam?”. I’m sure you can easily find Vietnamese hair vendors on the Internet by search Vietnamese hair review, Vietnamese hair factory review... However, the main issue is figuring out the most reliable one among million Vietnamese human hair factories offering their products. Therefore, we want to share some steps that we spent years collecting them with you. Hope it is helpful for you.

how to order hair from Vietnam

1. Research “human hair vendors” carefully

I’m sure that scrolling down the search results and moving from websites’ pages to pages is too boring to seek the information. However, when you jump into human hair bundles field, that’s what you need to do. You need to find some keywords related to “Vietnamese human hair vendors” to figure out the list of trusted one.

2. Associate with more than one Vietnamese virgin hair supplier

This is honest advice, if you want to know “how to buy hair from Vietnam effeciently?”, you should not work with only one wholesale Vietnamese Hair Extensions Factory. The reason why? Of course, every wholesale hair supplier expects their clients to associate solely with them. However, you should work with about 3-5 hair vendors to gain more benefit, especially when you just start.

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Do not regret that you have to spend more money ordering Vietnamese Remy hair from them as the sample because it’s the foundation for choosing the right Vietnamese hair vendors for a long journey.

Still suggest that you should work with one only partner for a long term. Nevertheless, connecting with several Vietnam hair Vendors is a good decision.

3. Check throughout “Vietnam human hair extensions” order

You should make sure about 80-90% of everything is good and on time like your expectation. It really MATTERS! Please check carefully with the Raw Vietnamese Hair Manufacturers about the price list and the shipping fee, the delivery, etc... Especially, You HAVE TO know their returning/customer policy for preparing the worst situation that you want to refund Vietnamese Wholesale Hair.

Once again, be aware of everything before and after you make an order. Anyway, you make “Vietnam hair” orders overseas anyway.

IV. Is it safe to buy Vietnamese hair online?

Vietnam human hair extensions

I’m sure when you come up with “how to buy hair from Vietnam?”, you absolutely blow your mind with the question “Is it safe to buy Vietnamese hair online?. Buying human hair online from many Vietnamese Hair Vendors is a convenient way. It’s safe most of the time. However, there are many scammers out there and you do not know which one is the best Vietnamese hair factory. Therefore, we collect some tips from our experience for you to avoid those things:

1. Buy from a reputable Vietnamese hair manufacturer.

2. Compare prices between Vietnamese hair suppliers

3. Read the good hair factory reviews

4. Read the Vietnam hair store policies

V. To answer: “Where to buy human hair in Vietnam?”

buy Vietnamese hair online

“Where to buy human hair in Vietnam?” is the question of the list “How to buy hair from Vietnam?. Wholesale black hair products have actually expanded popular in recent. So a lot of wholesale virgin human hair Vietnam suppliers appear, they collect hair from mountainous women then export it. It’s not hard to find a Vietnam wholesale hair vendor, but figuring the best one is a different story.

VQ Hair store is a Vietnames hair factory and mainly sell raw, remy, virgin human hair. They have various hair products to fulfill clients' needs: hair bundles, hair weave, hair extension, frontals, closures in any types of style and colour: Curly, Wavy, Body Wave, Bonestraight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave,... and all grades of hair: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair... different choice for you.

For wholesale hair order, VQ Hair requires their customers to buy at least 0.5 kg. You can mix between wholesale human hair weaving, lace closures and lace frontals.

Because they are a REAL hair factory so their price is lower than other Vietnamese hair vendors with the high-quality hair extensions.
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VI. To conclude “How to buy hair from Vietnam?”

In summary, you should follow these steps to answer “How to buy hair from Vietnam?”
1. Research human hair vendors carefully.
2. Associate with more than one Vietnamese Virgin Hair supplier.
3. Check throughout Vietnamese human hair extensions order.

Vietnam human virgin hair extension

Vietnamese Hair extensions is popular due to its smoothness and silkiness exture. Many customers hugely appreciate the bonestraight/curly/wavy hair bundles and lace closure and frontal. Vietnamese hair grades will give you a naturally full look. It’s impeccable! And everyone will not know you use hair extensions when blending into your real hair.


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