Reveal the secrets of Vietnamese Hair Weave

Vietnamese hair weave is recognised as the best quality hair extension in the world, but not everyone can realise its properties. So today, let's reveal the secret about it from the origin, properties, and weave types hair that are popular in this market.

I. Overview of Vietnamese hair weaves

Vietnamese weave hair is weave hair produced by a Vietnamese hair factory, made from 100% Vietnamese human hair. It has high quality and great characteristics.

1. 1. What are the Vietnamese hair weaves?

Hair weaves have existed for many centuries. The earliest method of hair extensions dates back to 5000 BC in ancient Egypt. As we know, much of modern hair weaving is influenced by African-American culture. Europeans also began to get involved, as, by the turn of the 18th century, they were more interested in natural hairstyles.

By the end of the 19th century, wigs were strongly introduced to Vietnam. Since then, there have gradually appeared many wig factories along with this S-shaped land. Boasting the best quality in the world, more and more business people look to Vietnam hair to cooperate.

Vietnamese weave hair is made by sewing strands of hair at one end to form a woven band. Africans love these weaves because their primitive hair is relatively weak, short, thin and curly. Most hair salons, shops or any place that sells hair extensions have the appearance of Vietnamese hair.

There is no need to consider the origin of Vietnamese hair weave. Vietnamese women love to have long, beautiful natural hair, especially mountainous women. That's why Vietnamese hair factories always supply 100% pure human hair. Weaving hair types are divided by grade, texture. As far as I know, Vietnamese woven hair is considered the most luxurious hair in the world.

1.2. Demand for Vietnamese hair in the market

Vietnamese hair is a very hot item on the world hair map with tens of tons of hair sold on the market every month. Resellers can make huge profits from the Vietnam hair business. A study has shown that Vietnamese hair sells for 3 to 6 times its original value in the African market. And sold at prices that can be up to 8 - 15 times in high spending markets such as Europe, Russia... And this trend has never stopped because the demand for beauty is increasing and the supply of Vietnamese hair tends to decrease due to the process of urbanization.

So, if you want to make a profit from your business, then Vietnamese hair is definitely a product you cannot ignore.

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1.3. Why is Vietnamese hair weave the best?

As for the weave hair definition we mentioned above, it is easy to understand why Vietnamese hair weave has many great characteristics that are useful to extension users. Let's find out.

- The Vietnamese Hair is really thick and dark: Different types of hair weave textures in other countries, Vietnamese hair is very special, straight, the cuticles are arranged neatly in one direction, making it soft and difficult to tangle. Vietnamese hair is thick enough when held in your hand, you will feel the thickness of the hair. 

Black is the color you will find in most Vietnamese hair. This natural color can be compatible with the hair color of women in other countries. From natural black, you can dye hair weave patterns into any color: red, orange, blue, pink, yellow, gray, dark gray, brown, dark brown… most expensive hair weave.

- Vietnamese Human hair is not coarse and rough: 

Vietnamese hair is naturally black, straight and smooth. With a strict hair treatment process, the hair still maintains its softness and durability after the perm and dyeing processes.

- Vietnamese hair is appreciated for its various lengths.

Vietnamese hair is also appreciated for its length, hair with lengths from 8 to 32 inches are popular lengths that you can find at any supplier.

However, you will still occasionally see Vietnamese hair suppliers offering super long bundles from 34 to 40 inches.

- Vietnamese hair is extremely durable

Vietnamese hair is also known as hair with high durability, good elasticity, easy to perm and dye. It can last up to 5 years if you know how to properly care.

1.4. Processing method of Vietnamese hair

To avoid damage to the hair and keep the hair cuticle intact, Vietnamese hair is treated according to a methodical process.

Collect raw hair and keep it in stock => Selectively remove bad hair, short hair and wash hair  => Machine weft => Clean, and dye (with colored hair)  => Styling by hand (with curly or wavy hair) => => Soak in conditioner =>  Using hot steam technology to hold hair curls => Dry by the air

II. The classification of Vietnamese hair weave

Based on factors of quality, style, thickness, color... Vietnamese hair suppliers divide weave hair into many different types. Below is a detailed illustration of how to divide Vietnamese weave hair.

2.1. Dividing Vietnamese hair weave based on quality

- Vietnam Virgin hair: This is the highest quality hair, hair can be cut from a single donor or multiple donors. But, it has to be completely pure hair, and has never been touched on chemicals. This is the purest hair quality.

- Vietnam Remy hair: Remy hair has an affordable price and is chosen by almost all women.

- Non-Remy hair: Non-remy hair is made from 100% human hair, the hair cuticles go in different directions. Therefore, this hair is easy to tangle, it's rough, and isn't as smooth and soft  as remy hair. 

2.2. Dividing Vietnamese hair weave based on the hair grades

Based on the extent, Vietnamese weave type hair is split into 4 categories: single, double, and super double drawn hair, and VIP quality hair. Let's refer to 4 grade hair below.

  • Single drawn hair

This is the thinnest type of hair weave because 50-60% of them are the same length, the rest are shorter. This hair layer is suitable for curly hair textures or users who want it the most natural.

  • Double drawn hair

According to the survey at our factory, this hair is the most ordered in types of hair weaves by customers because of its reasonable price and meeting the needs of customers. In terms of quality, this hair has 70-80% hair of the same length giving it a fuller feel than a single hair. 

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  • Super double drawn hair

Honestly, you will be surprised to hold this hair bundle in your hand. When swiping from the top-down, most of the hands will stay the same because the length of the hairs is the same from 80-90%. Hair is more than doubled and Customers only need 2 human hair weave bundles to be able to make 1 complete wig.

  • VIP quality hair

Do you want to own super VIP hair? Types of hair weaves and their names tell everything. The most beautiful hair for VIP customers with the same length up to 99% has the most expensive price. It takes a long time for the hairdresser to get the hair of this level because it is difficult to get such a length. 

2.3. Dividing Vietnamese hair weave based on textures

In the Vietnamese hair extensions market today, there are many types of textured hair, depending on the requirements of the customer, the texture can be adjusted accordingly. However, let me show you 3 types of textures that are often mentioned.

  • Natural straight hair weave

Vietnamese hair woven in a naturally straight style is the best hair because it has not been affected by hair treatment techniques. Buy this hair, you can optionally curl, straighten,...

  • Vietnamese Bone Straight hair weave 

Vietnamese bone straight weave hair is other straight hair, and this is not a natural texture. The hair will be straightened to create an incredible shine, smoothness, and fullness. You can ask the hair supplier  for the hair color that you want to purchase.

  • Curly and wavy weaves

Vietnamese curly and wavy hair is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair and  it’s style by hand and using hot steam method to hold the curl. There are many customized curly hairstyles for many needs. I will list some of the curly weaves:

  1. Natural curly hair weave

  2. Pixie curly weave

  3. Deep curly hair weave

  4. Body wavy weave

  5. Kinky curly

  6. Lose wave

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2.4. Color of Vietnamese human hair weaving

Not only diverse in texture and length, when you shop for Vietnamese hair, you are also impressed by the variety of  Vietnamese weave hair color.

  • Vietnamese natural hair weave color

The inherent hair color of Vietnamese hair is usually black, the hair is carefully cared for with natural care products, so the hair is luster black and very eye-catching.

  • Vietnamese colored hair weave

Vietnamese natural human hair can easily dye into any hair color you want. Some hair clients will order natural hair to be colored into another color by themself. While another customer will prefer to buy colored hairs from Vietnamese hair factories for convenience.. There are tons of weave hair colors that you can choose such as: Burgundy, Red, Blue, Brown, Blonde, Gray, Yellow, Ombre, Piano....

III. Pros and cons of Vietnamese hair weave extensions

Everything has two sides: the good and the bad. To have an overview of Vietnamese weft hair, we will list some pros and cons of Vietnamese weave hair.

3.1. Pros of Vietnamese hair weave

  • Vietnamese hair is medium thickness

  • It give a soft and smooth feeling

  • Hair is durable

  • Natural hair is easy to bleach and dye into any hair color you want

  • Various length, textures and color

  • Popular and loved by many hair fans

3.2. Cons of Vietnamese hair weave

  • Compared with Indian and Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair is more expensive. 

  • Natural hair from Vietnam is thinner than Indian, Cambodian, and Malaysian hair, so more bundles will be needed for a full head.

  • Hair is usually not available in stock: Vietnamese weave hair is not produced and stock as Chinese hair. Hair is usually only produced to order, so when you order Vietnamese hair, the manufacturer needs at least 5-7 days to produce the goods. Therefore, the waiting time for shipping is usually longer.

IV. How to use Vietnamese hair weaves correctly

You may have read somewhere that "with proper care, Vietnamese hair can last up to 3-5 years". So how to use Vietnamese hair correctly? Here are some tips for you:

  • Use path comb to comb the hair: This helps to keep the hair looking smooth and prevents shedding and tangles.

  • Wash your hair 3 times a week

  • Use a conditioner to help protect the cuticle of the hair and keep it smooth.

  • Do not use high heat and chemicals on hair

  • When washing your hair, you should only gently massage your hair with your hands to remove dirt, do not brush your hair roughly, it will lose the hair curls and make the sew weak, easy to damage the hair.

  • When not in use, hang your hair on a rack or store it in a long plastic bag.

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V. How to recognize the best Vietnamese hair weave?

With the advantages of quality, high durability, and affordable price. Vietnamese remy hair has been and is the first choice of almost all customers around the world. That's why, more and more hair suppliers are selling hair of unknown origin and masking themself as "Vietnamese Remy hair".

As a customer sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to buy a Vietnam remy hair, but then you only receive a poor quality hair, it is completely different from what you ordered. This makes you waste time, money and are extremely frustrated. You will no longer trust any hair supplier.

To avoid that situation, you must become a wise customer. There are 2 ways to help you know exactly if the hair you are buying is Vietnamese remy hair or not.

Cuticle weave hair test

Remy hair is hair with cuticles arranged in the same direction. This is the reason that remy hair is smooth and hard to tangle. Meanwhile, non-remy hair cuticles are arranged messy, easy to tangle.

With the cuticle test method, you run your fingers inside the hair and move it up and down. If your hair is easily tangled and can't return to its original smoothness, it may be non-remy hair.

Burning test 

This method helps you identify if your hair is synthetically mixed or not. Take some hair from the hair bundle, and burn it. If there's black smoke and a plastic smell, it's synthetic hair. If the smoke is white, the ash is crunchy, and the hair is not mixed synthetic. 

We have a video detailing these two methods you can refer to: 

VI. How to import Vietnamese human hair weave quickly without risk?

Congratulations on entering the wig or hair extension business! We are honored to share with you the best way to import hair from Vietnam, simple, economical and low risk.

  • Choose a reliable supplier: Choosing a hair supplier plays a huge role in determining the success or failure of your business. The wrong choice will cost you time, money, and customers.

How to avoid scammers?

  • Choose the reputations hair supplier

  • Beware of hair suppliers who offer hair at low prices

  • Check out the reviews of previous customers

  • Check supplier reliability with video call

  • Shipping method: If you are from countries in Africa, shipping through a China agent or DHL for shipping are the two most common shipping methods. In case you are a customer from other countries, you can choose to ship via UPS and DHL .

  • Payment method: Nowadays, with the advance of technology, there are multiple convenience payment methods that you can choose such as WU Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal, Wise Transfer, Worldremit…

For customers from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon in addition to the above payment methods, customers can choose to pay through agents. You can contact your hair supplier to get a list of agents.

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VII. Where can you buy Vietnamese hair weave wholesale?

Compared with finding customers, finding a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier is also a big challenge that retailers face. There are too many hair suppliers that say they are selling Vietnamese hair, but not all of them meet the criteria of a long-term business partner.

If you are too tired in the search for a hair supplier, but still have not found the right one. So please contact VQ Hair Factory, we are confident to become your long-term business partner. 

VQ Hair Factory - Top 1 Vietnamese hair supplier guarantee that: 

- Provide high quality weave hair fit customer requirements

- Product quality is uniform and consistent

- 100% Vietnamese human hair, do not mix synthetic

- Customize texture and color according to customer requirements

- Great discount for wholesalers customers


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