Vietnamese Virgin Hair - All things you need to know

Why is Vietnamese virgin hair so popular? Vietnam virgin hair has outstanding features to become the best seller in the hair market. Let's take a look at 5 famous virgin hair factories in Vietnam that are highly appreciated by users. Hope you will make the right choice for yourself after reading this article.

I. What is Vietnamese Virgin Hair?

Vietnam virgin hair is a type of hair collected from a donor, specifically a woman in Vietnam. Virgin Vietnamese hair is not chemically processed and intact which is never permed, dyed, or bleached. The cuticles of this hair type are in the same direction which means it’s full at the end. This hair type is trendy because you can dye, bleach, cut, and process the hair and treat it as your own. You can curl it and wash it like your natural hair.

1.1. The origin of Virgin Hair Vietnam

Vietnamese women virgin hair


Vietnamese virgin hair extensions are cut from a sponsor in many rural areas and ethnic minority areas of Vietnam. After collecting the hair, we tie up one bundle to send to the final customer. Many Vietnamese ladies have long and beautiful hair. They rarely cut, color or style their hair and still keep it young. In particular, some women living in the mountains have very long hair, and they wash their hair with natural leaves, so their hair is very healthy and shiny.

Vietnamese virgin hair is rarer and more cultivated with high-quality, straight cuticles. It always produces the best quality hair products based on the following criteria: smooth, straight, good color, durable.
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1.2. Characteristics of Vietnamese Virgin hair

#1. It is extremely durable

The durability of Vietnamese hair is ranked first in this industry due to the climate impact of the origin, the donor's diet, and the donor's genetic makeup. Vietnamese people often maintain a healthy diet with lots of herbs and nutrients needed to promote healthy hair growth. Hair can last from 1 year to 2 years with proper care.

#2. It is soft and smooth

Vietnamese hair is super smooth to the touch, sticky, and thick. After installing, it feels very light on the head. As you run your fingers through the high-quality, intact hair, there should be no resistance or pulling. You will be able to feel the protective cuticle that keeps your hair moisturized and healthy. This is a sign of high-quality, healthy, and strong hair.
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#3. Hair structure

Vietnamese female hair has a thick and regular cuticle density that stretches from root to tip. The nature of thick hair is slightly straight and its thickness and lightness give the hair a much fuller body than most other hair types. Vietnamese virgin hair extensions are very cool and great for those who love the occasional full-body flip. No matter how you style your hair, this versatile haircut will always give you a body that will help you look your best wherever you go.

II. Application of Vietnam virgin hair

Vietnamese hair is easy to clean, wash, dry, and you can style curly, coloured, wavy hair like your own because they are healthy, strong, and completely original. It offers extensions’ best possible styling and settings options and works well with most braiding and weaving applications.

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2.1. Bleached hair color from Vietnamese virgin hair

As we all know, not all hair types can be bleached. It is not a coincidence or advertising that Vietnamese virgin hair is favored for bleached hairstyles. For bleached hair to have the lightest and least breakage, it is required that it is the highest quality virgin hair. This is the first step to create different colored hair styles like pink weave hair or blue hair bundles, etc… This is one of the factors to check the quality of Vietnamese virgin hair that few other hair types can achieve. 

2.2. Basic hairstyles from Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is a natural hairstyle with a straight hair texture accounting for 90%. The rest of the hair has a natural curly hairstyle, but the curl is moderate, different from the curly style of Indian hair.

Vietnamese virgin hair can be styled in a variety of ways such as  kinky curly hair, kinky straight hair, deep waves, loose wave, pixie curls, etc. And of course, with the great beauty of virgin hair every hairstyle really gives you a perfect experience. 

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III. How to know which is the best virgin hair?

Have you ever confused Vietnamese virgin hair with Vietnam Remy hair? Take a look at some of the following ways to check Vietnam virgin hair to see if you have differentiated correctly or not.

First, it should be supplied from the Vietnam hair factory to ensure the correct hair origin comes from Vietnam. Although not 100% of Vietnamese hair suppliers sell only Vietnamese hair, they can also import and process before selling some types such as Brazilian hair or Indian hair.

Second, use the naked eye to observe the hair surface. If it is true virgin hair, the hair surface is not too shiny and has a natural black color.

Next, use your hands to smooth the hair bundle from root to tip, if it's not tangled and the touch is not rough, it's virgin hair.

And finally, use it for bleaching or test dyeing, quality Vietnam virgin hair will give great results with the most accurate color.

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IV. Compare Vietnamese virgin hair vs other virgin hair

Whether it is Vietnam virgin hair or any other virgin hair, the same has its own strengths and weaknesses to suit the different needs of buyers. 

4.1. Pros of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is usually black or dark brown, and they are naturally straight or wavy. Vietnamese hair is highly valued in the hair industry for its flexibility, durability, and texture. Its properties are naturally strong, soft, smooth, silky, and lustrous, with no split ends or breakage, no dullness due to dryness, and an unaltered cuticle.

All Vietnam virgin hair bundles are collected and carefully selected before being delivered to the buyer. Each bundle of virgin hair must come from only one individual donor. It is a fact that, when comparing Vietnamese virgin hair with other virgin hair types like Brazilian or Indian or Peru, Vietnamese hair is superior in terms of softness or ability to hold or style.

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4.2. Cons of Vietnamese virgin hair

In terms of quality, Vietnamese virgin hair really has nothing to criticize. But in return, its cost is not cheap when compared to other virgin hair. At this point, the person choosing will be you. You want to own a quality hair bundle at a higher price or a bad hair bundle at a cheap price. 

V. Vietnamese virgin hair review by customers

With the volume of hair sold from 5-7 tons per month, VQ hair factory has received a lot of good feedback from customers after using the hair. We always put hair quality first and satisfy customers. Your feedback is the driving force for us to develop and improve our products. Read our customer said Vietnamese virgin hair reviews below:

Since we are a wholesale supplier of Virgin Vietnamese Hair products, a good hair business will show up in a quick buyback and replacement lifecycle. You can buy our samples and enjoy! We never let our customers down.

And, we have a lot of such good reviews but we cannot show them all in this article. If you want to see more, you can contact me at Whatsapp: +84962318090

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