Vietnam Remy Hair: How to recognize best Vietnamese remy hair

Vietnam remy hair is an explosive trend in recent years in the hair market. All Vietnamese remy hair from weaving to plaiting, from treating to unwinding, hair doing now indeed turns into a stunner custom for ladies around the world. Accordingly, there have been more hair augmentation sellers than any other time in recent memory: from Malaysia to Indonesia, from Peru to Cambodia, from China to India,... If you have little information about Remy Hair Vietnam, how to perceive great one, and the best Remy hair merchants to purchase from, this article is intended for you!


1. Overview about Vietnamese Remy Hair

Vietnam Remy Hair is presently viewed as the brilliant decision for hair augmentations because of their top-notch, their ideal surface, and the ability to mix well with various sorts of hair in other dull shades. 

Vietnam has ascended to become a standout amongst other hair merchants on the planet for many years. Vietnamese hair is normally dark. Consequently, it can mix well with the dim shades of African, American hair and, furthermore, even European hair. Vietnamese hair is incredibly smooth and lovely. Its life span is remarkable. 

What is Vietnam Remy Hair

1.1. What is Vietnam Remy Hair?

Vietnam Remy hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair, gathered from a gathering of individuals who have similar qualities, with all strands remaining adjusted in the one-sided course of the fingernail skin so the hair roots and tips are similar. Vietnamese Remy hair is 100% regular dark hair of Vietnamese ladies aged 18 -35.

1.2. Characteristics of Vietnamese Remy Hair

Vietnamese Remy hair for augmentations looks because the hairs all have the cuticle in the same direction. Compared with non-remy hair, remy hair has superior quality and is more durable.Accordingly, Remy hair Vietnam is very velvety, smooth, and sans tangle. Vietnam remy hair is quite smooth and not tangled. It can bleach and color well if you choose high quality remy hair. 

1.3. Vietnam Remy Hair Reviews

Along with Vietnam virgin hair, Vietnam remy hair is also a perfect choice for the average price but the quality is still good. 

It tends to be faded and hued well, likewise entirely appropriate for being permed. Vietnam remy hair is used to create Vietnamese hair wigs or Vietnamese hair weave of the same quality as virgin hair.  Accordingly, Vietnamese Remy hair is currently a brilliant decision with regards to hair augmentations. 

In the meantime, its cost is the most sensible in the hair market. From 89$, you can possess yourself a kilogram of Vietnamese Remy hair as of now, and it can last up to 3-5 years.

Vietnam Remy Hair Reviews

1.4. Step by step instructions to hold Vietnam Remy hair

You ought to consistently utilize a wooden comb to brush your Vietnam Remy hair. Also, you would be advised to consistently brush your hair to tenderly coax out tangles brought about by day by day wear.

In your hair care schedule, you ought to likewise utilize a decent quality cleanser and conditioner, explicitly intended for Vietnamese Remy hair, to safeguard its plush delicateness and sparkle. 

2. Remy hair vs Non-Remy hair

There are 3 primary kinds of hair: virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair. Each sort of hair is utilized for separated utilizations, for instance, assuming you need to dye and afterwards color your Vietnamese hair, you ought to pick Virgin (hair from one donor) with the goal that the shading is something very similar among the entirety of the hair strands. Assuming you don't, Remy hair is fine. Bare looks can't be revealed to Virgin hair and Remy hair and Non-Remy hair are separated. The following are itemized data about them.

2.1. What is Non-Remy hair?

Non–Remy hair is likewise 100% human hair, however, it is gathered and arranged from various sources: from many individuals with various attributes, from numerous merchants, or even on the floor of boutiques. The Cuticles do not align, the hair not the same direction, which causes the hair to get tangled and crimped very soon.

Since non-Remy hair is hair with an no intact cuticle, it needs to go through a cycle of corrosive compounds to remove the rough surface. Vietnam Remy hair also has grades of Vietnamese hair levels such as single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair.

To conceal this issue, non-Remy hair is then covered with silicon to keep it sparkly and sleek. As time passes by, the synthetics will get washed off by shampoos, making the hair gradually get tangled, dried and bunched up. For these reasons, non-Remy hair isn't suggested for the long haul and feasible employment. 

2.2. How to distinguish Remy hair vs Non-remy hair?

VQ hair factory will guide how to distinguish remy hair and non-remy hair as follows:

  • Cuticle of remy hair is in the same direction, different from non-remy hair in that its cuticles are opposite.

  • Price of remy hair is more expensive than non-remy hair

  • Remy hair has a more natural look than non remy hair and it's actually better quality

  • Remy hair can last up to 20 times longer than non-remy hair under similar care conditions.

  • Remy hair can be dyed and styled better than non remy hair. 

    Vietnam remy hair vs non-remy hair

3. How to recognize good Vietnamese Remy hair?

Vietnamese hair extensions significantly adds a person's perceived volume of hair, making them fuller and more beautiful thus it is always the most sought after and chosen name in the world. Because of its popularity, more and more wholesale hair suppliers are selling hair of unknown origin under the brand name Remy hair. You, as a customer, sometimes have to spend a lot of money to buy beautiful hair but only receive poor quality, mixed hair.

It turns out that you don't have to be a hair expert or have modern technology with you to check the quality of your hair. Now, as a savvy customer, there are two easy tests for you to check if your “Vietnam Remy Hair” is original or not.

Best Vietnamese Remy hair

3.1. Check the hair cuticle

If it is the original Vietnamese Remy hair, it has a hair cuticle. You can test how it feels for yourself, just by running your fingers through a strand of hair. Hair should feel smooth in the direction of hair growth.

If your fingers can't run through it and feel the resistance of the strand, be on the lookout as it's very likely that your hair has been mixed with other types like Indian or Chinese hair.

Cuticle of Vietnam remy hair

3.2. Conduct fire test

Natural hair goes like this: when burned by fire, it turns to ash. If it is mixed with synthetic hair, it will turn into a sticky texture with an unpleasant synthetic smell and will harden after it cools. You may also notice white smoke from the burn. These are easy to see and recognizable signs for you to know there is plastic in your hair.

To perform this easy test, you only need to light a few strands of hair, and you can do it right after you receive your hair and in your own home.

4. For what reason do you pick Vietnam Remy Hair?

Vietnamese Remy hair is that valuable, however, have you at any point contemplated how you can manage them? Then, at that point VQ Hair can prescribe some to you: 

Vietnam Remy hair wholesale

4.1. Vietnam Remy Hair Can Be Dyed

One of the significant worries that clients have when buying Vietnam Remy Hair is whether it is blended in with hair from another gathering of individuals. If not, the hair strands are exceptionally inclined to the danger of not lying adjusted. Then, at that point in case it is artificially treated for shading, the hair is experiencing solid harm, and the shading can not run equally through the entirety of the hair strands. 

Vietnam Remy hair is normally dark and solid in itself, that is the motivation behind why it is incredibly appropriate for great shading to dull shades. 

4.2. Vietnamese Remy Hair Can Be Permed

Vietnamese Remy Hair is solid as of now, thus it is the best option for appropriate sorts of Vietnamese Hair Extensions to be permed. You can twist your Vietnam Remy Hair with heat similarly as your regular hair, utilizing hair styling devices like a blow dryer or a level iron. In any case, there is one thing you should remember is that, like your normal hair, Vietnamese Remy hair can not experience the ill effects of an excessive amount of harm from heat. To keep its life span, you ought to consistently shower heat protectants over your hair twists prior to applying a hot iron or dryer to them. 

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There are many kinds of Remy hair over the districts on the planet: Vietnamese Remy hair, Brazilian, Indian, and Chinese Remy Hair. On the off chance that you get hold of the distinctions among them, you can take the most benefits. 

4.3. Vietnam Remy Hair versus Other?

There are many kinds of Remy hair over the districts on the planet: Vietnamese Remy hair, Brazilian, Indian, and Chinese Remy Hair. On the off chance that you get hold of the distinctions among them, you can take the most benefits. 

Compare Vietnam remy hair vs other hair

Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy Hair is frequently sourced from the provincial locales of Brazil, it is thick, delicate, and wavy in its normal state. Brazilian hair comes accessible in a wide scope of tones and lengths and is frequently a lot shinier and silkier than Peruvian hair. With its glossy appearance, Brazilian hair is delicate to contact and comes accessible in different finished styles. 

Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy Hair by uprightness of its length, thickness, supply volume, as of now wins the worldwide market for medium and minimal expense hair. For individuals with standard pay, Indian Remy Hair is an undeniable decision. Contrasted and Brazilian Remy Hair, Indian Remy Hair is better, as it tends to be styled and twisted without any problem. What's more, its incorporation is superior to Brazilian Remy Hair, in view of hair thickness. 

Notwithstanding, there is one hindrance of Indian Remy Hair that it is not difficult to become crimped in an awful climate and wet climate, so the clients need to utilize hostile frizz items constantly. 

Chinese Remy Hair

Chinese hair, all around, is the most affordable sort of hair in the worldwide hair market. This sort of hair is coarse and thick. Its surface requires the hair to be appropriately compound treated before it tends to be made to hair expansions. After the fermentation interaction, the hair loses the sparkle and has an unpleasant surface. 

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5. Top 5 best wholesale hair factories supplying Vietnam Remy hair

We send you a list of the top 5 best Wholesale Vietnam remy hair suppliers in Vietnam, and we hope that you will choose the most suitable supplier.

1. VQ Hair - Best wholesale Vietnam remy hair vendor

With more than 15 years of experience in this field, VQ Hair is considered the leading and most reliable hair supplier in Vietnam. VQ Hair offers curly, wavy, and straight hairstyles that blend easily into natural hair and create a finished and sophisticated look. Vietnam Remy hair is offered in traditional, natural colors like black, brown, and blonde, to solid and ombre colors with shades like purple, blue and green, among others,... All are 100% Vietnamese hair.

Vq Hair Factory - Best wholesale hair vendor

Deal directly with VQ Hair to get the best price at the factory:

WhatsApp : +84 962318090

2. Elsa hair

Elsa Hair Company has 10 years of experience, they know and understand the buying habits and needs of each market in the world such as Europe, Asia, the Middle East. Their office has a professional sales team who understands and understands all products, advises customers when buying and supports 24/24.

Elsahair vendor

3. Michair

The wide range of products that MicHair provides include: straight shoulder-length hair, wavy curly hair, curly tail and pixie hair, ruffled wigs, full lace wigs, etc.

Michair Vietnam specializes in trading natural ingredients of Asian people with many countries around the world. With years of experience in the hair business and research, their company is able to understand the needs and expectations of its customers.


4. Apohair

Apohair is there to manufacture your specific order to meet your product requirements. Standard quality is guaranteed. And another company that is similarly famous is Anka hair company.

Apohair has been in the industry for 10 years, dealing with both wholesalers and retailers. They are famous for customizing hairstyles, also selling hair extensions at low prices. They also have a Vietnamese hair factory. They are known from hair production to human design.


5. Beautiful Hair Factory

In particular, they offer 100% original hair in bulk and high-quality weft only cut directly from the woman, without any treatment or chemicals. Their campaign is finding and dealing with more and more clients around the world.

Beautiful Hair Factory is one of the leading companies exporting Remy Hair Vietnam to many countries around the world. With 20 years of experience in the hair industry, they can thoroughly understand the different needs of customers in each country.

Beautiful hair

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Vietnam Remy Hair has its own attributes which are unquestionably your top decision. Through the examination above, you can unmistakably see that Brazilian Remy Hair, Indian Remy Hair, and Chinese Remy Hair have their own qualities.

If you are looking for a high quality Vietnamese hair factory, please contact us immediately at hotline 123. VQ hair factory's 24/7 customer care department will contact you immediately and advise you. With 15 years of manufacturing and supplying remy virgin Vietnamese hair weave >>>
We believe that we will bring you the best products with the cheapest prices in the market.

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